Review : Holika Holika Fantasy Blush

August 22, 2012

 Did I mention that I have become a fan of Holika Holika Brand already? Because nuff said, the packaging is really really adorable, and the quality is really good for me! I believe one day if it has more exposure, it will surpass some big brands :D 

So right now, to make you love and know about this brand more, I show you one of my favorite product from this brand, which is their Fantasy Blush!

Description :

Holika Holika Love Fantasy Blush comes in a cute canteen case. This silky veil powder will fill uneven spots throughout your skin. The diamond powder creates skin that looks bright and vital. It is composed with three parts, the top layer with shimmering, middle with strong color formation and bottom for shading effect.

 Packaging :

The packaging is in fact similar to Majolica Majorca Blush that I reviewed earlier, only the design of the cap and the blush are different. I highly believe they take Majolica Majorca as an example :/ hmmm.... 
As it comes in a can tin, it may look cheap and feel a little bulky for some, but I always think a set of blush on that comes with its brush or puff is really efficient because you can bring it anywhere! Talk about hygienity of storing your blush puff altogether with your blush on, no need to store it anywhere that has possible of dirts flying around!


Color & Texture :

I have mine in no 1, Pink. It's a really cute and feminine color, consist of 3 different colors to create a flushy gradation on cheek. The base consists of light pink and light coral shade, while on the center it has hot pink in heart shape. Use it altogether with the puff to create a subtle pink color on your cheek

The light pink has a little shimmer, but it's hardly noticeable once you apply it, it will give you a little radiant effect on cheek, but wont make it too oily because the amount is really minimum. It's blended easily, not chalky at all

Application :

 I really recommend to use the puff because you will experience this "kyun~" feeling after seeing the heart shape on your puff lol super cute right???

Also because I think by using the puff, it will transfer the color much better, and the pink will stay still on the center, while if you use brush you will mix them altogether and not create gradation that we want to have. By using the puff, you will get the main color on your apples of your cheek, while it has some complimentary colors to make it look natural and well done

Result : 

Because it has 3 colors, with the heart pink on the center, it creates a gradation on skin[cheek] and makes the result more natural and well blended. It goes on light at first but you can always build up the intensity of the color by adding more. Less is always more though :)

I love because the result can give a dolly effect, as the main color is focused on the center, but it also has some other colors to compliment the main color. And worry not if your cheek will have heart mark, because the puff will transform the heart into a nice flushy gradation blush into your cheek ^.^

Where I Got This :

I received this from Rie Butik! I am not sure how much they sell, but price in Korea is 11.900 won. The price is so-so.. Reasonable, but neither cheap nor expensive for me.

Final Opinion :

Pros : 
  • Cute packaging
  • Cute & Fluffy blush puff
  • Gives natural flushy cheek finish
  • Easy to use
  • Blended easily on cheek

Cons : 
  • Nothing!

So far I really really love this brush and highly recommend you all to try it as well! ^.^

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  1. OMGosh this blush is super cute!! I like the heart shape in the middle haha. And the design is really good too, the top part is the highligher and the darker colour below is the blush! <3 :3

  2. super cute heart shape blush! arrgghh!

  3. Aww.. the heart shape is the loveliest! (:



  4. Ohh! It is so cute! And the puff is definitely handy for transferring that gradient, I always find that difficult with a brush (or to just get both cheeks even..). I just looked it up, but now I'm interested in the other colors as well haha! I will probably pick the pink color though, it's so sweet! (ps. I received my first Holika Holika product yesterday, the silver Jewel-light waterproof eyeliner, I love it already!).

  5. Waauww so beautiful! Really like it! Too bad they do not sell it here in Holland T.T

  6. they're really creative by making something like this! o.o im a big fan of this blush <3

  7. very! never seen blush like this before!

  8. i already reviewed their eyeliner before and i like it ^.^
    i think their products are good, and lovely! but i must say that this blush wins over because of its uniqueness :D

  9. Waauww so beautiful! Really like it! Too bad they do not sell it here in Holland T.T

  10. you can always try ebay? :)

  11. omo cute banged blush nya >_<

  12. CloverlovebeautystoreAugust 24, 2012 at 1:01 AM

    Dalemnya imuuutt bangeet! *o*

    mampir-mampir yah say

    thanks a loott~~~ <3