June 2012 Beauty Events

July 01, 2012

Despite my hectic schedule, I still manage to attend some beauty events that happened during the last month. I had to reject a lot of events because of clash with my final exams, after all, my school is more important!

Here's the report!

So there's Shu Uemura Event, where they launched Mamechiyo Limited Edition! ^.^ There are cleansing oil, sun base, powder, and so on that are included in this collection. Shu Uemura is well known for their cleansing oil and eyelash curler! I owned a sample size of their cleansing oil and to be honest I like it so much, but the price is so expensive :( Like 100USD per bottle :( Worth it though :(

And in this spring they collaborate with Mamechiyo to get the awesome packaging, SUPER CUTE! If you'd like you can visit the counter to see it ^.^


Also SK II opened a booth at Mal Kelapa Gading, it's super near my home and the PR was so kind to invite me and my mom, and told me that my mom would get free facial at their booth. I LOVE SK II products! So I also want my mom to try it! ^.^ I love her the most leh in this world lol

But she doesn't like beauty regime so yea.. Such a waste to own a daughter like this for her, right? If she likes, she can have all my skin care products, but she only uses it like for 3 days then becomes lazy wtf So yeah.. :-x

I also learn how to use skincare properly from the staff. My skin feels so supple after used their products! I also have reviewed their famous Facial Treatment Essence HERE


I was also invited by Clarins to come to their event that talks about their facial shaping product. But unfortunately the event was mixed with their other customers so frankly speaking, I didn't really enjoy trying at the product. Didn't even receive the product to try either so yeah :x

But I love the hand massaging booth! It's FREE! I also could invite my friend so I asked Vannie to tag along! :-D

And after I came back, I lost my blackberry!!!!! TxT

I havent purchased another one cos no money leh.. And I think I wanna save up for better phone, either Samsung Galaxy or Iphone 4s.. But all my friends insist that I cannot live in Jakarta without blackberry :/

So yeah.. I lost my phone, and unreachable, if any of you wanna contact me, just through twitter ok lol

Also Coverderm has come to Indonesia!! Their star product is the foundation that claims to conceal even your birthmark! I also saw the live demo and it's really true leh! It's probably one of the best events that I attend! :-D Great venue, great food, informative talk show, fun demo make up. Awesome!

They're also very generous to give us products to review at home. I dont have flawless skin and beside false eyelashes, foundation takes major point in my make up, so I really want to try it! I have used it for weeks and review will be coming up shortly! ^.^


Needless to say that it's been one year since I become a real beauty blogger, and MUFE is one of the first brands that invite us. I still remember when I first met my fellow bloggers. And as Franky made me as model, I told him "you know, it's been one year since we've been friend. time goes so fast, right?"!

MUFE this time launches their Rouge Artist Intense and Rouge Artist Natural. It's lipstick from them that consists of 50 different shades on each line! That makes it 100 shades to choose from!!

Rouge Artist Intense is more opaque, but the Natural one is pretty good for daily life cos it's sheer! You can pick whatever suits you most! You can visit their counters if you want to try it by yourself

On the event, it's just a moment playing with MUFE products. Franky went crazy with my face and cos I was super tired after did my final exams, I just let him be lol Turning out i wore red lips and I didnt feel confidence although many compliments his make up :x Yes I agree his make up is great, but I am not used to that kind of make up style and I dont think I can pull it off

One thing for sure, MUFE HD Foundation is fab!!


Last one is Etude House Burluesque Event! It's an event to launch their new lines, Dear My Blooming Series Talk! I have been sent the products by Etude House Korea, and must say that it's really cute and light weight! Pretty much something that you want to wear on daily basis. I cannot imagine wearing MAC products everyday! @____@;

It's also the day where I finished my exam, went there straight from my campus cos the venue is really near with my univ. I also made a promise to come to the event to meet my friend, Serli! ^.^

She works as freelancer MUA at Etude House Indonesia! After that, Franky, me, gabby, and Vheii played until night at the mall, cos it's just like a mini party for me for finishing the exam. Though we only ate Yoshinoya lah #poor LOL

I told you, I am saving! Hahahaha




I thought that in my holiday I could attend more beauty events but I think I am wrong, because of my hectic schedule, all my friends go mad at me cos I have no time to play with them anymore. So I think I will build my social life again LOL I will be spending nights at my friend's house, going for all you can eat buffet together, staying at other cities with them, and just wasting time at cafe to talk lol

I miss them!!!

So I dont know whether there's July Beauty Events Report! After all my friends are more important than events and I want to treasure them more than beauty products lol I will still attend some that I can, but if not, I wont force it la, cos my friends are mopping lol

I am currently spending my holiday by watching movies all night! After that I also resigned from my previous job as jewelry designer, and applied for another job at my mom's friend's office! Cos I see better prospect there 8D

So my holiday will be filled by working as well!

Somehow I feel bored though, I told my mom I also wanted a boyfriend leh.. But really, no time to be in relationship. And I dont think anyone in Indo wanna be with a blonde girl lol

Okay I speak too much, hahaha!! I better end it now

What are you guys doing in your holiday? ^.^

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  1. sorry to hear about your bb, stel :(
    semoga cpt dpt gantinya ya..
    iya nih di indo kayaknya susah jg kontak tmn klo ga pake bb -__- lol

  2. iya tpi gak tau nih mau pake bb lagi apa enggak hehe

  3. Your friend looks like a korean 0.0 the one who freelances at etude house 8DDDD