Ganguro Make Up Tutorial

June 10, 2012

Yo All! Wazzupppp!!!



Calm down guys, you're not coming to wrong website

This is really stella lee's blog, and I was trying out Ganguro make up look lol

Have you ever heard of Ganguro before?

Ganguro was a style that was popular in Japan in late 90's, the style was against Japanese view towards women's beauty, with black hair and white skin. The style was inspired by Californian girl, but Ganguro was made more extreme

Nowadays, hardly any Ganguro left, I made this tutorial for fun and respect for Japanese girls who rocked this look back then. I think they're really brave to do this make up and head out. I feel that I can't rock this look outside my home because I cant stand the look of people looking at me

I always wanted to try this look once, finally I tried it! But I don't think I will do this make up again in the future haha
I hoped that this video was fun and easy to follow. If you're inspired to do the look as well, please do so and leave video response! ^.^


Products used :
L'Oreal Base Magique Primer
PAC Creamy Foundation in #10
NARS Loose Powder in Eden
NYX Jumbo Eyeliner in Milk
Revlon Colorstay 16th Hour Eyeshadow in Enchanted
K-Palette and Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner
Random China False Eyelashes


I had a great time doing this video lol Thank you Vannie for helping me recording the tutorial! Sorry for troubling you coming to my home haha

My parents were shocked when they entered my room and saw me like this. Well . .  I would get heart attack too if I were them, probably LOL

And this make up is not made to look pretty, no. If you dont know what ganguro is, google is your best friend! :D

But anyway, I feel mission accomplished for trying this make up once. LOL

How about you? Dare to do it or not??

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