Permanent Hair Removal With ZAP

July 27, 2012


 Honestly speaking, I have done several times of IPL Hair treatment with other beauty clinics before ZAP. Two beauty clinics, Coslab and De Paras, which are pretty close with my home.. Calculating, it's about 12-13 times, but no result wtf

And when I complained about it, they said that it's probably because of my hormone and the hair growth is different for everyone. I have paid by myself and it's not cheap either.. It's really one of the biggest issues of my body :x because, seriously? I am okay with arm and legs hair, but obviously hate underarm hair la -_-" I believe it goes same for you

So when ZAP told me that they'd like to offer me their service to try, Actually I have heard about them a few times before. I was about to reject the offer. But because I wouldn't know if I didn't try, so yeah.. it's my last chance to give it a go..

 The ZAP building is very comfy and minimalist, the interior is really simple yet feels like at home. They have 2 floors and on the first floor it's their cafe that's functionally used as waiting room for those who wait for the customers doing treatments. While when we moved upside, we're able to see the receptionist table and an alley that leads to room treatment

the usage of a lot of mirrors in their interior, makes the room look appear wider and more spacious! Also it's good for camwhoring!! 8D

And the staff will basically give us basic knowledge before the treatment, she's talking about our hair body and how ZAP treats it to prevent it growing back :)

And so here's the room treatment. Pretty cozy and nice leh! Also, you cannot see, but if you lay down, there's LCD TV on the ceiling , so when you look straight up , you will be able to watch TV while having your hair treated! :o

So I made a video about how the treatment works! Douzo~

I got my under leg and armpit treated!

I am someone who cannot tolerate pain in fact. I even believe since I was on 5th grade if I give a birth, I will do it inside water cos it's less painful wtf. But the pain is really bearable, it feels like bitten by an ant but it goes really fast!

Probably because i have done it like 13 times already, so I feel that it's ok!

The staffs are also very thoughtful and check about my body a few times, asking whether it's too painful or too light, and so arrange the light according to my own needs. 

I love the service, and I love the interior!

But for the result, I have to wait like 2 weeks after the treatment to see how it goes. They say that some of the hairs will fall off by itself because there's no roots anymore. Buttttt, some still grow, but slower. That's why a few treatments are needed, but it depends. Some may need 2-3 treatments, some 5-6...

I still need to come back a few times again before my body hairs completely removed. I hope it will work on me. If not, I dunno what to do anymore T_____T

Anyway, are you interested to try their service as well? I will be doing a giveaway and the prize will be voucher to try their service! Please look forward for it ^.^

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