NYX Megashine Lipgloss Review and Swatch

June 27, 2012

Back with another review sponsored by RieButik ! And as I say that, this month is gonna be a month with full of colored beauty products!

As I was impressed with their NYX Round Lipstick, I wanted to own their phenomenal Megashine Lipgloss too, which is raved by many! :-o To be honest, i never owned this before. I only had their Round Lipgloss, because it's cheaper. But I didn't really like it because of the stickiness. So I got away from NYX Gloss for years. But people told me that their Megashine Lipgloss is different, so why not give it a try? :-)

Kiss me quick! Our signature Mega Shine Lip Gloss delivers shine, moisture and softness and envelops lips with glistening color. The finish is both creamy and steamy and ensures knockout glamour. A blend of mineral and lanolin oils helps protect the pout. Available in 50 almost sinful lip gloss shades.

Packaging :

It comes in usual plastic packaging with black cap, you may think that it's just like ordinary NYX product, but what makes me surprised is the cap has ribbon on top! :heart: super cute and I love the additional cute design!


Application :

Unlike NYX Lip Cream which I dont like the applicator, NYX Megashine lipgloss comes with bend applicator tip which makes us easier to draw it on the lips, it will give precise application especially on cupid's bow! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this kind of applicator! :D


Texture & Scent :

The texture of this gloss is almost like a lip cream, but it's more watery and easy to spread on the lips. Also it doesnt feel sticky which I love! It gives a glossy finish, and the scent is like a cherry! Too bad it doesn't last long, only 1-2 hour :( And I am quite disappointed that I have to re-apply this gloss many times. But I had a great time doing so because the scent is so fun so okay, forgiven :x

Colors :

NYX Megashine Lipgloss comes in 50 colors to choose from! What a great color selection, as expected from NYX! I got 7 to share here which is perfect red, burgundy, dolly pink, tea rose, smokey look, french kiss, and clear! I decide that it will be great if I own one product from each shade! :D


Swatch :

top : without flash, below : with flash

left to right : perfect red, burgundy, dolly pink, tea rose, smokey look, french kiss, clear



And here's the color comparison on my lips! :-D

left : without flash, right : with flash

I SUPER LOVE the dolly pink and tea rose! MAJOR LOVE LOVE LOVE!! :heart: omg I feel like a fanatic fan, but it's because the color is so awesome! I also can wear it alone without lipstick, and it already gives a really nice color on my lips. But please keep in mind that this is just a lipgloss, so it's better to use it on top of lipstick. But if you want natural look, you can just go with gloss, but it won't last long :x

French kiss and crystal are fabulous if it's worn with lipstick because it's pretty sheer, so you can't really see it. But lemme tell you, french kiss gives a sheer coral color, while crystal is just a clear gloss with shimmer.

Smokey look looks kinda similar with french kiss on my lips, but when it's worn with lipstick it's different. French look is just a glossy orange-beige while french kiss is more coral. Except those 3, the others are adorable to be worn alone because the colors are really vivid *___*



Where I Got This and Price :

I got this through pre-order from RieButik and each is just Rp 54.000! :-o Need I say more how affordable NYX Products are from them? Original price is 5.50 USD! I'll have to say that this lipgloss captures my heart.




Final Opinion :

Pros :

  • Affordable

  • Smells great

  • Goes on smooth on lips, and not sticky

  • Comes in 50 shades to choose from

  • The colors show up well

  • Easy to use applicator tip

Cons :

  • Doesn't last long

NYX Round Lipgloss is such a failed product cos it's sticky and dries out my lips, and considering my experience with them, I decide to not use any more NYX lip glosses. But thank you that I am able to try these babies because it's my holy grail drugstore lip glosses! The quality is comparable with high end lip gloss, but this one is much much cheaper! :-o

I wish they would last long though because I want to experience it longer.. I have to carry it everywhere I go and must touch up my lips make up often. If you're okay with touch up, get this lip glosses because seriously, it's just too awesome to be missed out! T____T :yes:

Have any of you ever tried this gloss as well? :-D what's your thought! :)

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  1. Semuanya ada shimmer2 glitter gt ga stel? Aku nyari yg round lipgloss (whipped) malah udh ga ada. Adanya si megashine ini.

  2. Wuaaah aku naksir sama tea rose and smokey look.^^

  3. Iya warnanya natural sih ya ^o^
    Smokey look sering banget dipake sama guru2 di youtube buat complete smokey eye look ^_^

  4. selaen french kiss dan clear, yang lain hasilnya glossy :D
    Kamu bisa coba yang smokey look say, mirip whipped. tapi ak kurang suka round lipgloss soalnya lengket sih >__>

  5. yg perfect red nya bagus :D
    french kiss sama smokey look keliatan paling natural kayaknya :D cocok buat sehari2 itu *w*)
    harganyaa lumayan muraah lol hahaha

  6. iya harganya oke kan :D lumayan loh buat nambahin koleksi! :)
    french kiss bagus kalo dipadu sama lipstick lain, shimmernya terasa. kalo dipake sendiri kurang oke sii menurutku :D

  7. Perfect red and burgundy somehow really catch my attention, but I don't really look great with reds.. aaargh.. :p


  8. i dont look that good with red either, but i think it's basic color that everyone should own XD red, pink, coral, nude :D

  9. Tea rose is the next NYX lip gloss I want to own! It looks super pretty. Even the name is cute. :) For anyone interested in other NYX lip gloss colors, I have a review of Perfect, Nude Peach and Beige on my blog.