NYX Rouge Cream Blush Review and Swatch

June 06, 2012

Another product review to color up this blog. I know this blog lacks of color so let's get more colored products to face summer and have fun together wooohooo!

And what's better than go with the famous NYX Rouge Cream Blush? I've been wanting to get these babies! Especially because NYX is famous for their cheap but pigmented products! And my new sponsor, Rie Butik, is really generous to send me half of the available colors for a review purpose

You sure don't want to miss this one out :D

More delicious than peaches and cream? We like to think so. Our velvety smooth mineral Rouge Cream Blush offers a sheer wash of radiant color. The glorious payoff is dewy, sultry and long-lasting. Available in cream blush 12 shades.

Packaging :

NYX Rouge Cream Blush comes in an usual black plastic jar NYX packaging. It prefer this packaging compared to my own Canmake Cream Blush because this one looks more professional and sleek. The front packaging is also made transparent so we can know the color of the blush itself without have to open the cap. Moreover, they also print the number and the name of the blush, yet put information the ingredients there


Application :

You can apply this by using your fingers, or with a stippling brush. If you use fingers, Take an appropriate amount and make a dot on the apples of your cheek, like 3-4 dots, then blend it! Also you can use duo fibre/stippling brush for more natural result, just dip the brush on the product, pat it on the back of your hand, and gently pat it on your cheeks

For more long lasting finish, you can set it with powder blush on top! Also, this cream blush is buildable, so you can always put more layer to achieve bolder color

Colors :

NYX Rouge Cream Blush comes in 12 different shades and I must say that it's quite a wide color selection to choose from. I dont know why but they don't carry number 4, so the numbers are up to 13, but no 4 is skipped :0

I'm lucky enough to be able to get half of them, so here are some of the colors that catch my attention :

CB01 Rose Petal

A neutral nude pink, with a hint of coral. I'd say that this is the safest and the most natural color among my collection, it gives a rosy healthy cheek


CB05 Glow

A neutral warm medium pink. This shade is really popular and many has reviewed it before. It's slightly darker than CB01, and compliments medium skin tone color nicely.


CB07 Red Cheeks

This bright red blush is really red! If you're a make up junkie and would love the blush to be the attention, go for this one. Especially for those with fair skin tone who wants to enhance the cheek, be a snow white with this! Super difficult and rare to find this kind of color for cream blush


CB08 Hot Pink

A cool tone hot pink color, reminding me of barbie look! This hot pink color is super fun to use. The color is bold like CB07, so be careful


CB09 Orange

I don't know why but I am interested with tangerine-orange color lately, and this orange blush is just so cute! Not so many stores sell this color, and it's really bright and fun! Perfect for summer!


CB13 Tickled

A peachy pink color with a hint of gold shimmer. It is the sheerest one compared to the others, and I think that this one a good dupe for NARS Orgasm


Texture :

I really praise the texture, it's amazingly really really creamy and smooth! Also it's really pigmented, the colors show up really nice, so I don't have to use a lot or put pressures when blending them. It blends beautifully on my cheek, gives it dewy radiant finish. Also, they last for a really long time! So much love :heart:


Swatch :



From Left to Right = CB01 Rose Petal, CB05 Glow, CB07 Red Cheek, CB08 Hot Pink, CB09 Orange, CB13 Tickled

Top : Without Flash . Bottom : With Flash




From Left to Right = CB01 Rose Petal, CB05 Glow, CB07 Red Cheek, CB08 Hot Pink, CB09 Orange, CB13 Tickled

Top : Without Flash . Bottom : With Flash


As you guys can see that the colors are really pigmented, blended easily, and so vivid! I can't believe to get this kind of result from cheap products! :-o After trying this, I am not sure whether I will buy Canmake Cream Blush any longer because this is far better in my opinion!



Where I Got This and Price :

NYX is very accessible because it has a lot of stores worldwide, but the price on the counter in Indonesia is quite expensive. That's why there are a lot of online shops sell it. Be careful, avoid fake and untrusted sellers dear :)

As for me, I got mine from Rie Butik, a trusted online shop based in Indonesia. Price for each cream blush is only Rp 78.000, and I think that it's pretty affordable! The retail price on the US is USD 6.75 so I think the price is super fair already

If you're interested you can buy from them through pre order HERE, and mention Code STL6RIE to get 6% discount for min purchase Rp 100.000





Final Opinion :

Pros :

  • Affordable

  • Creamy texture

  • Blends easily, and glides really smooth

  • Very pigmented

  • Comes in 12 colors to choose from

  • Long lasting

  • Accessible for everyone

  • Can be used for cheek and lips

Cons :

  • N/A

I can't find what's wrong with this product, honestly . . .

Some people said that it didn't last long for them, but lemme tell you a secret, when I swatched the product, I quickly and half-heartedly cleaned it with cleansing oil because I had to finish my assignment, then in the morning when I looked at my wrist, it's still there! :-o :-o :-o

So I really don't see any point why it's not long lasting . .

Also it's affordable, comes in many colors, super creamy and easy to use, and can be used for lips also because of its consistency! Max awesome, tell you

This is one of my rarest review where I cannot find the flaw of a product, and I am glad that I am able to try and share this with you

Go ahead and try this stuff, because I am super pleased with it :) I know MAC and Illamasqua also carry good pigmented cream blush, but NYX offers better price, it wont hurt your pocket so seriously, give it a try! :)

What's your most favorite color from this collection? I love the Red Cheek! Will play and create a fantasy make up with it probably in the future! :D

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