Holika Holika Jewel-light Waterproof Eyeliner Review and Swatch

July 09, 2012

 I used to be very addicted to eyeliners but on the past year, I only wear black eyeliner. But I feel like going back to experiment with more make up products, especially with colors ^.^

So I am pretty glad that I was given these babies by my sponsor Rie Butik that sells korean and usa beauty products with super cheap price ^__^ It's Holika Holika Jewel-light Waterproof Eyeliners! I have never tried Holika Holika but many of you requested to do more korean beauty products review instead of just Etude House ahahaha. I never tried Holika Holika before so I am pretty excited to try it! ^_^

So yes, let's see how it goes, shall we?? :D

Description :

Holika Holika Jewel-Light Waterproof Eyeliner is a long lasting waterproof eyeliner that stays on your eyes without smudging through sweat or sebum. Starting from the inside corner, fill in between lashes. To use as an eye shadow, draw a thick line then blend the line into the lid.

 Packaging : 

As expected from Korean beauty products, even a packaging for a pencil eyeliner can be this cute. You can see that Holika Holika makes rainbow transparent effect color on the design pattern + the name of the product, and it shines prettily under any light! But 3 of them have no rainbow effect, which are the silver, peach, and gold one. The rest have it though :)

 Colors : 

Holika Holika Jewel-light Waterproof Eyeliner comes in 12 shades to choose from. All are in very wearable colors! ^__^

I've put the products according to its number!

left to right : 01. Black Gem, 02. Black Crystal, 03. Lapis Lazuli, 04. Purple, 05. Brown Ember, 06. Olive Peridot, 07. One Carat Diamond, 08. Pink Topaz, 09. Gold, 10. Matte Brown, 11. Bronze, 12. Dark Green

Colors & Texture :

These eyeliners are amazingly glides very smooth and very creamy, which makes it very easy to use especially on lower lashline ^.^ You don't want hard eyeliner when you line your eyes right? It will cause premature wrinkle !

Also it's pretty pigmented! Most of the eyeliners have glitter, but it doesn't fall out, it gives your eyes wet and glamorous effect if you put it on your inner corner [what I usually do ^.^ ]

I highly believe this is by far the best dupe for Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliners [which is super popular, but expensive >_< ]. I've tried the Urban Decay one and I think they carry almost similar quality, though it's a little bit creamier

Swatch : 

top : without flash, bottom : with flash
left to right : 01. Black Gem, 02. Black Crystal, 03. Lapis Lazuli, 04. Purple, 05. Brown Ember, 06. Olive Peridot, 07. One Carat Diamond, 08. Pink Topaz, 09. Gold, 10. Matte Brown, 11. Bronze, 12. Dark Green

Result : 

This eyeliner claims to be waterproof and I've tested it, and it proves its quality really well. The eyeliner stays on water, as long as you don't rub it while it's still wet it will still be there. Also it's really pigmented and creamy, makes it very easy to use even for beginner. Not to mention that it dries really fast. You can also use it as eyeshadow but you have to work so fast to blend it before it dries

Unfortunately the eyeliner doesn't stay that well on my eyes because I have oily eyelids. So although it's waterproof, it's not oil-proof, which kinda disappoints me! :-(
It smudges really bad on my waterline, and gone after 2-3 hours! If you dont have oily eyelids, it might stay much longer than on mine, but if you do, I suggest you to use eye primer + loose powder on top before or stay away from this product :(

Where I Got This & Price : 
I got this from my sponsor Rie Butik for only Rp  54.000 ! o__o I find it's really affordable for such quality and packaging! Also if you use coupon code STL6RIE you will earn 6% discount when you purchase over Rp 100.000 with them ^.^ So make sure to use it well XD

Final Opinion : 

Pros  : 
  • Comes in many colors to choose from [matter to shimmer]
  • Unique rainbow effect packaging
  • Affordable
  • Glides easily and smooth
  • Pigmented
  • Waterproof
Cons : 
  • Not oil-proof

Overall I think this eyeliner is pretty good, although it may be a bit tricky for those who have oily eyelids like mine. But I have also shared tips on above to help you minimize the smudge on oily eyes, you can try it to see whether it gives difference or not ^__^

For this price, I think it's a great and worth it product to try and to expand your make up collection. The colors are pretty, vivid, and wearable. Change your daily make up routine by addin' a pop of color on your waterline ^.^

Have you ever tried Holika Holika? What's their product that you want to try the most?

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. each for 54.000 or all of it? But if its for each, its still a very affordable eyeliners! Not to mention all of them have a very pretty color. :3


  2. kalo kupon stella lee yg disc 6% berlaku ga untuk yg ini??

  3. each la, 54.000 for 12 eyeliners is impossible LOL hahaha

  4. woa murah sekali, berglitter lagi, berlaku buat PO dan ready stock kah Stella? :p

  5. Lucu banget tell >_____< Demen yang ungu, pink, sama gold ... :D

  6. Oooh they look really pretty! I love the gold, pink and purple ones!

  7. Holika emang keren :D produk korea jg sih :D

  8. itu harga ready stock say :D kalo harga PO sdikit lebih murah sii katanya :D

  9. yang pink kurang cocok di gw >___<

  10. many people love those colors too :D

  11. hai stella, punya rekomen gak eyeliner apa yg gak smudge utk oily lids?

  12. thanks stel reviewnya,sesuai recomended km sai,aku akhirnya beli tuh holika yg gold di zaturashop kmrn:)
    thanks ya stel :) ga sabar tunggu brgnya :)

  13. fuyoh! nice colours there!! :)

  14. so far aku blum nemu yang pasti stay di oily lidsku :(

  15. semoga kamu puas juga yah sayyyy :D

  16. Foto stella mgkn bgs saja ;) uppp

  17. Mangkin bagus maksudnya ;)

  18. oh gituu.. hahaha makasih ^.^ aku berusaha nampilin sebisaku warna dari produk yang sesungguhnya

  19. no 5 dan 10 bedanya apa say?? kayak sama yah...
    dipakenya bagus yg mana ni??

  20. Ini semua warna ada? klo pesan gmn stella?thank you