1st Vlog for Seoul Day 1

August 08, 2012

I make this video all night until I just woke up at 10, didn't realize my alarm at 7 to get free breakfast on the hotel T___T

So you better enjoy this one cos I tried so hard to make and upload it all night bohohohohoo

Pictures blogpost will be comin up later

I am about to take shower and have fun for Etude House event today

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  1. i don't think its you, stella :D
    wrong video, I guess , haha
    please check it :)

  2. Lol tel plane nya godek2 ya?!!
    I think I saw niken from behind...

  3. nom nom.. bibimbap.. have a great trip stell ;)

  4. yea sorry! ><; i already fix it!

  5. brp ongkos PP plus jalan2 di korea? dan berapa hari dsna? bagi2 info yya, qli bs sgera nyusul.
    dan wah satu hal yg ptma aqu liyat,qmu bgus ngemas vdionya.nice blog.i am always waiting your next posts. :)