My New Phone + My Weekly Photos With It

July 22, 2012


About 3 weeks ago I asked you gals on my post what phone should I buy for myself. I even fact wanted to buy Samsung Galaxy Note but Timothy bought Samsung Galaxy S III to replace his Iphone 4s so I asked why he did such thing, cos I know Iphone 4s is prob the best phone today. Then he convinced me on twitter that it's the best android phone at the moment, and there are things that Iphone cannot do

Thought I originally wanted to get either Samsung Galaxy Note or Iphone 4S, my choice became either Samsung Galaxy S III or Iphone 4S. It's also because Note is much bulkier and so big, and I cannot shove it inside my pocket jeans. I have tendency to lose things to I always want to put it inside my pocket. Remember my lost blackberry? I lost it cos I shoved it inside my bag, not my pocket as usual wtf

Then I asked your opinion about whether I Should get SIII or 4S. And like 85% told me on blogpost and twitter and so on, that I should get SIII instead o.o everyone convinced me and even helped me to get the best comparison and details, at that time I am truly thankful that I have amazing readers that's really kind towards me T.T so many kind people helped me and that's why I decided to follow YOUR opinion!!!

Yes, I bought Samsung Galaxy S III!!

taken by its front camera!

In fact the price is about same to Iphone 4S, slightly more expensive if considering the price for monthly data connection [since Iphone has bundling one].. But the front camera is much much better and clearer, and that's probably the most thing that I need, CAMWHORE! \OvO/

Here are some weekly photos + some stories about my life so far in this holiday. I have been productive yet unproductive these past weeks. Up and down, busy and lazy. But still manage to blog XD

 My junior high school bestie, Jessica, came into my home and we chatted a lot. I also gave her some of my make ups cos I have too many leh. I gave a lot to my friends and family. Instead of seeing those expired and stocked inside my wardrobe unused, I feel to give it to my loved one instead :D

Pardon my messy hair, I just finished taking a shower and havent combed it lol no make up either! aahaha. But lucky me! Android has many photo applications to make my skin smooth and photos appear better 8D

 On the next night, I went out to Kalimati, to get street seafood! We ordered like crazy, I mean it. I went there with my high school friends. Tara, Billy, Patrick, Darius, Riko..

 Then headed to McD to get some ice creams. Brenda and Renier came after wards. We spent that night chatting all night long!

Brenda, Me, and Tara

I looked so damn tired and different lol I rarely put my gyaru make up when hanging out with my friends haha

I also have more time to pamper my skin, including wearing my current favorite mask constantly!  The innisfree jeju clay mask one!

 Then I also went to office every Saturday to get training. Along with my univ friend, Stevannie, we joined a marketing office cos we want to earn money for ourselves! :D 
I have done a lot of various jobs before, but right now I think I wanna focus on this job. The company's owned by my mom's friend. Although both of us are experienced, but they accept us no matter who we are, as long as we're above 17 years old :D

They told us that as long as we have determination, we can be successful in this field. Hopefully so.. Cos I want to make my mom happy. I havent done enough for her :x

And anyway if any of you are interested to join and work together with me, you may contact me so I can refer you! Remember when my mom went to europe and brought me lotsa presents? It's bonus for her from the office. yes my mom also works there :D

So if you're interested, you may contact me at stellalee(at) ^.^ Anyone even a student like me, can join!

I also got therapy for my phobia from the office! They held hypnotherapy session for the workers, to make us be more positive! I told the therapist I was really afraid of cockroach, even I could cry. Mom told me that I almost bursted into tears when the therapist asked me "do you want to cure it? Let me find the cockroach first for you" wtf

End up he didn't get it cos I didn't want, but he helped me to cure it. I haven't found any cockroach so far, but I hope when I meet them [hopefully not wtf], I will not be afraid anymore of it!

Moving on! I accompanied my university friends to get treatments at shinjuku salon! They are still having their promotional discount BUY 1 GET 1! Mention stella lee to receive that promotional event! ^.^ You can ask about it further through their twitter @shinjukupremium ! :)

A lot of my friends and readers have tried their service and so far they love it :D
Anyway, I notice I don't post my pictures a lot. That's because I am too lazy to wear make up since I have bad skin right now. See some tiny dots under my eyes? I have a lot of milia to combat with T_T I've been looking for a beauty clinic to remove it for me. I really dont like it! Lucky me I will get it removed at a beauty clinic located at Pluit this monday! So hopefully you will be fed with a lot of my pictures again soon 8D 

And that's the photo where I tried new mascara! 

I receive lotsa products this month but I think this mascara is the one which impresses me a lot! Cos it makes my lashes visible on the camera!

Review soon! After I got my skin cleared lol


I also got my underarm and legs hair removed by ZAP ! I've done it several times on two other places and it doesn't work and gives any result for me. I am really disappointed because I pay a lot to remove them, but no result! That's why I didn't bother to blog about my 2 other experiences, because it's just useless -_-

But I tried ZAP treatment and it's different than my previous clinicS! I hope the hair will be banished completely after a few treatments! I will share my experience on my blog soon! I record video about how they do it, cos I know that some of you really worry about body hair, especially underarm one

So please wait for the post! ^.^

If it goes well for me, I will totally recommend it to you too! 
 Last thing, I went to get all you can eat sushi at Poke Sushi, Crowne plaza, with my high school friends. I have a separate blogpost about the restaurant itself, which will be up probably tomorrow or the day after hahaha

And on the next day, after a great buffet, I got potatoes and egg grilled by my mom for breakfast. It's such a rare thing to get her to cook for me because she's so busy with her job! I usually cook for myself ahaha. I am quite ok in cooking I guess, not bad leh.. But still, mom's food is the best, right??

Phew that's a long post, and I hope you're not bored of it. After all, in fact my blog used to be like this. Full of random things, and random pictures about me and my friends. I somehow miss the time where I blog randomly like this, so freeeee~~ I hope you like it as I will post this kind of post a lot I guess, since i own good quality camera from my phone!

In this behalf, I'd like to thank you ALL for encouraging me to get Samsung Galaxy S III! ^.^ I am so happy and satisfied with it, even I dont want Iphone 4S anymore! ^.^ This phone is just too awesome and it's not exagerating that it's claimed as the best android phone so far

Sure it's expensive, but uh, I pay for them monthly, and pay it by myself. No I am not rich la, I think my allowance is lesser than most of you. I work to get what I want, and it's not easy come either. So I will treasure this phone lol

Okay I am tired, so I will be playing games on my phone now ahaha, so talk to you later !!

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