Etude House June Pink Box Review

June 25, 2012

So this is my video for Etude House this month!

The Pink Box for June has arrived and I have tried it ever since it came to my place safely. Everytime I receive the box from Etude House, my heart flutters because the products are uber cute! Gotta agree with me, right, rightttt??? lol

So there are a lot of requests for doing video in Indonesian, so yeah.. Here's it =

I am quite nervous speaking Indonesian on video lol also because there are a lot of people notice my speaking flaw even from my english, and it's more obvious when I speak Indo -_-

I dont think I will create video in Indonesian again, it's really tough to edit the subtitle to match what I was talking about lol

Afterall, I hope you enjoyed this video!

I create it with blood and tears all night long wtf lol

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