NYX Powder Blush Review and Swatch

June 29, 2012

I cannot get enough with NYX. Considering that most of NYX products are highly pigmented with affordable price. I'd love to share you this amazing brand more :-D

And here's some of the blushes that I own. Previously I love MAC Blushes because of it's pigmentation and wide selections of colors. But then, NYX is famous for being MAC's Dupe, even better with 1/3 price. From 27 colors, I manage to get 6 of them. If you're interested to see the colors and the review, please read more! ;-)

Our pressed powder blush delivers sheer, silky color that glides on,blends beautifully and creates a natural glow. The formula is richly-pigmented and lasts for hours. Available in 27 shades.


 Packaging :

As usual NYX Packaging comes in black plastic packaging, but apparently unlike their other products, this time the packaging is a bit fragile so I have to be careful when I open the product. Otherwise I am afraid I will break it :-x The transparent cap makes it easier to see which color to use, and on the back of the product, it has all the ingredients and the name of each powder blush printed neatly

Application :

I use powder blush to dust it on my apples of cheeks. As the pigmentation is really good, I don't put it directly after I take the product with my brush, but I tap off the excess on the back of my hand, and lightly dust it on my cheek. That way, it won't look to much, I can always build up the intensity of the color if I want it bolder ;-) A little bit goes a long way~

top : 01 Mocha. 02 Dusty Rose. 05 Pinky

below : 06 Peach. 14 Spice. 18 Cocoa


 Texture :

The texture is a bit chalky and makes it a little difficult to blend. So I usually put smoothing primer so it glides and blends easier. The staying power is great in my opinion, it lasts for 5-6 hours on my cheek, might stay longer if you use cream blush before set it with powder blush


Color :

NYX Powder Blush comes in 27 colors to choose from, but I cannot get all of them la, I pick some shades that interest me and here are they =

PB 01 Mocha

This warm coral color is the most pigmented among the others. Somehow the color is too bold for me, so I have to use light hand to apply this color. I feel this can be pulled off by every skin tone :D

PB 02 Dusty Rose

I would say this is the safest color from my collection, perfect for natural or everyday look. Simply because it matches my skin tone perfectly. This warm medium nude pink color works great on fair-medium skin :-D

 PB 05 Pinky

This dolly pink color is really fun and in fact this is the color that I will wear the most on the party because it's fresh and brightens up my complexion. This one reminds me of barbie's color the most! :D

 PB 06 Peach

I love this color the most although it's the sheerest one among them. It's a light pink color and makes my make up look sweet! I find it can be a great dupe for my MAC Pink Swoon! :D The color is pretty light

 PB 14 Spice

This warm medium color is very wearable and works great on fair to medium skin tone. While for those with darker skin tone can still use this blush to give flushy healthy cheek color, but I think you have to re-apply a lot to get the color intensity matches your skin

PB 18 Cocoa

This warm brown color is good for contouring! I mostly use it on my jawline and the hallows of my cheek. Unfortunately it's a little bit too red for my nose :x but sometimes I still use it

Swatch : 

Top : without flash. Below : with flash

Left to Right : 01 Mocha. 02 Dusty Rose. 05 Pinky. 06 Peach. 14 Spice. 18 Cocoa


Where I Got This & Price : 

I got these products from Rie Butik for Rp75.000. In US it costs about 6USD. I find it's pretty affordable considering that it will last long! :-o NYX is famous for its affordable price after all :-D Anyway, you can get more discount from Rie Butik by using coupon code STL6RIE to get 6% discount! :-B be wise on spending your money! :heart:




Final Opinion :

Pros :

  • Affordable

  • Highly pigmented

  • Comes in many color selections

  • Staying power is great

Cons :
  • A little bit chalky

  • Fragile packaging

Despite needs a little effort during the application [too pigmented + a little bit difficult to blend], once you grasp how to use it, it will work well. Also I would recommend powder blush compared to cream blush for Indonesian, because humid weather tends to make cream and liquid make up melts easily :x

I hope you all had a great summer! See you guys on my next post! :

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. saya juga baru beli ready NYX yg pinched warnanya bagus >,< di zaturashop, oh ya di web mereka disc 6% dan ternyata beli 1 jg disc 6% ya ga harus beli 100,000
    thanks ya stell...

  2. dr dulu ud tertarik sm yg tea rose cm msi mikir mau beli apa ga tel. hahhaa. bagus2 ya warnanya :3

  3. i really like NYX brand, good quality and cheap ;))
    cee not to review about your hair? XD
    reallyy interestingg :D

  4. Dusty Rose and Peach looks really flattering :)

  5. saya baru beli warna Pinky benar benar pigmented :-*
    dan ternyata di zaturashop bisa membeli ini 6% dengan menyebutkan stella lee tanpa minimum order :inlove:

  6. tea rose? dusty rose maksudmu? :3
    iya warna2nya wearable banget, bisa dipake sehari2 ^___^

  7. senang kamu suka ini juga hana :D :heart:

  8. I use both of them the most too!!! ^.^

  9. yeap it is!! but at their counter, the products are not that cheap! :x Feel cheated if i buy through them lol
    Hahahaha review about my latest hair dye? or the products that I am using? ^^

  10. wah senang deh kamu suka ^_____^ NYX emang oke kok, ak plg suka dia sii untuk drugstore make up ^_^

  11. loved the review hun! came to your site looking for blush swatches