ROC Soleil Protection Face Quenching Cream SPF 50+ Review

July 11, 2012

 I have to admit that I used to not wear sunblock wherever I went outside or went to school. But now I think about it and I am super horrified because in fact it's the most essential thing to do as a human!

UV rays is very dangerous for your skin and pretty harmful. It can cause a lot of skin problems such as freckles, wrinkles, dark spots, even cancer #darkface 

And I never want to leave my home without sunblock again!! I realize I have committed sin to my own skin wtf TxT

So I've been diligently put either sunblock or BB Cream. And here's one of the sunblocks that I use, ROC one! Shall we see?

 Descriptions : 

This nourishing sun protection cream from RoC® with SPF 50+ ensures:
1. Very high sun protection: Upon application, its combination of high performance anti-UVA and UVB filters protects skin from sun-induced damage.
2. Hydrating action: Hyaluronic Acid, an effective, thirst-quenching molecule helps your skin to attract the water it needs to remain hydrated and leaves a delicate, velvety feeling to the skin.

Packaging :

Comes in easy to use squeeze tube makes it practically very efficient for me. The packaging is made from plastic so worry not about broken product! Also the color is really eye catching! Orange! o.o

So of course can find it super easy among any other products when you're in rush. Ugh you're unlike met? #okay 

Things to Highlight : 

It has powerful combination of anti-UVA and UVB filters protects skin from sun-induced damage during sun exposure. Sometimes some sunblocks only provide UVA, some only UVB, but in fact both protections are needed!

Also it has hyaluronic Acid ingredients, a moisturiser that is naturally found in the skin, hydrates the skin for 24 hours. So this sunblock is pretty moisturizing!

Texture & Scent :

This sunblock surprisingly has very light scent and it doesn't feel greasy at all on my face. It blends really well and goes on really smooth, moisturizing and soothing my skin. I get a little whitecast for a moment but after a few moments it blends into my natural skin color already

The skin feels a little suppler and healthier because of its ingredients, I love Hyaluronic Acid, don't you? If you've ever heard about the amazing Hada Labo, their main ingredient is HA too! that's why the skin is sooooooo moisturized almost like marshmallow lol

Result : 

What I like about this product is that this sunblock doesn't make my face oily although it provides moisturizing effect. I usually re-apply this sunblock after 3 hours [when I remember duh >_<; ], to make sure my skin is protected lol

Another good thing about this sunblock is that it can be re-applied on your make up without ruin it! :o
So rest assured for those make up junkies xD but just make sure you apply it with clean hand so you wont transfer any bacteria to your face ^_^

Where I Got This & Price :

I got this from ROC and their counters are pretty available in watsons or some SOGO's department stores. Price for 50ml is Rp 260.000 which I have to say quite expensive :/

But if you're someone who doesn't mind to pay more to get your skin high protection from UV Rays, you may want to go for this one

Final Opinion : 

Pros : 
  • Contains Hyaluronic Acid, pretty moisturizing on skin
  • Has SPF 50+, UVA UVB protections
  • Hygiene and efficient packaging
  • Has relaxing light scent
  • Goes on smooth and easy to blend
  • Gives good oil control

Cons : 
  • Expensive
  • Only contains 50ml

Some people may opt for BB Cream with this price but please keep in mind that BB Creams sometimes don't have as many protections as sunblocks. But if I happen to have BB Cream that contains all these points, I may convert because I prefer efficiency lol

I sometimes use BB Cream when I want to have coverage on face, but when my skin is in normal mode, I prefer to use sunblock only to let it breathe.. So yes, it's up to you again to purchase a separate sunblock or not :D

But I warn you once again, please always use sunblock everyday, girls! :)

Happy summer~~ XD

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  1. sounds really nice! :) but it's too pricey >_<

  2. I agree :( i wish they'd reduce the price lol

  3. Hai, I think when you apply SPF 50, you don't need to re apply the sunblock, cause it will protects you more than 8 hours.

  4. is it?? o.o so the bigger the spf, the longer its protection??

  5. Aku breakout loh pake sunblock ini.hiks...
    kamu ga breakout, dear?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.