Revlon Colorstay 16th Hour Eyeshadow Quads Review and Swatch

June 08, 2012

Revlom Team is kind enough to send me a few products to try on, and the most excited products that I love to try is their Colorstay 16th Hour Eyeshadow Quads! They sent me 2 colors and I quickly tried it at that day! LOL I had to attend my cousin's birthday so I quickly swiped some colors

After that, I use this product repeatedly to give a really thorough review. After weeks, I guess it's time to review it! If you're looking for an affordable eyeshadow, please read it to the end! :)

And yes, another review of this month with colors! I keep my promise! :D

Color stay 16 hour eye shadow provides beautiful, luxurious color that doesn't crease, fade or smudge. Rich and velvety shadows blend smoothly and effortlessly. Dust highlighter all over eye and up to browbone to create a base. Sweep lip shade on eyes from lash line to crease. Use accent shade on outer corners to create drama. Contour eyes by applying deepest shade in crease.

Packaging :

The packaging is made from black plastic with transparent cap to make the consumers easier to see the colors from the eyeshadow. It is in fact quite bulky so I don't think I will bring this when I go out / traveling. But a good point comes from the packaging that it shows a step by step how to create a look with this palette on the back of packaging. Although the step by step is same on every palettes, but I think that it's a good thing because there are many newbie make ups who still has no idea how to work on eyeshadow

It comes in 4 eyeshadows on one palette, but the left side is slightly bigger than the right side


Application :

Revlon provides a dual ended eyeshadow brush, but I wish they would make it different on each end, Like probably one is a blended or highlighter brush, and another one is a smaller tip for inner corner or line the eyes

Also eyeshadow tends to need mirror when we put it on, so I feel that apply this eyeshadow on the outside is really a bothersome because I have to use additional mirror :(

Colors :

 Revlon Colorstay 16th Hour Eyeshadow Quads come in 16 beautiful colors, so you can pick whatever colors that you want, visit their counter to try and see which one suits you the best

Colors available are Addictive, Decadent, Precocious, Adventorous, Brazen, Siren, Seductive, Goddess, Inspired, Attitude, Enchanted, Moonlit, Serene, Bombshell, Luscious and Delightful

As for me, I own two from their collection which is Enchanted and Inspired!


A beautiful romantic palette that I believe is easy to work with, especially for those who have worked already. This is easy to create look from day to night, from romantic to smokey eye! I love the 4th color the most [green-ish black eyeshadow] because it's really eccentric! Sometimes I only use that color alone to create 2 minutes smokey eye and Im ready to go!


A really fun and bright colored eyeshadow to play with! I never own blue or green eyeshadow quad and lately I'm really into colors so I really really love this one! This one is perfect when you want a pop of color on your make up, it's pretty wearable too. I love the green eyeshadow the most because it's so vivid and bright, yet feminine!

Texture and Colors :

It claims to last for 16 hours long too, as well as doesn't crease or fade even without eye primer :o

I have to admit the quality of each eyeshadow is not equal. Some eyeshadows are more pigmented than the others, but the pigmented one are located on the right side, with smaller size, which leads me to a little disappointment. The texture is a bit chalky and powdery, but it's easy to blend and work with, also when it's applied, it feels soft and quite pigmented. The eyeshadow doesn't crease, but it fades after 6-7 hours when not using primer. Although it's not that pigmented compared to some really good eyeshadows, but the quality is pretty good for its price


Swatch :

Enchanted [left] and Inspired [right] Swatch. Top without flash, bottom with flash



Enchanted Swatch. Top without flash. Bottom with flash

Inspired  Swatch. Top without flash. Bottom with flash


The colors show up pretty well, but some needs more swipes than the others to make the colors pop, the pigmentation isn't equal. If you want an easier application, a primer is still needed to make the colors show up a little better


Where I Got This and Price :

I got this from Revlon Indonesia, thank you for the team to provide me with these awesome quads. There are 16 palettes available on any Revlon counters in Indonesia, and price for each palette is Rp 105.000, which is quite affordable in my opinion





Final Opinion :

Pros :

  • Comes in transparent packaging for easier notice

  • Doesn't crease

  • The colors show up pretty good

  • Comes in 16 shades available

  • Last long

  • Affordable

Cons :

  • Doesn't have any mirror

  • The quality of each eyeshadow is not equal

  • The size of each eyeshadow is not same

  • Inefficient eyeshadow brush

  • The color fades after 6-7 hours

 There are a lot of pros and cons going on for this product, I am really confused whether to put this on good or bad side, they are quite good compared to other drugstores eyeshadows, but if you have money and can afford more expensive products, I would say to go with other products because there are far more products which are better than this

Though the eyeshadows last long and doesnt crease, but the color fades away after 6-7 hours which turns out to lose it's shape that I've created earlier. Say like I use a gradation of color between green, blue, and dark blue. In the end of the day it becomes only blue with a little green already. A touch up is necessary for me, especially for those who have oily lids or are very active thorough day

The pigmentation is good, but some colors are pretty sheer . .

But because of its price, and its ability to show up the color without eye primer [more reason to save money from buying eye primer], It's relatively good. If you're looking for an affordable eyeshadow, go for it! Because the price won't hurt your pocket :)

Which shades do you love the most from their eyeshadows? Are you interested to try it out too?

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  1. mau yg Enchanted..
    wearable bgt ya warnanya..

    itu fades after 6-7 hours udah pake primer kah?

  2. eeh~ ya ya.. g pake primer ya.. kurang teliti, hehe

  3. gak pake iya ^.^ kalo pake primer bisa lebih bagus lagi

  4. iya yang enchanted wearable banget! ^.^ warna-warnanya yang pasti kepake smua hehe