Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner Review

July 13, 2012

Eyeliner is one of my must make up products, and my whole life cannot be completed with it! It can change my eye shape, define it, make it fiercer, and so on! I still remember it's been a while since I learn it. It's really difficult to learn for a newbie, I mean, I didn't know where to put it correctly and nobody taught me either! x_x So I poked my eyes a lot during training wtf hahaha lol

But now I can claim that I am good enough la. 8 years wearing eyeliner, how come cannot line? =_=

So for years, my best eyeliner is Dolly Wink one cos it's so sharp and thin and produces super black line. Also K-Palette only lasts for 6 months, it goes dry afterwards. but my Dolly Wink is still as black and as great as it's first opened! But years of usage, I need to find a replacement cos I ran out of it~

And so I heard about Tony Moly eyeliner and fortunately I am able to receive it from Rie Butik ^.^ If you're still interested, please read more :D

Packaging :

Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner is a cream eyeliner, comes in a glass packaging jar, completed with its own brush. The cap and the brush are attached as one, which is pretty efficient and it's a good thing because for some people [including me lol], we tend to lose the brush if it's made separately lol

I also love how the packaging looks classy and elegant although it is quite bulky to store / bring traveling ^.^'' 

Application : 

The brush can be taken off from the cap, and it can be pulled up to make it longer for easier application :D Then you can take off the cap and dab your brush inside it. I usually take a little then warm it on the back of my hand so it melts and makes it easier to line on my eyes

Color & Texture : 

As far as I know, it comes in 12 different colors, from brown to neon yellow! Super fun! But I only got the black one :D Which of course the most versatile and wearable color for everyone. I also mostly only wear black eyeliner on my upper lids lol

This is no 1, in Black. And as you can see the color is super super pitch black *____* It's really pigmented and really creamy so it's really easy to use! I love love love the texture! I also have owned several gel liners before this but I never experience a really soft and creamy texture like this *_* No wonder it's so popular!

Result : 

Although the product itself is really good, I have to say that the brush delivers poor job. It can give precise sharp and thin line that I need, also it tends to smudge the eyeliner X___X;;

You guys can see on the picture above :( 

So I really recommend you to use other brush to line your eyes. Although if you're in hurry, you cant still use it, but dont expect to draw a sharp cat eyes or winged eyeliner with the brush. I use eyeliner brush that I got from my Palty Gel Liner and it works great ^.^

It lasts on my lid really nice! It's also waterproof and has pretty good oil-proof and staying power as well! :o It tends to fade away a little after 6-7 hours, but it's still far much better than most of eyeliners that I use

Where I Got This and Price : 

I got this from Rie Butik for Rp 90.000 each. The price is pretty reasonable and fair. It's not that cheap for an eyeliner but it's half price than Dolly Wink that I adore lol This is my second best eyeliner so far because of it's consistency and pigmentation! So if you don't want to pay a lot for great eyeliner, go for this one and you wont regret it :)

Oh oh, use coupon code STL6RIE when you purchase from them if you want to earn 6% discount too! ^.^ 

Final Opinion :

Pros : 
  •  Efficient and classy packaging
  • Creamy texture, glides easily on eyes
  • Gives pitch black color
  • Waterproof 
  • Great staying power
  • Doesn't smudge

Cons :
  • The brush cannot give sharp and thin line

Overall I do LOVE LOVE this eyeliner a lot ^.^ I also use it on my friends and they love it as well! Because it's super black and price is quite reasonable! Although I wish they would improve their brush quality, if they make an upgraded version with a better brush, I am really sure it will be a BIG HIT! *_*

You're not sure to buy it? Well I really think you NEED TO try this one if you happen to wanna purchase an eyeliner ^.^ And you guys know if I love a product, I will rave about them a lot XD And I don't lie, this is really a great product ^.^v

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