Taiwan 3 Years Back, When I Was Still Young LOL

June 20, 2012

Many of you don't know that I have been an exchange student before. It was during summer 2009 when I was still 16 years old. I was cleaning up my old folders at my old PC, and I found the old photos of mine. Giggling alone because I look so different and chubby back then, also because I miss that moment. I never blog about it because I own the old blog months after, but I feel like sharing my experience too a little here :)

Although I consider it as short post because I was living there for about 1 month, and so many things happened and there were a lot of interesting stuffs to look forward to everyday there! In here I just wanna share a little bit, while showing you my old face xD

My face is not edited at all in this post, yet I had that annoying orange tone hair cos my salon was bad, unlike my current salon lol So if you're interested and have some time to spend on my site, why not take a look at this post a while.. simply... to laugh at my old chubby face? LOL

"Feel free to do so~"

So the exchange program was held by Taiwan government, and the purpose is to make chinese blood heritage who live outside Taiwan to understand about the culture and language better! I know the program from my lao shi (teacher; in mandarin) at school, and he offered that to me and my friends. Being a traveler lover, I quickly agreed to this offer. Some of my friends from my group also tagged along! They were Patricia and Tara, So I wasn't alone! :-D

We went there with China Airlines, and it took 5 hours to reach Taiwan. The exchange student group comes from many different cities like Jakarta, Bandung, Palembang, Surabaya, and so on! And it's about 200 students! I sat with a student whom I forgot the name wtf lol but I picked wrong food and got the spicy food, he was really kind and offered "wanna trade?" and I went like "OMG THANK YOU AJSDJKAHS T.T" Then I finished my food and ate a super delicious pudding as dessert, and my face was like I just reached heaven lol

Then this guy suddenly asked me again, "wanna pudding too?" and I was like "OMG REALLY! Thank you dude!!" T.T

Even before I reached Taiwan, I had already known that my life would be amazing as I was surrounded by nice people there. I knew good things would come and I would have a super pleasant journey there ^.^

And it's true, when we reached there, we met and knew each other, and we got along so well! Everyone was so nice and although it's summer and hot, I didn't complain at all cos the weather is super clean! Unlike Jakarta for sure!

So we had lessons everyday. In the morning we learned about the language and the class was divided into our language skill. I got 3rd level from 6 level! Not bad leh! And I was also at the same class with Patricia, my friend from my school. Also same class as well with Selda, my room mate at dorm. What to complain!? ^.^

Oh yes we were living at student dorm and each room got 4 students. I got the largest room dunno why!! And next to my room was laundry room so I could just walk a few to wash my clothes LOL

on the first week, everyone was still so great to iron their clothes, but after a while people went lazy to do so, so was I lol

with my class~

In the morning we had big class consists of 10 students to learn about the language. Then after lunch, we're paired, and got personal tutor to make sure we understand what we'd learned before ^.^ After 2 hours, we were moved to larger hall and met with other classes, here's the fun begin, we learn about the cultures and art! Somemore also watched Jay Chou film while eating Takoyaki wtf lol

Lunch and dinner were provided, and I was so sick to eat pork and oil everyday and missed Indo food, but now I am here I missed the pork LOL *slaps myself*

Everyone were so happy to be there, and this photo was after I purchased my Japanese Fashion Magazine there [Vivi, Egg, Popteen, yes it's available there!!!] and they were happy for every little things happened to any of us T.T Also everyone knew each other and no group, everyone got along so well each other and I have so many friends cos of it :heart:  And I felt so grateful cos it's probably one of the best moments in my life cos I smiled genuinely everyday T.T I didn't have to worry about anything, no need to study or do homework T__T

Now I hardly smile genuine cos too many stressed things from job, school, family, and so on. Ah, how youth has gone so fast, right?

One of the main attractions from Taiwan is its Night Market, and it's really nearby our dorm. So I spent my nights there mostly by visiting stores there! And the items were majorly cute!! Prob one of the cutest things were these underwears bags!!!! LOL

I kept telling Tara and Patricia that I wanted it so bad leh! Donwan to leave without it! But they dragged me from the store wtf! lol

I had a lot of fun trying Taiwan street snacks such as the fried crispy chicken, the bubble milk tea, takoyaki, pork sausages [WHICH I SUPER LOVE!] and so on! Also people there are so nice la! It seems that everyone loves me there and what's better than a feeling when you feel that everyone loves you T.T

No matter where I went, every Taiwanese people were so kind and nice to me. Even aunties at 7-11 gave me free stuffs just for me like almost everyday though I rejected it! The people just called me to the 7-11 near our canteen, and then the staff gave me like big set of ice creams, onigiri, bento, juices, and so on! I said no la, feel not good, but they forced and said should enjoy it with my friends! T__T and also they gave me free international phone card so I could call my parents! When my friends bought snack and I didnt cos it's too expensive for me, the auntie from the stall gave it to me for free and said it's okay as it's just one and say I must enjoy Taiwan while I am there! So obviously have to try everythings! :o

Also when I shopped clothes, tried food, bought phone, and so on. Everyone was so kind!!!

Even all my friends told me that if I was lost or left alone at Taiwan, I could survive cos everyone gave me free foods there wtf lol

I love Taiwan! The people was sooooooooo.... nice T___T

But during 2nd-3rd week, we had to wear mask everyday. It's because one of us went into hospital and the Taiwan hospital didn't know what's wrong with her. Also she got injected alot and stayed for weeks there! Moreover, she didn't buy insurance and had to pay a lot of money for doctors research!

And we were super afraid and sorry for her cos we heard that the doctors said "this kind of sickness has never reached Taiwan for like a mere 50 years"!

And everytime, the teachers asked us to wear mask to prevent us getting infected

After the end of 3rd week, my lao shi came to us and laughed while slightly looked annoyed. They have found out about her sick!


and all the indonesians were like "DAFUQ!!! Just DB la why need lotsa reseach la!"

Turned out that Demam Berdarah had never infected Taiwan people for so long, and so people there dunno what's that LOL then they're so curious about it and kept doing research everyday about it, until my lao shi was explained about the characteristic of her condition, and he quickly knew it's demam berdarah -___-

we were almost shocked to death cos we thought it's super dangerous illness-__- but it's still a funny story LOL


We also had BBQ or other interesting foods everyday! ^.^ I never out of food and everyday the food was so damn good T______T The pork OMG, I really want to come again just to eat the pork wtf



And on the weekend, it's time for holiday! We visited a lot of interesting places in Taiwan and we shopped a lot ^.^

And probably the most interesting one is to visit the famous Xi Men Ding la! It's like Taiwan's Shibuya, if you're into fashion must go there to shop la! They sell a lot of cheap clothes, make up, wigs, and so on! ^__^

Riding the underground subway !

Also one of my friends there have brother who was studying there so we had tour leader ;D When we entered the subway he told us to not speak Indo language or the police would ask for your passport -_-"

He said so many illegal Indonesian workers there, so police had to check it! I asked him how come they understand Indo language, he told me that our language has been known by them, it's like when Japanese came to Indo and they spoke Japanese language. Though we dunno what they are speaking about, but we know it's Japanese right :-o

Indo is famous for being illegal workers -_-" somehow feels a little ashamed -_-"

But then remember that Indo has INDOMIE!!!!! Best food in the world! So okay la~

The Xi Men Ding!

Also if you go to Xi Men Ding, must visit the POO RESTAURANT! Okay I dunno what the restaurant's name cos I can't read mandarin that well but whatever, everyone knows about this restaurant and it's promoted worldwide as one of the most unique restaurants to visit


'Cause it looks like toilet!!! o__O


The restaurant is decorated like bathroom, and so are the dishes! But in a CUTE WAY! Not gross at all!

The price for food there is quite pricey and it's not that tasty, but it's super cute to take photos at! Even I told my friends that If I were rich I would make a franchise in Indonesia LOL

The tables are made from wastafel with glasses on top!

And that's the seat!!!! I swear I was in restaurant, not pooping okay!! XDDD

And here's the famous ice cream!!! XDDDD

Others ice cream are made look like poop, and the foods are placed on mini bathup or interesting objects about bathroom. Super creative! XD

I also visit temples! :-D

And the famous 101 building! ^.^


inside the building ^.^ It's just mall and we were super tired to walk there, so just rested on emergency stairs LOL

also went to a lot of places that I forgot lol mostly just for shopping and food tasting. But then we met the horse and about to take picture with it, but he suddenly surprised us and we were like "EKK!!!" lol


also visited the farm, enjoyed the milk and food produced from it, rode bicycle and boat, enjoyed the scenery~

also went to a place near sea, forgot the name T___T I played games there but lost!

I also tried the famous catch the fish la! I was mad excited to try and paid $1 for one game! And it's only one try!

But really, I HAVE TO TRY IT !

So I was like "OMG GOTTA TRY THIS GAME! I HAVE ALWAYS SEEN THIS ON TV/MANGA, EVEN IF DIE MUST TRY LA!" and quickly paid and sit, then tried it

Not even one second, suddenly the paper is broken as soon as it touches water wtf -_- and I feel so cheated!!!

The staff asked me "wanna do it once again" but I was like -_- NOOO!!! ;___;

Well okay, at least I've tried it, though not a pleasant experience lol

dunno why I have a lot of silly photos there LOL



after 1 month studying, the farewell celebration is to visit all around Taiwan within 3 days! :-D So we visit a lot of interesting places and stayed at hotel and had pleasant moment!

did a lot of silly things and poses

most of us stayed at our room during last week we're there, cos we don't want to be separated :) Everyone slept on the floor and it's super crowded but nobody complained because we wouldn't be seeing each other for a while as everyone lives in different cities :(

Mostly we spent night at my room to talk and chat each other and it's full of excitements everyday

1 month being there was really enjoyable! If I could turn back time, I would really like to try that experience once again!

Unfortunately this exchange student program only valids for one person once, because Taiwan has to invite other students each year. So there's no way I can join it again T_____T

And during farewell, everyone cried especially cos there's videos from our teachers and staffs played, saying goodbye to us. Everyone around me cried and I sobbed alone especially when the staff who's super close to me said that she didnt want me to leave because I was the mood maker and she would be really lonely without me, and she said many things about stuffs we did together, and although we had language barrier, we could be a really good friends, but when the light was turned on I said I didnt cry la, must act tough! T_____T

I love doing things like this, visiting many countries and have more experiences while I am still young :-D Because I only live once, and I would love to share it with my children later [if I own lol] and say "Mommy has been there and done that"

If you're still young, and have chance, you should try it as well :)

I really want to try this kind of experience again.. Probably in other countries. Though I have tried looking for one, but everythings are so expensive! Like 4000-5000USD per month! T__T

If there's anyone here know a cheap, or even better, free, student exchange program, could you please let me know? :) I always love to learn about other countries more!




Lastly, I love Taiwan, and I miss it . . . nuff said :-(

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  1. its so nice you have been to Taiwan as exchange student.
    I always wanna go there but havent go yet. ?????

  2. omg Stella!! lots of cute memories *__*! looks like you had so much fun! and the sickness part was funny XDDD!// hahahaha!
    The bathroom restaurant is interesting I want to go to a themed restaurant sometime xD! hahaha!
    Love you my Twinniee! :heart:

  3. you should go ^.^
    Well It's not as glam as Japan, but I still think it's really good compared to south east asia LOL
    I love the people so much ^___^

  4. well yeah, Demam Berdarah is just like, quite common illness in Indonesia xD; but the people there reacted it too hyper! LOL
    Yes yes you should ^.^ We should go to maid cafe together when we're in Japan ok! Have you bought the ticket?
    I love you too twinnie :hearts:

  5. what a great story! you look so cute few years ago! :D

  6. I looked so different, didn't I? lol

  7. wah terima kasih sekali kalau anda suka dengan postingan ini ^.^ :yes:

  8. How old r u back then? lol u alr look so cute what. I super envious can

  9. I was 16 when I joined the program!
    cute what la, I looked chubby and my make up was super minim, only eyeliner lor, unlike now lol

  10. wah dilihat dari cara berposting seperti tulisan penceritaan gambar saya sangat salut...well done..

  11. hey stell, i've just back from exchange about 2-3 months ago. I was volunteering in a NGO or something like that. But yeah, exchange is awesome, so many things to learn. after read ur story, maybe i should write n post my experience too. Hehehe ~~~

  12. Really? PLEASE WRITE!!! ^.^ I love reading about others' experiences too! I am a silent reader of my blog readers lol
    Anyway, how did you join? Is there any selection or special fee? I'd love to participate too!

  13. siaaappp!!! Btw, stella cantik banget di foto ini : http://rebzone.blogspot.com/2012/06/makeup-forever-rouge-artist-blogger.html

  14. aduh masa sih tapi aku merasa gak pede gitu loh, gak biasa >___<;

  15. just noticed that the boy on the second photo, isnt him william?
    a friend of mine in the same univ xD

  16. yeah, that was from an organization, which is an International n biggest student organization in the world. u can google it, it's called AIESEC, n only has 6 Local Comittee in Indonesia. That was prestigious one, the program i've joined. :))
    grab it stell, u won't regret it :DD

  17. really? he's your friend?!
    Wew!!! World is small! Say hi to him please for me! Havent talked to him for a while! ^.^

  18. Is it free? And is it difficult to apply? Could I talk to you to help me regarding this matter as I have googled it and I have a lot of things that I want to ask >___<
    I'd love to participate! I love meeting new people and learn about their cultures!

  19. of course, why not? all the expenses u have to pay by yourself, it depends on which project u included, such as: kids, environment, culture, n so on. just visit nearest Local Committee in your city, it can be UI, UNPAD, UNIBRAW n others, as i live in sumatera so i've joined in LC UNAND.

  20. Might I add your FB so we can talk better there? ^.^
    Thank you so much for your help!

  21. wow, such a precious memories ^^
    pengen jg ke 101 building dan cobain poo restaurant nya :P hahaha

  22. it is!! ^_____^
    101 building isn't that cool, just like an ordinary mall, indo malls are better! XD

  23. yeah, my FB ; Tiara Sanders, twitter : @tiara_sanders, n email : tiarasanders07@gmail.com..
    it will be nice to talk to you Stella :D

  24. I cannot find you T_T So many Tiara sanders T_T
    could you please add me instead? https://www.facebook.com/stellalee92
    thank you!

  25. done,,
    I'm the one Tiara Sanders from University of Andalas :)

  26. aaa, awesome! asik bgt tuu.. xD
    kalo udah kuliah gini susah nyari exchange, adekku baru apply exchange ke US, doanya ya semoga dia ketrima, hehe :)

    btw stel, dulu lagi suka foto nunduk (posisi rukuk) ya? hihi :p

  27. Hello thank you! I will be sending you message soon! ^^

  28. Woah! Moga moga diterima ya sarah ^___^)/
    Iya kuliah emang susah, rata2 sma sama s1 sih T___T
    Oiya masa siiii *gak sadar* x'D

  29. That looks so fun! What is the name of the program?? I wanna join if I can ^^