Lioele Pore and Tightening Pack Review

August 18, 2012


After my experience with Inissfree Clay Mask before, I am interested to try other clay mask type more, and so my option goes to Lioele Pore & Tightening Mud Pack, a beautiful packaging mask with cinderella princess theme that comes from Korean, the country that's well known for their healthy and dewy skin

Shall we look further about this product? :)

Description : 

  Cleanses and tightens large pores caused by blackheads and excess sebum secretion. Witch hazel and grapefruit shell extract to help generate a smooth care for dead skin cells. It's mainly used for Pore Contraction, Deep Cleansing, Sebum Control, Increase Elasticity, & Prevention of Acne.

 Packaging : 

Comes in squeeze long tube packaging with mainly usage of white and magenta color, makes lioele pore and tightening mud pack more approachable by younger consumer, thanks to its friendly packaging. But I love how they come in squeeze tube as it's more hygienic and efficient

Another great point is that it comes in plastic so worry not for breaking this product for those of you who are clumsy :D

Application : 

Although it can be used alone after cleansing your face to make your skin suppler and tighter, but I do recommend you to use it after black head extraction. When you squeeze out those blackheads, the pores will be opened and that's when this mask works better, to close your pores again afterward, and it will prevent big pores as well :)

Texture & Color :

It comes in gray colored mask, and for a mud mask it is in fact very watery and sheer. It spreads easily on face, and feels light as well because of its watery texture. Unfortunately due to its consistency, you have to use more products to evenly coat your whole face otherwise it will be very thin and wont close your pores tightly

Result : 

Here's me wearing the mask for 2 layers, and you still can see that it's not evenly coated as well although I use really a lot of products. And that's a down side point because it means if you use it regularly, it will run out pretty fast :(

After 15-30 minutes, the mask will be drying, and so rinse it off with cold water and follow up with your skin care regime :D My skin feels so clean and fresh. Unlike usual clay mask, this gives moisturizing effect quite well, although not as good as mask sheet because its purpose is different. But I do not feel that it closes my pores or tightens it that well.

Where I Got This From & Price : 

 I got this from MyLovelySister for Rp 223.000 each, and you can purchase it here . For me the price is quite pricey :(

Final Opinion :

Pros :
  • Cute & efficient packaging
  • Skin feels fresh and clean
  • The texture is very light weight, easy to spread on
  • Moisturizing

Cons :  
  • Pricey
  • Needs a lot of product to evenly coat whole face
  • Doesn't tighten or close my pores

Overall this is not a bad product but it's not that great either. If I may recommend you, I will still recommend Innisfree Clay Mask as it's cheaper and works better, for me.. But it probably works different for you. But so far during my experience, I feel that Lioele Pore & Tightening Mud Pack is just an average  :)

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  1. lioele emang rada mahal yaa cee :( tp mnurut ku kualitas dy ga tlalu bagus dbanding merk lain kyk etude :D