Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask Review

July 18, 2012

Today I will be sharing about one of my best beauty finds, which is Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask! :D I've known about this product when I was browsing on my sponsor website, My Lovely Sister, since months ago, and really interested to try it out ever since. Lucky me now they gave me a chance to try it out too :D

I never tried Innisfree, I only know that it's one of Korean cosmetic brands that features Yoona from SNSD. So I didn't expect much when received this one because I dont want to be disappointed. I merely just want to try it. Will it impress me? :)

 Description : 

Innisfree extracts botanical nutrients and essence from organic plants to correct various problematic skin types. By pure, natural, professional and effective therapy, Innisfree creates healthy and energetic skin and pleasant mood. All products are dermatologically tested.

New and highly raved series from Innisfree that contains clay clusters from Jeju Volcanic Island, Green Tea extracts and Mineral Water. This series especially targets clogged / oily / troubled skins as the volcanic clusters work effectively to deep cleanse and unclogs pore over regular use and improve and refines skin texture.

Packaging : 

They claim to be natural beauty cosmetic brand, therefore they try to use ALL the natural products, even for their paper box which claims to be 100% recycled paper!! :o It's really thoughtful, and that's what I like about Korean products

The 30ml size comes in squeeze tube, but the full size comes in jar. They also provide the spatula to take out the product for hygiene issue, but clumsy me I lost it -_-" So now I take the product with Q-Tip lol

The jar is really sturdy and strong although it's made from plastic. I love it because I don't have to worry about broken product as I am pretty clumsy indeed lol

 Application : 

Basically you scoop out some of the mask with the spatula and cover your entire face with it. Leave it for 15-30 minutes before rinse it off with water. But I have better tips for you to use this mask ^.^ 


Exfoliate your skin first using exfoliator or peeling or any products to remove dead skin cells, I'm sure there are tons of products like that. I usually go with Cure Natural Aqua Gel. After that, you can close your pores with this mask! I find this method works really great and the mask can be absorbed much better in this way :D

You can use it for your entire face or only around troubled areas such as your nose or your cheek. You can use this mask 1-2 times a week, depends on your own situation :)

Texture & Scent : 

The texture is really creamy but smooth, the consistency of this mask is quite thick as it's named as "clay mask" but can be blended easily. It dries on fast so you have to work fast as well to spread it on your face. Don't forget to quickly close the cap after you take out the product otherwise the product inside will be dry as well.

It has undescribeable scent, it's similar to mud mask but it has gentler scent. I wonder if that's really the scent of jeju volcanic. It is said to be better than mud mask. The ingredients of camellia, green tea, and jeju volcanic make this mask has unique light aroma

As it's quite thick, you only need a small amount for your entire face! But if you happen to have big pimples, you can layer it again on the troubled area

 Result :

When I use this product, it feels a little tight but unlike mud mask that makes my skin feels being pulled, this one is surprisingly very light and I can still move my face / talk. Although I do try to not do so or it will crack wtf

Also it gives a super smooth surface and I cant stop touching it when it dries xD

When I rinse it off, my skin feels so moisturized and supple! Something that I never experience from mud mask! Also I notice that my skin gets more radiant and healthy after use it several times. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! ;D

Also I notice that it helps preventing acne and heal it. As for redness because of the acne scar, this mask helps reducing it! Although it doesn't heal the scar completely, but it makes my redness disappear slowly but surely :3


Also I notice my pores getting a little smaller than before ^.^ it helps closing the pores really well after exfoliate process. It doesn't remove my blackheads and whiteheads completely, but I notice that my blackheads getting lesser though. But I still have problems with whiteheads T_T

I am really addicted with this mask. Not only it's different than other clay mask that's supposed for oily skin, this one can be used on all skin types, therefore it doesn't dry out my skin! :D Also I really see significant and obvious result, and I will surely recommend this to everyone to try this out! :D <3

Where I Got This and Price : 

I got this from MyLovelySister and the price is Rp 169.000 and you can check it out HERE. The price may vary depending on where you buy it, but I think it's a worth of investment cos this product is soooo goood :D

Final Opinion :

Pros : 
  • Natural, even the paper box is recyclable 
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Comes in jar with spatula included
  • Creamy texture
  • Easy to spread on
  • Gives smooth and firm instant result
  • Gives healthy and radiant looking skin for long term usage
  • Prevents and helps reducing acne
  • Reduces redness
  • Makes pores getting smaller

Cons :
  • Nothing!!
Although I was about to say that the down side is that it's inside a jar, but in fact they provide the spatula and I think because of the consistency, it's a little difficult if it's put on squeeze tube when some of the products inside dries out, we cannot squeeze out the product

So I believe the make the full size in jar tube for a good purpose. Therefore although I dont like jar tube, but I bear with it because it's the best way for me to make the product long lasting. Besides, you can scoop out the entire product well unlike on tube. So saving! #cheapskate lol

I LOVE this product a lot and I am quite sure I will stock this product again when I run out of it. But I bet it will still be a long way to go as this product only needs a small amount so It will last long on me ^.^

If you happen to own any skin problems like I've mentioned above, you definitely have to try this out as it does really help my skin! :D
That's all for now guys, talk to you on another review soon! ^.^

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  1. sama stell.. aku jg jatuh cinta bgt sm clay mask ini xD

  2. thx for review :)

  3. CUTE nyer the must not smile pic! haha..

  4. I wanted to try this too! I don't think they sell it in msia though..

  5. :D reviewnya pada bagus-bagus yaaaa.. gw jadi pengen coba juga.. x3

  6. Dita Indah LestariJuly 18, 2012 at 5:52 PM

    best sellernya innisfree ini >.< pengen nyoba yang versi baru mereka yang hard deh..

  7. Must try it! Thank you ya uda buat review nya.. ^^

  8. bagus banget yah ceee aduuhhh <3

  9. haha must not smile leh when using clay mask! XD

  10. is there no online shop in malaysia that sells it?

  11. bagus bangettttttt =D aduh cinta dehhh

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  13. MUST MUST! thank you for reading this post too!

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    makasih uda bacaaa

  16. ada yg powdernya ya? bedanya apa sih sis. tau ga?

  17. powder? masa? :o

  18. stella, may I ask? kamu daily routine perawatan untuk wajah berminyak biasa pakai apa saja? I've some trouble about my face. Its so hard oily,pores,and especially ACNE ;( .. really so confused to choose best skincare. thanks hope you'll read