Barbie Eye Princess in Grey Review

June 11, 2012

So *ahem* because Ganguro face is too scary to be seen on first post, I serve you with a prettier face of mine on this post wtf lol

Yeap, this post is about monthly circle lens review, and this time I got Barbie Eye because many told me about its comfort!

If you're interested to buy it, why not see the review first to make sure? :)

I asked my sponsor to send me the grey one, because I think it's the most wearable one. I used to wear a lot of brown lenses, but now I tend to get grey instead because it makes my eyes appear more kind LOL The barbie eye Princess comes in a box like this! :-o

And the product is inside the plastic doll! Major cuteness :heart:

specification :
diameter 17.50mm
B.C. 8.60
water content 45%
duration : 6 - 12 month

Brand : Barbie Eye Japan, Origin : China, license Japan

Needless to say that I am pretty impressed with the design pattern because it's really dolly like, and it really enlarges my eyes nicely! Also or the comfort, I cant complain because it's really moisturizing unlike Geo lens! I wear it without any problem, but my eyes get tired easily because of its large diameter, which I believe this issue occurs on every huge lenses

Probably this is my second favorite lenses after Candy Magic and I am really interested to try more products from Barbie Eye! :)



Here are some looks under different lighting

room lighting - with flash

window lighting - with flash

window lighting - without flash



Overall I do recommend this lenses because of it's enlargement, comfort zone, and pretty pattern! I cant see the bad point from this lens, and it also makes my eyes appear more dolly like! :D

If you're interested to buy it, you can buy them from Tomato On Shop for only Rp 150.000. Moreover, you can earn more discount, 10%! Just put coupon code STELLALEE or tell the staff that you know from me! Enjoy really great price! :D You can spread it to your friends as well :D

Also I like my make up at that day so I'm gonna share the FOTD here :D

Face :

Coverderm Foundation #2 -a little too dark for me though, but coverage is good, review soon-

YSL Touche Eclat #2, as highlighter and concealer -review soon!-

PAC Creamy Foundation in #10

NARS Loose Powder in Eden

Eyes :

K-Palette Eyebrow Powder in Dark Blonde

L'Oreal HIP Eyeshadow Duo in Bronze

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Black

L'Oreal Double Extension Curl Mascara

Diamond Lash False Eyelashes

Cheek & Lips :

NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Rose Petal

NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Butterly Nude -review soon!-



So I will talk to you guys soon, this month I am filled with so many beauty events and product reviews, I hope you had fun reading this! :D

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  1. bagus stel lensnya, unik gt. kapan2 coba ahhh :D

  2. ayo dicoba! ^o^/ matanya tuh jadi blingbling gitu *__* aku sih suka :D

  3. baguss softlens ny cee tp agak item >.<
    rambut cce d cat lg yaa? kok rada beda lg bukan ash blonde? :D

  4. iya soalnya greynya agak dark yah, bukan light.. kalo light grey malah aku kurang suka soalnya kadang kayak katarak LOL;

    enggak ini warnanya udah pudarrr T___T malah jadi kek honey beige gini yah. Mau ke salon lagi ntar kalo UASnya udah selesai, sekarang gak sempet :cry:

  5. wkwkwkwk iya sihh kyk katarak kl yg light XD tempat ny lucu bngt :0 unik, bru ptma x liat da packing kyk gt :D

    iyaa dah puder :( pas yg abis dr salon kerenn bngt ckckck...

  6. Iya lucu banget, tapi skarang bingung mau dijadiin apa haha
    wooahhh kamu suka ya? Iya ntar aku mau cat kek gitu lagi, emang susah nempel di rambut asian sih tipe warnanya, cepet ilang :b

  7. bagus lens nya :-D grey nya juga ga terang2 amat. fotonya juga cantik bgt. suka sama matanya :yes:

  8. super duper pretty!! :inlove:

  9. iya jatohnya jadi gak fake, aku suka deh sama yang ini :D recommended lens!

  10. so pretty :)
    tempat softlennya lucu banget *v* softlennya juga keliatan natural gitu warnanya
    jadi pengen coba *3*~

  11. Cobain aja :-D oke kok, aku lebih suka ini daripada geo :)

  12. hay! dimana saya bisa membeli eyelash seperti kamu pakai? dan apa tipenya?

  13. I like your lenses and awesome makeup :D

    Have you reviewed lenses from ? As I have seen that they offer lenses if you review their products

  14. loh ash brown nya kok skrg jd honey beige gitu >.< aku kira ini post dgn foto2 yg lama.. cepet bgt ya rambutmu tumbuhnya stel.. udh mulai keliatan lg rootsnya..
    anyway glad to know that your skin is better now ^^ keliatannya udh jauh lbh baik sjak break out trakir yah =)

  15. omg you look so pretty!! i love barbie lenses more than geo <3 you look good in grey lenses ci :D

    btw, will you go to CP pullman next week? I heard there will be beauty event there? i missed out the previous one at PI :(

  16. iyaaa aku suka bngt ma warna rambut cce yg ash blonde :D coz tu pertama x liat warna rambut gt n tu hasil ny keren :D

  17. Stellaaa! makin big makin oke deh keknya di mata stella XDDD
    Thank you dear :D

  18. Thank you ^.^ No I havent.. I have many products waiting to be reviewed too :(

  19. Ini Diamond Lash dan gak dijual say di Indo :(

  20. iya soalnya udah fade T.T ash emang susah tahan lama di rambut asia, ntar aku mau ke shinjuku lagi mau cat lagi hehe :D
    Thank you ^o^ Iya sekarang udah mereda, tinggal bekas bekasnya aja hehe, stressny juga udah mulai berkurang soalny ud mau libur sih, thanks for your attention :heart:

  21. Oke akan aku cat lagi warna itu haha, tunggu yaaaa.. emang udah niat ke salon gak sempet >.<

  22. Thank you Ivy! You're always so sweet :hugs:
    Yea I love grey lenses more recently! :D
    No I wont go.. I have gone to the one at PI so I dont think I will be joining it :( Prob we can meet next time :)

  23. hahaha makasih :-D jadi penasaran cobain barbie yang lain :B

  24. wahh stelllaaaa kamu pintar dandan yaaa
    mau dunk beljar sama kamu :)
    lipstik nya bagussss
    aku suka bangettt
    tapi ga tau cocok gak ya ma aku hehehheheh

  25. hello stella, beberapa minggu ini aku sering banget bacain blog" kamu. suka deh, gaya dandan ala gyaru kamu bagus :)
    softlensnya bagus banget di mata.
    tp kegedean gak sih? aku pake yang 15mm aja kayaknya uda gede.

  26. Aduh aku dandannya minim banget kok pinter apanya >.<; mekap kamu lebih bagus kaliiii!!!

    cocok kok ke smua orang kayaknya! Ini NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Butterly Nude! :D
    cek deh review sama swatchnya di blogku, bagus banget warnanya XD

  27. Wah makasih banget T___T But aku masih belajar kok, kadang masih ada salah dan dibilangin sama temen2ku yang lebih pinter make up *tunjuk si beauty blogger lelaki, endi dan franky* XDDD

    itu preferensi sih yah, kalo aku sndiri ngerasa 15mm itu standart, dan 14 kecil, tapi emang ada orang yang takut pake 17 ^.^;;
    kalo emang ngerasa gak cocok, cari yang aman aja say, yang seenak kamu aja karena kan make up ato softlens itu ada untuk membuat kamu pede sama penampilan kamu juga. belom tentu orang bilang bagus akan cocok juga sama kamu, kan preferensi berbeda hehe :D