Holika Holika Holi Holi Magic Drop Review

August 21, 2012

 Enough with make up reviews, I want to review something different.

I dont normally wear perfume as I feel the scent mostly is too old-fashioned and too strong for me, yet the price for good one is unreasonable ;_; like, one bottle for 100USD.. so I mostly wear perfume only for special occasion, not for everyday use. But I need one for everyday, and what's better than finding a perfume made by Asian Cosmetics ? Because we all know that asian cosmetics, especially Japan and Korea, are much lighter to wear on daily basis. Well, at least for me, personally lol

  That's why I order these It's Holika Holika Holi Holi Magic Drop Perfume!! *claps hands*

Description : 

Magic Drop Holika Holika a drop of magic takes place in order to meet desired fragrance. Contains avocado, shea butter and banana or papaya. Enriched with Vitamins A & C, proteins and carotins for soft skin.


Packaging :

Irresistibly captivating and amusing, these perfume's packaging are made from glass and designed uniquely according to its brand concept and theme, magical potion. The design is made in detail and enchanting everyone, suitable for any age in my opinion

I love how they even print their perfume name in such a dainty font, as adds attractive point for the packaging. It comes in 50ml, so basically it's quite petite. Therefore, you can bring it anywhere too. But please be careful as it's made from glass so it's fragile

 Application : 

Like most of perfume, it comes as spray type, simply open the lovely cap and spray it on your wrist, neck, behind ears, and chest. I tend to avoid spray it directly on your clothes as perfume is supposed to be worn on skin, not on fabric

But according to my experience, it sprays quite a lot compared to other perfumes, so please push the spray button lightly :)

 Make Me Lovely

Make Me Lovely contains lovely fresh citrus and floral scents of violet, rose and white musk. I would say that this one is the most feminine and mature from these 3, yet it still manages to keep its youth. The scent of Make Me Lovely reminds me of a girl who's in love and want to appeal the others by ehr fragrance. The color also matches with the concept, pink :)

 Make Me Pure : 

Elegant sandalwood, sweet vanilla and warm white musk becomes main ingredients for this Make Me Pure Fragrance. It has the softest, and lightest scent among those 3. I love White Musk perfume because it's really pure and very versatile, but the addition of vanilla makes it more angelic and smells like babies.

Make Me Sweet :

Introducing you my favorite perfume among them all, I do not say that I don't like the others, but this one suits me best! It's a mixed of fruity scents of fresh citrus, peach and melon and creates a fresh, lively and sweet image! Very young indeed, but it doesnt meant older people cannot pull off this perfume either. This one has quite strong scent but because it's from fruits, it's fresh and not overdone, very dazzling I must say

Where I Got This and Price : 

I Got this from Rie Butik, and real price in Korea is 19.000 won. I am not sure how much they sell it in Rupiah but they do not charge much so I believe there will be only slight difference. Also get 6% additional discount if you purchase from them using coupon code STL6RIE :) You can browse around their website here, they sell stuffs really cheap. For me the perfume price is fair. Not too expensive but not that cheap either.

Final Opinion :

Pros : 
  • Dazzling & Unique Packaging
  • Petite, easy to bring along
  • Comes in 3 scents to choose from
  • The scent is not too overdone, can be used everyday

Cons : 
  • Fragile packaging
Overall I do love these fragrances. I mean it. But I mostly wear the Make Me Sweet one for daily basis. As for the others, I will wear it when I have that kind of mood. You know, perfume can change and improve our mood! :)
Right now I stick to the Sweet one, as it's very FRESH~ 

How about you? What are you going to pick? :D

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  1. Stell,is it purchased for each or all of it?

  2. ud lama aku liat ini tel d websiteny holika, kukira cm ada satu lho yg ungu, trnyata ada tiga ya ._. jd mkin pengen nyoba. hahaha

  3. Pengen tapi suka sulit kalo beli parfum online begini~
    Btw long lasting gak wanginya? Approx tahan berapa jam?? Gak suka reapply parfum gitu soalnya~

  4. Stell,is it purchased for each or all of it?

  5. yang kuning ce enakkkkk XD

  6. price is for each perfume :D

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