SK II Facial Treatment Essence Review

June 28, 2012

I always know one thing from SK II when I pass by the counter. Expensive skincare, that's all

And I heard one bottle can reach about 100USD, and it's a fantastic price for me, a student. Long before I became a blogger, I doubt about this brand because I don't think it's worth it to spend 100USD on a water. But the more I know about beauty, the more I have friends who talk and share about their skins, the more I know about this brand..

Almost everyone that have used SK II swore by this brand. And I was really curious! I attended SK II event a while ago and tried their products, needless to say I am impressed by how high quality their products are! And I fall in love more and more *_*

And I receive the infamous Facial Treatment Essence :heart: been using this for about 5-6 weeks, so here's my experrience

Before I give the review, lemme tell you the secret ingredient from SK II. It is Pitera. And Facial Treatment Essence, known as magical water, contains more than 90% Pitera inside.

The magic comes from Japan, where the scientists found that workers who did sake fermentation job had beautiful soft hands despite their wrinkle face. It's because their hands made contact with the fermentation process that produces Pitera, a blend of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids that helps skin to rejuvenate by regenerating its outer layer! :-o


This unique Pitera-rich product by SK-II moisturizes to improve texture and clarity for a more beautiful, glowing complexion. It also helps stimulate the natural renewal process of the skin's outer layer to rebalance and bring harmony to your skin. Women are so passionate about it that they describe it as their 'holy water.' It contains over 90% pure Pitera - the seemingly magical ingredient found in all SK-II products. Skin absorbs the benefits almost on contact. The result is supple, smooth, radiant skin.


Packaging :

The essence comes with a transparent glass bottle packaging with a plastic cap. The design is very simple, sleek, and minimalist. Nothing special from the packaging, but it's simplicity makes it can be stored easily by anyone, no matter what age they are. As somehow older people tend to avoid cute packaging. Though the type of packaging can be a little messy during application because I have to pour it to get the product out

Application :

There are many ways to use SK II Facial Treatment Essence. What's written on the box is to pour some of the essence on your hand and gently pat it on your face. The SK II Staff told me to pour it on cotton pad and gently pat it. I read on the internet that you can also soak a new mask to it and use it as a mask

I mostly use the cotton pad way, cos you know, the staff told me to, so I do lol

Texture & Scent :

It has no scent at all. I smelled other SK II products and there's no scent unlike other skincare. The staff told me that it's because SK II would like to keep its natural pitera and dont want to add unnecessary ingredients. And that's really good :-o

The texture is almost like water, it's transparent and watery, and it feels a little cold when it makes contact with my skin, which I love! Living in Indonesia makes me love cold skincare sensation to freshen up my skin lol

Result :

And you really have to believe me, I really love the essence and I know why they call it as magic water, as I have never experience this kind of feeling before! When I pat the essence on my face after put my toner, my face is.. clean.. dry? o_O

I dont know how to explain, but you know that your face is wet with all the skincare products that you put onto your skin right? So I usually go around with watery shiny face after put my skincare regime. But, after I put this essence, this essence just absorbs into my skin, and makes my other skincare products absorbed together with it as well!

I seriously have no idea how it can be! I dont even..

I mean, it just leaves my face with no water or products residue, it just goes inside my skin and I can immediately feel my skin is getting moister, suppler, and finer!! And when I mean dry, it's not that dry feeling when you feel your skin is flaky and dry, what dry I mean in here is "my face is completely clean, free from products, cos the essence goes inside my face so quickly and takes the products that I use before together to work better and faster"

I told the staff about it, and then one of them showed me the real test. One hand, toner and essence. On another hand only essence. The one with toner and essence absorbed super quick and leaves my skin with clean and supple layer. While the one with essence still a little watery.

So my conclusion is, you have to put toner before this essence to make it work better and more efficient!

Cos the toner opens up the pore, and the essence closes it! I hope you understand what I am talking about, as I am super excited with how magical this essence is *__* I combine it with my BRTC Blemish Toner and put moisturizer after that

Even after the first use, I can clearly tell that this product does wonder on my skin

And after weeks, I dare to say that my skin is suppler, smoother, brighter, smaller pores, less skin problems, healthier, reduce acne scar, and so on. Not to mention it helps soothes down my skin when it has irritation or redness. Also, my skin's texture is getting better thanks to this essence. I am super impressed! :cry:



Where I Got This and Price :

I got this from SK II Indonesia, thank you so much for letting me trying this super amazing product! The price varies as it comes with other sizes as well such as 150ml and 250ml. You can visit their counter for more information. It is expensive, I know. But this is something that I will invest my money on in the future. The sensation and the result are iresistable >_<




Final Opinion :

Pros :

  • Comes with 90% Pitera

  • Absorbs quickly in to the skin

  • Can be used by every skin's type

  • Soothes and cools down skin

  • Helps reduce redness, acne scar, and irritation

  • Makes skin brighter, more radiant, and healthier

  • Improves skin's texture and quality

Cons :

  • Expensive

I am thankful that I can find and try this magic water, Facial Treatment Essence is best seller from SK II and is acknowledged by many. I also have put it on my must have skin care product cos of it's quality. Without a doubt it's a really great product. But as there goes, price for it is really expensive, but it comes with quality too >___<

Aish, if only money weren't the problem, I am sure everyone will buy it! :heart:

But if you can afford it, I really recommend you to try this product! I don't know what should I do with my skin once I run out of this product >___< Now I try to use it little by little >_< enjoying every single drop of it before it's completely gone #cheapskate XD

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. too expensive ler. cnt afford. T___T

  2. huahhh iy tuh d pikiran aku jg SKII pastti mahal2, makanya ga mau mampir k counternya >.< tunggu jd ibu2 arisan yg byk duit dulu br k sana telat ga ya? wkwk :p

  3. T________T I know it's market is for upper class leh

  4. tapi emang bagus banget sii gak boong, masalah harga aja yah :-p
    cece bukannya udah ibu-ibu ya? *kabuurrr*

  5. hey! visit you here now already. will you visit and follow mine too? it was so pleasure for me. thank you there :D

  6. wow kayaknya worth to try banget ya tel :D sebenernya aku jg punya ukuran 30ml tapi belum dipake2 takut ada bad reaction soalnya lg jerawatan huhu >.< anyway, selain ini udah pernah coba produk SK-II yg lain?

  7. aii wanna try but lower class student like me ofc can never afford ;/

  8. dont say that! We will afford it later! It's not like you cannot change your life leh :D

  9. Worth to try banget kok! Cobain deh! Ngebantu ngeredain jerawat juga sii buatku ^.^

    Iya aku udah abisin juga yang spot whitening concentratenya dan kulitku supple banget abis pake itu! :-D
    cuman sayangnya itu gambar2 ada di Hard diskku yang lama, rusak huhu T.T

  10. hai stella, aku silent reader kamu :)
    Blog kamu bagus dan ngebantu banget terutama tentang review produk2.
    Sedikit saran dariku, lebih baik kamu aplikasikan SK II ini dgn cara ditepuk2 pakai jari (seperti pakai hada labo) karena kalau pakai kapas sayang banget cairannya banyak terserap kapas.

  11. btw kamu dapet yg berapa ml yang direview ini? :) do u think you will buy the full size? hehe

  12. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT even I never try it lol :-D . Many people use this product and amazingly their skin loooks really good! I want to have baby skin like korean, I hope I can get this someday :-))

  13. Kalo aku ga ngerasa kering tapi lebih ke... Apa yah.. Mirip2 kaya pake peach sake serum-nya skinfood. Tapi aku kok ga ngerasa miracle2 amat yah.. Mungkin kurang peka kali yah... Atau tepatnya terobsesi pengen cepet keliatan hasilnya hahaha

  14. halo Reina! Makasih loh udah sering baca blogku :D
    iya akhir2 ini aku pake tangan, cuman kalo pake kapas lebih terasa aja sii emang dingin2nya, kadang2 di tangan beleberan xD tapi makasih yah tipsnya ^_^

  15. LOL Why u never try but love it! funny you hahahaha
    yeap you should try it in the future ^_^ almost everyone who have used this sworn by this product! super amazing!

  16. aku dapet yang 75ml doang :D dan nanti kalo udah banyak duit aku mau beli, tapi untuk skarang ini, makan aja masih minta mama, jadi enggak dulu :D masih banyak kebutuhan lain hehe
    yang sekarang disayang-sayang dlu ahahahaha

  17. aku sii gak pernah pake peach sake nya skinfood say, dulu pernah pake parsley gak cocok, jadinya gak brani pake skinfood lagi :D
    skincare sii emang cocok-cocokan loh, gak mungkin satu produk itu pasti cocok ke semua orang, tapi kalo aku sii ngerasa emang ini oke. terutama terasa karna kemarin2 kulitku itu lagi break out parah, dan ini ngebantu reparasi kulit ^_^

  18. ihhh enak ajaa.. aku msi muda tahu, masi imut2 gini. huahhahaah xP

  19. umur brapa ce? 29 kan XDDD *kabur*

  20. Sempet nyoba, beli yang botol gede bok **biasa, kesambet setan kalau lagi belanja =__=** dan... gak cucok T^T **nangis darah sumpeh deh** Emang bener seh kata orang, beli macem2 buat wajah tuh gak bisa liat dari review orang2, kudu pakai sendiri buat tau cocok apa gaknya, dan di kulit wajah saiah, gak cocok uhuhuhu... Sayang aja duitnya kebuang percuma, dan pada akhirnya kasih ke temen, dan WTF dia cocok =_____=;;

    Intinya, jangan pernah kapok mencoba, sapa tau dapet yang cocok. Kalau gak cocok ya anggap aja, demi mendapat kecantikan, berkorban dikit gak papa2 LOL

  21. harusnya kamu kasih aku aja mei pasti disayang deh sama aku LOL
    skincare kan emang cocok2an sii XDD dirimu gk cocoknya kenapa?

  22. dear stella,saya baru baca bloq kamu 2 hr..n saya uda beli BRTC blemish toner,sk 2 fte, n lancome genifique..mau tanya boleh?? (mudah2an d jawab ..)ritual pemakaiannya..cuci muka-toner-lancome genifique- sk 2 facial treat essence baru pelembab..betul seperti itu??? .thanks yaa

  23. hai stella, salam kenal :)
    just info, baru aja beli pitera essence set di metro, mall taman anggrek.. lbh murah dpd yg jual online lho. 1 face mask, 1 facial treatment clear lotion 40 ml, 1 facial treatment essence 75 ml (yappp! 75 ml) harganya 576 ribu ajah...

  24. hai stella, salam kenal ^^

    kemaren aku sempet ngobrak-abrik (?) beberapa olshop nya missha dan disana nemu produk dari Missha yang katanya copycat dari SK II ini dengan isi yg sama dan harga yang lebih affordable (Walaupun bagiku masih tetep mahal) boleh dong direview sedikit tentang itu dan bandingannya dengan SK II ini ^^

  25. hai Stella. saya mau tanya, apakah produk SK II ketergantungan? apakah jika berhenti memakai wajah menjadi kasar atau lainnya?

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. hai stella, salam kenal
    nice review.. :)
    muka gw tuh bruntusan jerawat kecil2, pas liat iklan tertarik tuh. apalagi baca testimoni2 yg ada.. gw udah beli fte yg 30 ml, mau coba dulu tp so far blm keliatan hasilnya... T___T mgkn krn baru seminggu kali ya?

    hai Aryani, beneran harganya segitu?
    Soalnya yg fte 75 ml aja harganya uda 900an.. (liat di ol shop)
    kok bisa murah ya? jadi mupeengg.... gw di bogor soalnya. blum ada counter SK II. jadi beli lewat online shop...

  28. stella, dan yang lain2, mau tanya dong, fte itu bagus ga yah untuk kulit oily skin..anyway harga yang benernya berapa yah, aku liat di ol shop 75ml 900an, tapi ol shop di fb yg 30ml cuma 210rb, hadeuh jadi bingung, takutnya gak asli:)

  29. unfortunately it contain paraben, for such a pricey hasn't paraben free.

  30. tadi ak sempat jg liat2 d google ttg SK II ini. ad yg jual satu paket or all product hny 500an ribu rupiah gt. jd klo qt mw tau harga normalny bgm n dmn y? tq.

  31. there's a product with paraben free n contains 90%'s more cheaper than SK II,, it's secret key ste..
    maybe someday you should try

  32. yuppaaa...aku juga udah nyobain si Secret Key ,Starting Treatment Essence pokoknya gag kalah keren deh dari si FTE ini. tapi aku mayan cocok dengan si pittera jadi make FTE n STE tetap bagus di aku..lagian si STE ini lebih murah daripada FTE..^_^

  33. Have been hearing a lot about this product, will get it after reading some user reviews on the internet.

  34. stella, ada ga sih produk kosmetik jepang di indonesia dengan harga terjangkau. beberapa tahu lalu sempet ada opera-tokyo comsetic di indonesia, tapi sudah tidak ada lagi. bisa beri saran? thanks :)

  35. Hi Stella

    Saya mau tanya kalau pake masker SK II di malam hari apakah ritual krim untuk malam (dark spots dan serum) tetap dilakukan


  36. Hi Stella and teman2 pencinta SK-II,

    Mo info nih kalau ak jual SK-II ORiginal dari luar, yang tentunya 100% asli, bukan expired, bukan reject. untuk pricing jg kita sangat2 OK dibandingkan dengan Counter price.

    Silahkan add pin : 7696d85c, untuk tanya2 pricing dan bandingkan

    100% Original, karena saya juga pemakai SK-II :D

  37. Hi Yani,

    Ak bantu reply ya.

    kalau sudah masker, tidak perlu pakai cream lagi jg gpp, karena dari masknya kan juga sdh ada vitaminnya. ^^

    Sinsin, pin 7696d85c

  38. Hi Stella, bagaimana dengan cara menaruh FTE ke botol semprot dan qt semprot langsung ke muka? ga pake kapas gt. What do u think?

  39. can you name this product please? paraben is the only reason i stay away from SK II :(

  40. (Banu jawab) It really is depends on your skin, since my skin is oily-combination and acne-prone, I always try to wipe off any excess liquid from the mask with water and pat some toner (concentrated on T-zone area). However, if you got dry skin (or no other concern) I would suggest to just finish off with the FTE (if you have it), eye cream and moisturizer. Just don't wash your face again after the mask, it would be such a waste !

  41. Hai, aku bukan stella, bantu review ya. Aku pernah nyoba FTE dari missha maupun SK II....
    DIbanding yg SK II, Aku krg cocok pake missha, langsung pipiku bruntusan jerawatan kecil2 sakit pada pemakaian awal. FYI kulitku jenisnya normal dan acne free, so it was such a hurtful experience krn bekas jerawat akibat missha nih awet berbulan2 :'(

  42. Wigati Ambar PertiwiJuly 1, 2015 at 1:02 PM

    it's secret key ste. she has mention it..