Baby Color Summer Doll Circle Lenses in Chocolate Review

July 03, 2012

I got a pair of Baby Color Summer Doll from my sponsor, Tomato Online Shop . She sent it to me as a surprise gift so I didn't know about it before. I got the one in chocolate. Baby Color Summer Doll lenses are said to be perfect for summer. Yeap, summer is here everyone! But in Indonesia it's summer everyday so not a difference lol

Specification :
diameter 19.80mm
B.C. 8.60
water content 48%
duration : 3 - 6 month

Brand : Baby Color Origin : Japan

The diameter is super huge! 19.80mm!!! O___O Gigantic lenses!!

What I dont like is the pattern is too flat for me. I saw the promotional pictures and see that the chocolate and the black one are in boring flat patterns, while the other colors are in different patterns. I was quite disappointed to not get those instead lol

Because . . .  see =

without lenses

with lenses



Do you see how boring, flat, and dead my eye is? :-/ To be honest I didn't like it.. i am sure other patterns and colors from this line is far better in giving your eyes more dolly shiny eyes look. But this one, is just not for me :-x

Also because it's too big, my eyes get tired easily and I get sleepy most of the times cos of it. Since water content is pretty high, it's still moisturizing, but it doesn't help cos of the gigantic diameter @____@;

here's a picture of me wearing the lens on GUESS Event. Make Up & Hair Do Courtesy by Franky Wu, my bestie :heart:

With price of Rp135.000 you can own this lens by purchasing it at TomatoOnShop. I do not recommend you to pick this pattern. there is another pattern with 5 colors to choose from from this line, so go for it instead. If you love big lenses, you will love it.. But I stick to my 15mm lenses mostly ^.^ I love my barbie eye the most recently haha

What's your favorite lenses? :)

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  1. i love freshkon lens! they are comfortable and very natural on the eyes! :-D

  2. I agree how the lenses look flat haha I just ordered for the green ones and looked up for reviews but cannot find any >.< is it comfortable?

  3. Is it?? i never tried it cos i dont really like the pattern T_T

  4. it's so-so for comfort, it's because it's too big so my eyes get tired easily T____T
    i think the green one isn't flat unlike the chocolate, simply because it has better pattern ^_^

  5. ga tlalu kliatan yaa cee warna ny :D tapi itu bnran 19,8mm cee? kyk ukuran 15mm kl d pke d mata... :D

  6. iya say warnanya coklat tua sii jadi hasilnya natural2 gitu :)

  7. Even though the diameter is 19.8 mm (almost 2cm right...?), it didnt really have an enlarging effect....
    But Stella,they look really natural in photos. How about in real life?

  8. soflennya...dpke 1bln udh gk enk....
    mata gw jd perih iritasi

  9. i dont like it either :(