Review : Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara

August 28, 2012

I become lazier to put false eyelashes because I'm out of my lash glue and haven't restocked any. Too lazy to buy one, I consider mascara as the best way to save my short and thin lashes. But mostly mascara are same, at least for me.. 

But, Behold!!

Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara comes in an unique wand! Easier application and no panda eyes???!! is it possible o.o I become a target for their advertisement, so I asked RieButik that I wanted to try this~ Comes in 2 types of mascara, one for volume and one for lengthening. Is it really different?

We'll find out! :D

Description :

The special spherical wand is the feature that made this mascara the best seller item amongst other Holika Holika products. It has rounded ball at the tip of the wand. The ball is to separate your lashes. Normally it is hard to use your normal mascara on the bottom lashes. The round tip helps a lot to apply on your bottom lashes. When you remove the mascara, it comes off by pieces because of the fiber formula. If you're using oil based makeup remover, it wouldn't be that effective to remove the mascara or any type of micro fiber mascara. It  will not give you "panda eyes", its waterproof, strong black lashes and curls your lashes. 


#1 Volume Mascara
Want lush, out-there lashes? Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara reaches 100% of lashes from every angle for a dramatic, flared-out effect. The unique spherical brush thickens, separates and adds volume to even tiny corner and lower lashes, transforming your look from everyday to explosive with a few sweeps. Contains fiber extract which can enhance and strengthen lashes.
 #2 Long-Lash Macara
Use the spherical brush to grab and extend each and every lash for a lengthened and defined look. The spherical tip brush is great to get even those hard to reach lashes. The result is dramatic, blown-out lashes. Contains fiber extract which can enhance and strengthen lashes.

Packaging : 

Comes in a dreamy packaging with purple color as a base, makes this Magic Pole Mascara becomes easily recognized as Holika Holika's product. Holika comes in witch and magic theme, about fantasy land that everyone dreams of, so it's not a surprise that their product packaging is very unique and magical!

And purple is very best to describe the mystic feeling. That's why I believe the packaging really symbolizes what Holika Holika is, and this one is no doubt one of the most famous product from them

You may notice that even they put attention on little area, they put a lot of thought to make the packaging as creative as possible, including the cap of the mascara

There's no english instruction on this mascara, but there's sticker on the bottom of mascara that shows the number of it. #1 is for volume, and #2 is for length. I wish they would print it on the body to make us easier to differentiate between each of them, because it looks identically so I have to check on the bottom cap everytime I want to use it, to make sure that I find what I need

Things to Highlight :

So the main focus of this mascara is obviously the unique wand that comes like a ball on the tip! It's in fact, not a very new wand, Givenchy has made this first, but it's still very rare to find this kind of mascara in market [and obviously Givenchy is very very expensive lol] so it's really interesting to try!

Not only you're able to use the magic ball tip, but you can use the mascara like you normally would, as it comes with straight wand as well for evenly coat your lashes. The ball wand is just to make your application more precise and easier on some areas that are difficult to reach with ordinary mascara, talk about lower lashes and upper lashes near your inner tear ducts. Those are difficult to get coated by mascara, so that's what the magic ball is made for!

Application :

You may apply the mascara as you normally do, by using the zig zag motion, from the root of your lashes to the tip. And it can be done by using the straight wand first. Then you may follow up the process to separate the lashes by using the ball wand, vertically in my case for upper lashes

Also, it's very good to complete the look by evenly coat the lower lashes as well with the band as it makes the whole application much easier

Result :

top to bottom : bare lashes; volume mascara; long mascara

Although I am a bit hesitate about the difference of the mascaras at first, it's pretty easy to tell on the result itself! The volume mascara gives darker and more volume on the roots, make it appears thicker. While the long mascara goes on very natural and thin, but it works to give your lashes a difference for having it longer tan before

Although the result doesn't give my lashes really prominent result because my lashes are very short and thin, but you an see the difference that they make is quite okay! And Korean products tend to be natural so yeah, it's really perfect for everyday use as it's not too much. But I expect more dramatic result because I am too used to wearing falsies I guess. If you're into natural look, this mascara works wonderfully though!

 top to bottom : bare lashes; volume mascara; long mascara

 When I look down, you can tell that the long mascara has more fibres to create illusion of longer lashes, and it goes really thin and natural. Meanwhile, the volume mascara has tendency to create separate lashes and really pitch black lashes, almost like false eyelashes, very glamorous indeed

Where I Got This & Price :

Retail price in Korea is 9.900/10.900 won each, I am not sure, and I got this product from RieButik for only Rp 103.000 each! Not much difference!
And I think the price is really reasonable because usually drugstore mascara like Maybelline would cost the same too in here..

Final Opinion : 

Pros : 
  • Unique & Dreamy packaging
  • Very easy to use
  • Able to coat every lashes perfectly, even on the inner corner
  • Doesn't clump
  • Smudge-proof and water-proof
  • Gives natural finish
  • Easy to clean / remove
  • Affordable

Cons : 
  •  Doesn't give very dramatic difference

Overall I do love this mascara, but I only wear it if I don't have important meetings or photo sessions, because this mascara doesn't give my short and thin lashes that much impact, especially on camera. But it works really great to enhance natural beauty, and obviously it's smudge free, so worry not for everyone who lives in humid country!

I always get raccoon eyes whenever I wear mascara and eyeliner, and this is the first mascara that does give me 100% smudge free! Say good bye to panda eyes!

Moreover it's really easy to clean as well. And the packaging is obviously very dreamy and magical! *.*

Unfortunately my lashes need more enhancement to appear better, and Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara is more into natural, while I'm into dramatic make up. Will I purchase it? No. I stick with my falsies, but this is definitely one of a must try mascara if I have to recommend!

Not everyone loves false eyelashes like I do.. And not everyone are into dramatic make up. I am okay with natural make up but I am not used to it when taking pictures lol so I wear it on daily basis only..

To end this review, get one, ladies! Especially if you're living in Indonesia! Please, dont get that raccoon eyes! This one totally saves your eyes. Not that expensive either! So yeah, I will talk to you gals later

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