Frais Monde Products Review

June 07, 2012

My fellow friend, whom a great professional make up artist as well, Sari Liem. Sent me a few products for me to try on! She sells these amazing products online and she uses this for her customers as well. Oh by the way, She has done my make up before for L'Arc's concert and it's really impressive! If you want to have a private make up lesson, group lesson, or even a MUA for your party, just give her a shoot! You can try her service by call hering at 0819-0412-9000 or email her, visit her facebook fan page for more info HERE

But for now, let's move on the the products!

So this is the first time I tried Frais Monde products! :-o I never knew or heard about this before but it is in fact quite popular on other countries because of its naturalism! Frais Monde comes from Italy but it's popular in USA! Also they use high quality and natural ingredients that's safe for your skin. Because I battle with combination skin and acne, Sari is kind enough to let me try the Purificante one, which is perfect for oily skin!

The travel size comes in 3 samples that can last for 2-3 weeks! There are full sizes as well, but I recommend you to start with mini size first so you'll know if it goes well on your skin or not. Because it's such a waste right if you buy somethings that you never tried before on a full size? Moreover, it's not cheap either :(

So here are the products =

Gel Detergente Viso Aromatermale

It is supposed to be a facial wash, it comes in gel watery texture, and it feels cold and refreshing. It creates no foam, so just purify your face with all the dirts without clogging up your pores! As for me I don't really like the smell because it smells like doctor's treatments :/ But I have to admit that it cleanses really good

Latte Detergente Purificante

At first I though it's a lotion, or a moisturizer, but the stickiness wont go, and then I googled for research, it's in fact a cleansing milk! :o But it's very hydrated to the point I didn't think it's a cleanser! The texture is really thick and soft, and cleanses really nice. But again, the smell is like doctor's treatment, if you're okay with it, go ahead, it's just a warn :D After cleanse my face with this, I can feel the texture of my skin is really smooth!

Crema Alle Alghe Sulfuree

And this is the cream for your treatment! :D The texture is really rich, but it blends nicely and absorbed easily onto the skin! After I use this, I can tell that my skin is getting firmer, and more suppler The scent is not different than the others though

And my overall review, although it has annoying doctor's scent that reminds me of beauty aesthetics salon again , which I dont really like, these products are so good! It really cleanses my face nicely, and also makes my skin suppler, firmer, fresher, and also healthier! It also helps my face produces less sebum !! :-o So whenever I use this, I have no worry about oily face. Sure still have one, but it's getting less and less, which I believe will be less visible with routine treatment!

If you're keen to get a great skincare to solve your oily face problem, I guess you should definitely check this out :)

Price for a travel size is Rp 250.000 , quite expensive I must say :( But if you mention my name you will get 10% discount from her!





This asian hot spring known for its beneficial skin care properties, delivers spa water at a temperature of 26'C. Its unique and unchangin composition, together with naturally dissolved active mineral salts, makes it a perfect source of vitality for the skin. It helps soothing cosmetic treatment for sensitive, delicate, and irritated skin.

You can use it for soothing and softening spray for Sun rash, Irritation, Sore baby skin, post hair removal, post anti acne treatment, and so on. Another thing to do with this product is for refreshing, toning, and comfort spray for setting make up, removing make up, after facial cleansing, after specific cosmetic treatments, after exercise, hot weather, and for traveling

I majorly love this product so so much :heart: :heart: :heart:

I use it more for setting make up / finishing spray, so the make up wont be cakey, as well as gives it more fresh look! It's similar like MAC Fix+ or other facial spray, just spray 2-3 times on your face, and it will instantly helps the make up to blend together better!

I spray it on the back of my hand, you hardly can see how it creates difference because it's transluscent of course, but that's what review is for. I absolute adore this facial spray! It leaves no greasy feeling, no scent, and nothing at all! I usually hate face mist because it's sometimes sticky, and has weird scent. But this product has no scent, it's just like a pure mineral water but with ability to helps smoothing out the skin and makes skin looks healthy and dewy!

I use for my friends and everyone loves how smooth and fresh their skin is! Also, it helps smoothing out the skin as well, so sensitive skin can rest assured when wearing this product! Because this is produced as skin care not make up like ordinary facial mist, it's much healthier and safer!

Price for a bottle is Rp 225.000, and the bottle is really big! It contains 150ml :D Also if you mention my name, you will get 10% discount too!

I wanted to get MAC Fix+ before owned this, but after I used it, I had no intention to try the MAC one because this is absolutely very good! Moreover when I feel so hot during jakarta's hot weather, I just spray it all over my face, and it gives me a super refreshing feeling! LOVE LOVE!

Though it may look pricey, but it is worth it! One of the best founds I've found this year :)




Overall, Frais Monde is a really great brand for skin care. I am pretty pleased with the result. It contains natural and high quality ingredients, which make me believe them more! Also I heard they use mountain water, which is known very good for skin because of it's purity! :-o

I'd love to try more of their products in the future if I have chance. So this is my sharing :) If youre interested you can contact my friend Sari HERE ! If you want discount, you can tell her you know from me. But if you're rich and dont want discount already, then it is fine too LOL but I know majority loves DISCOUNT! So yeah LOL

Stay tuned to my next post, and have a good day everyone :)

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  1. *giggle giggle*
    your post is always makes me giggling like a girly girl~ LOL
    glad to know you majorly loves the thermal face spray babe! not so great on the scent tho. wkwkwkwkw~ yes it doesn't smell very perfumey, smells more like herb-ally. if that's even a word. should smell like rosemary, some jasmine or thymes or something. I don't remember all. Anyway, love the review stel! great job! I wish you further luck on the thermal spray, it did comes from a hidden 3000 years old spring, the purest spring you can ever find in the world. not contaminated even with lights and sun rays. the perfect PH balance for your skin. I call it magic water XD do use them as a toner as well stel. you'll find it reduce redness and makes your skin more firmer and suppler. :) ahnyway! thanks for the review gorgeous! hugs & kisses!

  2. thank you for your additional information sari! ^.^
    and im glad this post can entertain you and other readers of mine :heart:

    use it as toner too? Alright will do!! thank you :hugs: