Poke Sushi Restaurant Review

July 24, 2012

 If you followed me on Twitter, you must have known that last week I went to Poke Sushi at Crowne Plaza for lunch with my friends. Okay I sound so rich wtf, but in fact I went there cos there's all you can eat sushi for 50% with BCA Credit Card in July! [the promotion's changed every month] and I really want to try cos many people said that their salmon is soooooo yummy

I am a big fan of salmon! But cos it's so expensive for ala carte, I always prevent myself eating it at restaurant :x I eat a lot in fact, really. That's why I wanna try their all you can eat! :D

 the entrance gate of poke sushi restaurant in Crowne Plaza

I took my FOTD on my apartment's lift to check my phone's camera. I wore loose shirt cos I didnt want people to see how big my tummy would be after eating lol Super simple outfits la. And then I just notice how skinny my legs are :x Not trying to show off or what wtf, I always thought that my legs are huge leh! I think I lost some weight?

Doesn't matter, will earn more weight after lunch! LOL

anyway, all the photos are taken by my phone, cos I am too lazy to charge my digicam wtf

Patrick picked me and the others up with his car, I told him to let me drive his car instead but everyone screamed horribly -_-" everyone always say I am a bad driver, also I am quick tempered so it's really dangerous o.O;

 Arrived at the restaurant! When we came there, it's still quiet. But when lunch time arrives, the restaurant is really crowd and full! o.o The lighting inside is quite low, so not that good to take pic but if you want to come to enjoy dinner with your loved one, it may be good

 Patrick, Billy, and Riko

Me and Brenda!

Girls always look much better and refined on camera compared to boys, right? lol I guess it's cos we mostly, female, camwhore a lot XD

I sat near the stall of sushi maker. There's mini bar where you can sit in front of them but I wanted to talk a lot with my friends so I chose not to

We ordered appetizers first and  I just pointed at everything and didn't even remember what I ordered wtf. Doesn't matter, have food! lol

chawanmushi! Inside it has quite a lot of ingredients such as crabstick and so on, very fluffy and smooth! melts inside my mouth! the dashi is warm and very tasty!

Ordered like dozens of sashimi appetizers, including salmon, tuna, and crabstick!
The fishes are so thick and so fresh, also it's just tooooo yummy and easy to chew T.T I didn't like tuna but this one is so fresh so I ate it a lot instead of the salmon. Omg my mouth is watery again, now i wanna go back!!!

The salmon . . errr.. what. . . . just, tasty lol

Salmon's grilled skin! I didn't try this cos my friends ate it T.T so I gave up and ate the raw fish instead

The jellyfish!

 Tempura!! The sauce isn't that salty, i wish it has more taste. But the shrimp is absolutely soft and the skin is crispy and isn't made by a lot of flour!

Salmon's Head!! Cooked with.. what sauce, I dunno lol #fail
At first the boys were like "ewww I dont eat head!!" then I was like "okay I will eat it" then I smiled so happily cos it's just so tasty! The sauce is indescribable, I dont even . . .

Seeing my happy face, they became curious so they gave it a try, and they ended up liking it and ate a lot LOL 

Grilled Salmon's Head. It's tasty, but cos it came after the above one, we didn't really care about it. Poor you lol

So we came to the sushi part!

 Unagi, Salmon, Tuna, Crabstick.. I ate ALL of them, but I spitted one sushi cos it contains wasabi wtf. I can't eat spicy food T___T Dont worry I spitted it on the tissue la! Then I hide it near some left over, cos they charge you if you don't finish it, but it's just . . .  ughh lol
I hope none of you will tell it to them! XDDD

One thing that I hate is the service is reallllllyyyyyyyyy slowwwwwww!! They should hire more workers la! 
I waited like 30 minutes for my food, then I got mad and asked where it was, then the staff told me that they didnt receive the order =_=
So I had to re-order, then it came out pretty slowwwwwww!!!

We ate a lot of foods, we could order some rice bowl and main course such as grilled salmon and such, but as it comes with rice, we decided to not get it. Simply because it will make us full easily lol

Here are just some of the foods that we had, probably less than 1/3 of what we ate, not to mention we did repeat order on some delicious menus! Told you, I ate a lot lol

We ate until the order box became full with our order ticket wtf lol I found the staffs are somehow quite rude cos we ate a lot. Some aunties came and ate light, and they served it with smile. While when we stepped out, my friends didn't receive even a single thanks from the staffs. Okay I receive one from one staff, but that's it :x

I think they should get a better proper lesson to treat guests.. I mean, I eat a lot, but I pay! And it's not that cheap either

Rp 195.000 for 1 person + PPN & Service 21%. Sure Got 50% discount, but I still have to pay Rp 140.000 for myself! 

I didn't order drink because I didn't want to be full with water, so I just sipped some of Brenda's ocha, justtt a littleeeee~ 
The ocha is refillable and each bottle costs like Rp 15.000, but as it's 21% additional price, it becomes like Rp 20.000 right? 

I thought that I didn't need to order la. But in the end they charged me and Patrick who didn't order ocha! -___- And we didnt notice it until we paid either -___-" bad us bad us -____-"

I dont know whether I will visit Poke Sushi again. Simply cos the service quality is relatively low, although the foods are amazing! If you happen to live in Jakarta or visiting, you may try it. But I warn you about the staffs, ok?

Check again your bill before you pay~

Last picture of me, I was waiting Brenda on the toilet so I decided to camwhore lol Super light make up la. I only wore mascara for eye make up but it's unnoticeable right lol

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  1. what a cheapskate ah u?
    didn't even want to order drinks for a measly 15rb rupiah...