Baby Color Summer Doll Circle Lenses in Chocolate Review

July 03, 2012

I got a pair of Baby Color Summer Doll from my sponsor, Tomato Online Shop . She sent it to me as a surprise gift so I didn't know about it before. I got the one in chocolate. Baby Color Summer Doll lenses are said to be perfect for summer. Yeap, summer is here everyone! But in Indonesia it's summer everyday so not a difference lol

Specification :
diameter 19.80mm
B.C. 8.60
water content 48%
duration : 3 - 6 month

Brand : Baby Color Origin : Japan

The diameter is super huge! 19.80mm!!! O___O Gigantic lenses!!

What I dont like is the pattern is too flat for me. I saw the promotional pictures and see that the chocolate and the black one are in boring flat patterns, while the other colors are in different patterns. I was quite disappointed to not get those instead lol

Because . . .  see =

without lenses

with lenses



Do you see how boring, flat, and dead my eye is? :-/ To be honest I didn't like it.. i am sure other patterns and colors from this line is far better in giving your eyes more dolly shiny eyes look. But this one, is just not for me :-x

Also because it's too big, my eyes get tired easily and I get sleepy most of the times cos of it. Since water content is pretty high, it's still moisturizing, but it doesn't help cos of the gigantic diameter @____@;

here's a picture of me wearing the lens on GUESS Event. Make Up & Hair Do Courtesy by Franky Wu, my bestie :heart:

With price of Rp135.000 you can own this lens by purchasing it at TomatoOnShop. I do not recommend you to pick this pattern. there is another pattern with 5 colors to choose from from this line, so go for it instead. If you love big lenses, you will love it.. But I stick to my 15mm lenses mostly ^.^ I love my barbie eye the most recently haha

What's your favorite lenses? :)

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