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August 10, 2012

Here's just another mini post to keep you updated with the latest info about me, though it's like 2 days ago, on Wednesday

As you guys know that I am in Seoul currently, and 2 days ago I attended Etude House Pink Play Concert. I am not gonna blog about it because I will have a proper blog post when I am back in Jakarta, but right now here are some shots that I took with my phone!

I record the performance la so I will vlog about it. Right now please be satisfied with only a few pictures lol

no need to say which one I am right haha, I am the blonde one lol
Met singaporean and thailand bloggers who were invited as well! It's in front of the concert hall!

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And then of course took a lot of pictures on its set, feel like a sweet princess! It fits Etude House motto right now "Wanna be sweet? Play Etude!!" ahahaha
I put a lot of effort for my curl at that day!! 8D

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Also thanks God I got seat, cos most of them were standing and I didnt want to because my feet hurt la!!

And so yeah girls, these are SHINEE, but sorry I dont know who's on the screen, I dont know the name -_-" 

Talking about Korea, I think there's quite publication made by detik.com about me, there are so many posts regarding me today on their website and it hits me and gives a lot of impact. My blog visitors now are 8-9 more than yesterday and I was so surprised, shocked, and shivered!!! o.o

Cos seriously, 8-9 times more than before just in a night?

I looked that thousands of people searched me through search engine as well as RT-ing all their tweets about me. And I saw that I became most read as well today omg T_____T

Feel thankful, thank you thank you. I will blog properly from now on!!! better, and better, be a better blogger :D

If you're interested about the article, you may visit their website HERE 

but here are some posts that I could find from them

Bisakah dari Menulis Blog Mendapat Penghasilan? Bisa, Asalkan...

Bagaimana Agar Terkenal Lewat Ngeblog? Ini Caranya!

Foto: Mengenal Stella Lee, Beauty Blogger Terkenal Indonesia

Jadi Beauty Blogger, Stella Lee Dapat 60 Kosmetik Dalam Sebulan

Stella Lee, Beauty Blogger yang Diundang Etude Ke Korea

7 Blogger Wanita Indonesia yang Inspiratif


Really a lot leh o.o
At first i didn't notice but then today when I was at Everland Theme Park my mom whatsapped me that I appeared in detik and I was like o_O what did they feature me for??
Cos my mom never reads news la! So if something like that is known by her, it must be very popular wtf. Turns out to be true, my twitter has a lot of mentions and RT-s about those topics and my blog visitors grow 8-9 times

I cannot thank enough about it.. I am not celebrity la, please dont treat me different. But right now I cannot reply everyone because I am still in Korea and really exhausted!! I will blog properly and reply your mails and comments when I am back!

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