Guess 30th Sexy Year Anniversary Party

June 05, 2012

Guess collaborates with Revlon, creates an awesome party for almost a week at Senayan City last May ! For many years, Guess has provided and served us with their awesome fashion, and great quality! And right now, nobody doesn't know Guess. Guess is famously known for their denim, and I own some of their collections, mostly are their bags and purses. So I am really honored to be invited to their event, twice in a row! :D

Read more to see how it is possible :)

Blogger event was on Saturday19th May, but the Revlon team asked me to come first for the celebrity party on the Thursday. As I didn't want to come alone, I asked some blogger friends of mine to accompany me. As Gabby and I are studying in same university, and our home is quite near, so I forced her to come along with me. Then Franky's home is not far away from our uni so me and Gabby wanted to get our make up and hair done by him! See how gorgeous we look!! Franky's hands are awesome and so skillful la! Gabby was so pretty that night! :D

the traffic was super horrible at that time, so we had time to camwhore

Upon arriving, I was mesmerized by their collections that were featured there. It's casual, yet trendy, and wearable! And the style was really, "GUESS" :D I am in love with their heels more!

When then gathered with Stephanie there, she went straight to the party from her office! And everyone brought their DSLR :O but it's too heavy for me to bring it for party so I just bring the digicam ._.)\

I want to enjoy the party . . and drink more martinis 8//D

Their white chocolate martini was absolutely heavenly.. I drank a lot 8//D

That night, the hall was packed with so many socialites and celebrities, the party was private and unless you have invitation, you can't enter the crowd :o I feel so special for being able to go there! And guess what, I also met my auntie there!! :o Ugh okay she's a socialite so no wonder, but still shocked! Hahahahaa! I dont take pic with her coz she's with her friends are busy watching the fashions show

Fashion show?

Yes! The main purpose for the party is for us to enjoy the fashion show, as well as GUESS shows off their latest collection which will be sold at GUESS counters!

Here are some of it =

The crowd was getting hotter when Dewi Sandra performed some hot songs :D

Also there was some door prize as well!! :heart:

And guess what, I also shamelessly took photos with some artists that I know! LOL You can't get it from usual blogger party, can you?

With Bunga Citra Lestari and her husband, Ashraf Sinclair

With Ari Wibowo, MAX HANDSOME in real!

Ce Stephanie was his big fan and she was blushing a lot at that night, and even asked his autograph LOLOL I kept laughing seeing her being so cute. Well, If I met HYDE probably I would do the same sih :b

Also with Ferry Salim! My mom is his big fan, and I love his style too

Must take photo with him to make mom jealous of me hahaha

There are other celebs also but I don't really follow Indo entertainments so yeah (/._.)/

pic from Stephanie





On the saturday, me, gabby, and endy,, went to Emporium Mall plus for lunch, also I wanted to meet Toru-san who came from Japan! He bought omiyage for me :heart: some japanese magazines! He also did my make up at that time :D

Then we headed to Senayan to join the blogger party :)

The event at that day is more for public event, and there were some booths sponsored by revlon so people there could get free make over and free nail arts!

And the main event at that time is the styling competition! :o

At that time we met with a few bloggers whom we never met before, such as Vheii and Rini, there are other bloggers coming as well but don't snap pics together with my cam :x

I had no idea before the MC mentioned it but I wanted the prize and it looked so fun so I decided to join and forced Silke and Bella to join with me!And because I joined the contest, I didn't take photos of myself because it's so rushed >_<; so here are photos taken by Stephanie as well

Grabbing some items provided by Guess, the leopard shoes is mineeeeee~~~ Quickly grabbed it before everyone snatched LOL

Then quickly snapped photos, the bloggers wanna take photos as well as media, only got like 2 minutes to do so and walked on the catwalk wtf

In the end I didn't win, but Bella won! :D It's okay I had fun! :D

Then we headed for dinner together with the other bloggers. The party was so much fun and I had a really great time!

Thank you for Guess and Revlon Indonesia for the party! Thank you for inviting us and we hope and believe you would do better in the future! :D

See you guys on the next event

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  1. aaah mata gw paling kecil :p
    *komen ga penting
    *ditendang kluar lol

    jadi ketagihan ketemu anak IBB n experience new event :inlove:

  2. Mata gw meremmmmmm.... *bite youuu*... hahahaha

  3. hahaha ayo aktif di grup, ntar kalo ada lagi kan bisa diundang-undang :D

  4. kak mintak nama twitter atau pin om ari wibowo donk