Lunasol Full Glamour Lips S in 26 and 28 Review + Swatch

June 03, 2012

Summer is HERE! Well, though technically everyday is Summer for Indonesia #pokerface

BUTTTTT...... As summer is closer on some part of countries,
I'd love to play more and be dare with colors! Therefore this month you will see a lot of colored beauty products such as blush and lipstick, made appearance to be reviewed by me!

And the first spot is reserved by Kanebo Lunasol! Highly made appearance of their Lunasol Full Glamour Lips S and made a sensational review by other bloggers from overseas! Kanebo Lunasol is a high quality make up brand, and focused for natural everyday make up, let's see how it goes!


Lip color that glides smoothly yet stays on with a moist sensation and maintains the flawless finish all day long as when freshly applied. An elegant ensemble of glowing hues helps to create feminine, plumpfull lips. Contains beauty essence ingredients.



Packaging :

The packaging is absolutely gorgeous and very Lunasol. It's really sophisticated, yet beautiful. Unfortunately, prepare yourself when you purchase this because you can easily snap your fingerprints on their bronze packaging. They also print their brand beautifully on the lower section of the lipstick, as well as writing the number of the lipstick on the cap, so we can know which number we take from our wardrobe :)

Unfortunately, they don't print the color swatch and put it together too

Colors :

Lunasol Full Glamour Lips comes in many shades, and I think their available shades are different in each countries. As for Indonesia, they carry only 5 colors to choose from,  from number 25 to 29. All the shades available are suitable for Indonesian women skin tone. You can just come to any Kanebo counter available and see which colors suit you best

But as for me, I got these 2 awesome colors in 26 Sheer Red, and 28 Apricot Orange!


Apricot Orange - Sheer Red / With Flash

Apricot Orange - Sheer Red / Without Flash


Texture :

The texture is ABSOLUTE LOVE!!!! It's really creamy but sheer, and it glides very smooth like butter and gives glossy finish like honey *why I sound so delicious :o*

Even when I have dryest lips moment, this lipstick can totally save my lips and make it appear healthy, shiny, and glossy. I highly recommend it, and it's probably one of the best quality lipstick texture I've ever owned.

Swatch & Result :

The lipstick gives a pretty sheer color, and glossy finish. The color is subtle and easy to pull off better, especially if you have fair skin. Although the color doesn't show up, but it gives a flushy natural lip color, with a hint of color from the lipstick. So if you want a bold lip color, avoid this one. Lunasol Full Glamous Lips is more for wearable everyday look. It goes on natural but sadly it doesnt last long, the color of the lipstick fades away after 3 hours but the moisturizing effect does last for about 6-8 hours on my lips! :)


Before & After

Top to Bottom : Bare Lips, With 26 Sheer Red, With 28 Apricot Orange / Without Flash


Top to Bottom : Bare Lips, With 26 Sheer Red, With 28 Apricot Orange / With Flash


Where I Got This and Price :

I got this from Kanebo Indonesia, and Kanebo is cheaper in retail store to online shop, so I suggest you to go straight to their counter. Price for each lipstick is Rp 299.000 and it's expensive for me. But they really make high quality products for middle to upper class consumers, which explains the price itself

If you can afford to purchase one, you wont regret to get this one because own a high quality lipstick for everyday or natural make up look is very versatile. Especially for those with dry lips





Final Opinion :

Pros :

  • Comes in many shades to choose from

  • Lightweight feeling

  • Elegant and classy packaging

  • Gives sheer and glossy finish

  • Glides very smooth and moisturizing

  • The colors are pretty wearable and natural

Cons :

  • Expensive

  • Doesn't last long

 I must say I am so impressed by this product. Mostly because of it's unbelievably super smooth texture! It feels light, not sticky at all, and doesn't feel like I am wearing any! :-o It is not pigmented, but it gives sheer color that's perfect for everyone to use daily! It's a great choice when you're working as well, when you want to just have a slight pop of color but not too much. The colors are pretty wearable as the colors selection is pretty natural. Though I wish I could have owned more different color so the difference between each lipstick is more obvious

You will be amazed by the smoothness of its texture when you try it, so I really recommend you all to at least give it a try? :)

Lately, I am addicted to colors, how about you? :D

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  1. oooh i love the apricot orange!!!!! anyway kayanya aku tadi malem liat dirimu deh di gramedia mall kelapa gading fufufufu. bener ga? jangan-jangan aku yang sok tau :p

  2. LOLOL Iya itu aku tapi nggak pake make up astaga, kok bisa ngenalin xD
    lain kali nyapa aja :D

  3. FROM YOUR HAIR! God, the people at shinjuku salon did awesome job on you! You look really pretty with your hair.

  4. omg you bluff, i was super messy yesterday why you still compliment me, no make up either!!! hahaha
    Are you living around here too? Say hi next time you see me ok :)

  5. i especially love this swatch sis. very pretty colours.
    never heard of lunasol tho. i wanna try it.

  6. lunasol is one of the most popular brand from kanebo! :D it's really high quality! :)