NYX Xtreme Lip Cream Review and Swatch

June 15, 2012

I hope you all are not bored with this month product reviews. I tried to pay because last month I didn't do many reviews ><;

As you guys know, RieButik really sends me lotsa stuffs from NYX as what I requested to her. They're really generous to give me a few shades from each product sponsor. It's also easier for you guys to know which color to buy if you want to get one right ^^

And this time this is NYX Extreme Lip Cream!

I thought it's similar to the Soft Matte Lip Cream, but I was wrong! I owned the Soft Matte Lip Cream in Tokyo before, and to be honest I didn't like it because it dries out my lips even more :x So I was really skeptical about this one too.. The only lip cream that can captures my heart is Lancome one that I have reviewed HERE but it's really too expensive for me

So, can NYX beat it? :)


We'll find out!!!

Beautify your lips with this velvety rich lip cream that provides extreme pigmentation with a silky and glossy finish. This lip cream is a hybrid of lipstick, lip gloss, and lip stain with intense pigmentation all in one. Complete your head-turning look with the Xtreme Lip Cream in any of the 11 luscious colors.


Packaging :

It comes in usual NYX tube packaging. Plastic packaging, with black cap. The cap and the size is about to same size, and this is slightly smaller than the Soft Matte Lip Cream, means less product :x


Application :

The applicator comes in a straight dot tip, which I hoped would come with a bend one like Lancome or NYX Megashine Lip gloss for easier application. It is somehow makes the application kinda difficult, because NYX Lip Cream is really pigmented, especially the red one, so I'd suggest to dot the lip cream on your lips, and spread it with lip brush if possible to get precise shape


Texture & Scent :

I would say the texture is really really creamy, pigmented, and not sticky at all! I love even with one swipe, the lips is pretty much covered by it, and it leaves no sticky or greasy feeling! :-o As much as I love the finish, it also lasts me for a really long time, with about 6-7 hours, after that the color starts fading, not as vivid as the first application, but still remains slightly there ^.^ :heart:

But the smell is horrible! It smells like a melted plastic and I thought it's expired products but it seems that everyone has problems with it from what I read on the internet

SUPER THUMBS DOWN for the scent! YUCK!


Colors :

NYX Xtreme Lip Cream comes in 11 colors to choose from. From bright red to nude, they offer it. I am lucky enough to get 5 of them to test it out and compare. Although some may find that the whole collection is less than usual NYX lip products, I personally think it's enough because the main color that is used by many are provided. So there are no colors that wont sell because all are wearable and have their own market!


Swatch :

from left to right : XLC03 Spicy, XLC04 Butterly Nude, XLC05 Bonfire, XLC07 Absolute Red, XLC08 Skin Tone

Top : without flash. Bottom : with flash


XLC03 Spicy is a coral red lip color, a bright and fun color to play with

XLC04 Butterly Nude is my favorite color this time! It goes into pinkish warm nude that compliments my skin

XLC05 Bonfire is a medium bright pink color. Second favorite!

XLC07 Absolute Red is a dark vampire-ish red color, this shade is pretty cool, and reminds me of vampire lips

XLC08 Skin Tone is a warm beige nude color, you can rock this one with smokey eyes!

I am SUPER impressed by how pigmented these lip creams are, this is just one swipe and it's already super pigmented. And as for the lips, I only take the product once and then swipe it all over the lips. No need to build up the intensity because the color is pretty similar to the color on the tube already!

Also it works almost like a lip stain too, creates illusion in real life that it's my natural lips. The finish is kinda glossy but not as glossy as wearing gloss, which I really really love!


Where I Got This and Price :

I got this from RieButik and she opens Pre Order for this product, along with other NYX make up products. Price for each lip cream is Rp 65.000 and it's fairly cheap for me! :-o Dont forget, when you purchase from them, use coupon code STL6RIE to get 6% discount for min purchase Rp 100.000 :)





Final Opinion :

Pros :

  • Cheap

  • Doesn't dry out lips

  • Last long

  • Very pigmented

  • Gives glossy and healthy finish

  • Easy to spread and blend into the lips

Cons :

  • Smells bad

  • Inefficient tip

Do I love it? YES!

Will I recommend it? If only you can bear with the horrible scent!

Seriously this is a great dupe for my Lancome Lip Cream! Only Lancome's price is 4-5 times more expensive, and Lancome is more like water and spreads better so it's more natural, while NYX have better pigmentation

I love how the color turns out super nice on the lips, also they are not sticky like some lip glosses of mine [say, Candy Doll lipgloss]

But I seriously dont know where the horrible smells come from! It's just, super awful . . You can avoid the smell by wearing fruit / mint lip balm before wearing this, or just bear it for 1 hour until the smell's gone :x

As much as I love it, it may look too much and too pigmented for people who loves natural make up, so I'd suggest to just dot some on lips and spread with cotton bud / lip brush. It is for me similar to lip tint + lipstick + lipgloss! Many colors to choose from like lipstick, a pigmented and last long like lip tint, and a glossy finish like lipgloss. All are in one! What to not love? ugh okay, the smells :x

But I will bear with it because this really creates a great opaque finish. If you cant bear it, then dont try and find another lip products for your preference!

Which color are you interested in? :D

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  1. I like butterly nude, but after read ur blog until finish.. I dont want to have trouble with the horrible scent. I do like nude colour bcoz eyes are my fav part when I do my own make up :D .But absolute red is suitable on ur lips, really sexy! me envy~

  2. Yea, the smell is bad, but I fix it by applying NYX Megashine Lipgloss which has awesome vanilla scent! So it's ok! :-D
    But if you dont want it, it's your choice ^_____^
    Me too! I prefer nude lips because I feel my eyes have heavy make up already lol
    and really? I dont really dare to try red because I feel I look strange with it, but thankss X)

  3. absolute red warnanya bagus banget!
    you have a nice lips XD

  4. cobain gih sha XD kenapa smua orang lagi bilang red is cool, kemaren aja didandanin franky pake red -_-" tapi gak pede, berasa menor ;_;
    ah masa sih #stopityou XD