NYX The Crimson Amulet Collection S123 Review & Swatch

July 04, 2012

 Who loves Johnny Depp??? :heart: :heart: :heart:

Oh c'mon, he's one of the sexiest man alive in this era lol I love him so much! And also Tim Burton! He's really inspirational and different! I love all his artworks, and most of the time he collaborates with Johnny Depp. What to not love? Edward Scissorhand, Nightmare Before Christmas, Alice in Wonderland, etc. And the last one is The Dark Shadow! *___*

I havent had time to watch it, not even sure whether it's still played or not. I will, just download it, when the quality is good #pirates LOL

So NYX Launches a make up book inspired by The Dark Shadow! Named, The Crimson Amulet!! *__* And when I got it from Zatura Shop , how could I say no?

 LIMITED EDITION! Captivate and mesmerize with your beauty using the Crimson Amulet collection. This palette inspired by the film “Dark Shadows” comprises of 24 matte and shimmery lush eye shadows, 5 intoxicating blushers, 1 luminous highlighter, 4 succulent lip colors, 1 HD Studio eye shadow base for a more intense eye shadow hue, and 1 extreme black liquid eye liner. Recreate the enticing female characters’ in Dark Shadows using the collection!

Packaging : 

Packaging is MAD LOVE! :heart: It's really Gothic, and it's really "TIM BURTON" I love it! The book comes in a box that has similar design with the book palette itself. Also on the back of the box there's a picture showing what's inside the palette! Pretty neat! :D

 And here's the book! It's really a creative idea, and the book itself is very subtle and strong! So what we need to do is to open the book to see what's inside. Shall we? :D

Here's on the front page! There comes 32 eye shadows, with 4 dual ended tip eyeshadow brush. It comes with big mirror as well to make the whole application easier! :D

Here's the zoom out of the eyeshadow ! :)

top row

second row



On the second page, the left side is dominated by the women featured at The Dark Shadow Movies. This work as an inspiration for the users to re-create the look! :D Though I wish they would also make a step by step how to create this look, something like a mini paper book? ^.^

And on the right side, here comes the HD Eyeshadow Base, Eyeliner, Highlighter, 5 blush on, and 4 lip cream!

 Close up of the product



Application :

I love they put eyeshadow brushes on eyeshadow section, it makes the palette travel friendly. Unfortunately it will be better if they also include other brushes for blush on and lip cream! :(


Colors & Swatch : 

NYX is well known for it's great pigmentation, but unfortunately it has lower quality for their make up palette. Most of the time, the colors are pretty sheer and chalky

I expected NYX The Crimson Amulet would be different, but no, the eyeshadows are still chalky and difficult to blend. Some eyeshadows have great pigmentation, while some are really poorly made! :( I am quite disappointed with the eyeshadow. It doesn't last long either, this book comes with HD Eyeshadow Base though so I really recommend you to use it before applying eyeshadow

NYX The Crimson Amulet Page 1

top : without flash, below : with flash


NYX The Crimson Amulet Page 2 - HD Eyeshadow Base, Eyeliner, Blush On, Highlighter + Lip Cream

top : without flash, below : with flash


And here's the second page swatch. HD Eyeshadow Base, Eyeliner, Blush on, and lip cream

I love their eyeshadow base and eyeliner. Their eyeshadow base is really smooth and easy to work with, it makes the eyeshadow colors pop out better and blended easier! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the eyeliner because it's so pitch black and very easy to use. Last long somemore! :heart:

As for the blush, the quality is so-so and cannot be compared with their single blush on. The colors are pretty sheer but buildable. for the highlighter, I dont really like it because it makes my face look greasy :x

The lip cream, is really sheer too! I wish they would come with better pigmentation and quality like their individual products. I dont get it why their quality is always lowered when it comes to make up palette ._.



Where I Got This and Price :

I got this from Zatura Shop, and they sell it for Rp260.000 and I have to say that the price they offer is really cheap! o_O I mean, the website sells it for 25USD, it's not even included shipping to my place. The price may vary depends on where you buy and where you live. But if you live in Indonesia, you can get it from Zatura and mention Stella Lee to get 6% discount too ^.^ very very affordable right? Also, they pack and secure it very carefully so it doesnt break when it reached my home ^.^




Final Opinion :

Pros :

  • Strong packaging

  • Cool design of the book palette

  • Travel friendly

  • Comes with 36 eyeshadows, eyeshadow base, eyeshadow brushes, eyeliner, 5 blush on, highlighter, and 4 lip colors

  • Affordable price

Cons :

  • The pigmentation of the eyeshadows are quite poor if you dont use primer

  • Eyeshadows are a little chalky

  • Doesn't come with blush brush and lip brush

I know the colors don't show up that well compared to their individual products, but I know some people would rather own a palette as cheaper alternative instead of buying a lot of products. If you're that kind of person, I would say go with NYX Palette is an ok choice. After all, it's really cheap considering how many products you get in one palette. It's just Rp 260.000 leh!

But if you love quality and can afford to spend more, get their individual products instead or get better make up palette such as Urban Decay :-x It's 60USD though, like 2,5 times more expensive, and it's only eyeshadow. But the quality is far better. Price doesn't lie, right lol

The choice is up to you, I am here just to share my experience :-D But I hope it's valuable and informative for everyone who are reading this! Have a great day :heart:

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  1. Hi asik banget,
    Saya juga mau beli di zaturashop deh, mention stella lee disc ya 6%
    Asik banget.
    Kmrn sempet beli pallate s101 sama mereka.
    Packagingannya bagus cuma bubble sama busa kaki ga pecah ya.
    Cepat lagi sampe. Rekomen seller neh.
    Loh kok jd aq promosi zatura? :rotfl:

  2. hahahaha artinya emang OS nya oke banget yah? x-)
    banyak pembacaku yang bilang mreka juga puas sama pelayanannya say ^___^
    iya mention aku dapet discount loh 8D kayak apaan aja yah ahahaha

  3. wah warna blush on dan lip cremenya cantikkk >__<

  4. agak sheer sih say ^___^ but it's pretty decent untuk ukuran palette seharga ini hehe

  5. wah murah juga ya kalo beli dizatura :D kemaren sempet nanya dicounter harganya sampe 500an lebih loh parah bedanya hahahaha x)

  6. iya mendingan beli onlen kan yah hahaha.. klo di counter jatohnya 2x lipat @__@ kalo beda 30ribu aku ngerti deh, ini jauh banget ._.

  7. ngiri makkssss ini ideman gwee hahaha
    gila itu eyeliner sih item abiss

  8. wahh dibilang murah jg ya sai,secara di nyx nya aja uda $25,meluncur deh ke TKP :rotfl:
    ternyata Zatura jual murah2 juga ya sai :highfive:
    oya stel,boleh tuh di tutorialin crimson nya sai :-D

  9. Cc cantik amat eyeshadow pallete nya..jd mau jg,nice swatch :)
    Beli dizatura ya?
    Emang zatura jual murahhh bgt,and asli,aku jg langganan disana,br tau mention stellalee dpt disc lgi,jd mau dehhh...beli ahhh..
    Cc iya coba di tutorialin ci... :rotfl:

  10. item banget gak boong!!! :D pekat abis tuh itemnya *racunin vheii*

  11. hehe lumayanlah, amanda, untuk harga sgini cukup lengkap kan :)
    iya say dapet dari zatura. kalo belanja disana mention namaku bisa dapet diskon jg, disebarin aja juga ketemen2 ^.^
    iya pengne bkin make up tut, sabar yaaa

  12. oke akan coba buat tutorialnya abis nonton filmnya yahhh

  13. sep stel,ditunggu yaa..:)

  14. ya donk pasti aku sebar say..secara demen bgt sama swatch km,and than mana belinya di OS fav aku pulak :P

    ga sabar deh liat blog km lagi dg tutorial crimson ini ,pasti keren bgt :)

  15. Wahhh 1 paket isinya banyak ya 'o'
    Warna blushnya bagus ya..

  16. iya harganya lumayan terjangkau untuk ukuran sebanyak ini sih yah :D
    warna blushnya sii sheer untuk ukuran NYX, aku lebih suka cream blush dia ^.^

  17. ci stela kemaren aq tanya zatura kok harganya 305.000 ya? :( padahal udah mupeng

  18. mungkin itu yang ready stock say?? aku dikasih tau zatura harganya sii sgitu say D:

  19. akhirnya aq beli di rie butik de... harganya 250.000 hihiihi

  20. stell, aku pengen pesen ini di zatura kok bingung ya model pembeliannya apa pake cart2 gtu?

  21. stella, eyeshadownya itu matte/shimmer/glitter sih banyakan? kl di pic nya kliatan shimmer2 smw yg bagian atas. iya ga sih?

  22. hai, mau konfirmasi saja ^_^ karena ada yg bilang qta kasih harga 305.000
    hai sis, maaf kemarin sis tanya harga pakai ID siapa say? biar kita anulir :)
    maaf atas ketidaknyamananya :)
    harga yang baru dibawah 250.000 malahan ^^, apalagi dengan readystock mention "Stellalee" disc 6%.
    ^_^ semoga penjelasan ini dapat membantu.