My Korea Haul

August 17, 2012

 *uhuk* so basically this is my haul from Korea.. Do not say that I am a spender, I will tell you that 95% of this haul is not for me. These are for my friends and family, they want it because they heard the cosmetics are cheap in Korea.

some random hair treatments that I got from Watson, all are only 6USD! Super cheap so I bought some to repair my damaged hair ;__;

3 Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream + Sun BB Pact :)

A lot of masks from Etude House, and one from Face Shop for foot peeling

2 masks again from Etude House given to me when we had bloggers gathering, and also vanilla eye's cream for dark circles, that one I bought for my cousin

Hand lotions for my friends :)

Random make up from Etude House. Belle Dress shower Cologne, Lovely Cookie Blusher, Shini Star Lip Balm, Drawing Show Eyeliner, Styling Eyeliner in White, Nymph Aura Tint Blusher, Dear Darling Crystal Gloss, and Color My Brows

Real Art Cleansing Oil, and those 2 mini set skincare are given for free cos of purchasing their products

Apieu Mineral Lip & Eye Make Up Remover for only 1,5USD ! Also the face shop herb day cleansing foam, on sale in korea to 3,5-4 USD!
And finally I bought this for myself, Tony Moly UV Sunset Aqua Spray, basically it's sunblock in spray type so it's efficient for touch up thorough the day! And more importantly, they have SPF 50 PA+++ ! It's 11 USD but worth it for me

In case you dunno, I only buy 3 items for myself! Which are Apieu, cos it's cheap. Tony Moly Sunblock, cos I want it for so long, and also Watsons hair treatments, because I really need treatment for my hair!

The rest are for my friends and family

I bought food more, it's really bulky, and pricey compared to Indonesian

Instant food!

Their instant jajangmyun, instant burger, instant kimchi,  NATTO [WANTED TO TRY FOR SO LONG], Instant cold noodle, some bisquits, and some random ramyun

Half of them are for my family and my mom's friends, while I keep the jajangmyun, burger, natto, and cold noodle!

All in all, I dont shop much for myself, Almost everything can be bought in Indonesia, especially on korean market, and I am not quite a spender as I rather save my money, so yeah :x
I spent most money on food and transportation in Korea.. I only buy one shirt from Korea, 5000 won, and that's all hahaha

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