Moved to Blogspot!

July 08, 2012

Yes, FINALLY!!!!

I havent owned a blog on blogspot for years! But I am super fed up with !
Not only because they require me to pay some ridiculous amount monthly to make it works, the server goes down so often because it excessed bandwidth limit as it's too busy, therefore I have to pay more money to fix it! It's okay if I pay but I will receive great result, but no, every things that I owned on wordpress can easily be retrieved on blogspot! Moreover, blogspot also offers Google Friend Connect!

I know my wordpress used to own it too, after all I paid for that service,  but since March/May this year, they totally banish it and it seriously disappointed me!!! >___<''

Many, many people told me to move to blogspot, but it's really difficult decision in fact

I worry about my blog on search engine. Move to a new blog, is like move to a new house, it's really a hassle. My blog used to be on google top list when people search for a review, and therefore I receive 20-30% statistic from it. But right now I will be deleting it, and this one is new, and so it won't appear on google anymore, duh -___-" it takes time till google publishes my site.. But I hope people who follow my twitter and like my facebook fan page will be notified by this change

But the great news is, I dont have to pay for hosting [only domain], and I dont have to worry about down site nor google friend connect, and I wont hear any complain from everyone when they cannot access my blog that hurts my heart lol
It's really simple and easy to use . . .

So for those of you who are still using wordpress for blogging platform
I really suggest you to move to blogspot, really :x

Also what's the upside down point is, that I cannot use my old mails anymore, because it comes with the hosting, which are and so on. So if any of you are company representatives or anyone who would like to mail me, please send your mail to stellalee[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]id instead ^_____^

I have a lot of posts coming up. Recently I've also been thinking to not only blog about make up, I want to blog about my daily life and fashion more. I know I also blog about it but it's relatively less than beauty for sure. Will you guys like it?

And I really want to buy a new phone because my last one is kinda broken, it cannot detect sim card that well :x and i also lost my blackberry blah. So I think of, buying a new one. But I don't know which one I should buy, Samsung Galaxy S III or Iphone 4S. And since I am just a poor student so I will just pay monthly for it and work hard to finish the debt, unless someone is kind enough to sponsor me it LOL just kidding~ but seriously #pokerface

What I love the most about them is their camera quality is really fine, and I think it helps me to blog about my daily life or event easier. Of course I will still do product reviews with my DSLR because the quality is much better, I'd like to provide the best. But for casual post, I think using a smart phone is much better cos it's faster and more efficient, right?

Which one do you think I should buy ? >___<

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  1. hehe am using blogspot too :P ..
    waves waves waves!

  2. hai stella, akhirnya pindah ke blogspot ya ^^
    aku uda follow kamu, hehe :)
    hmm, km beli samsung galaxy aja stel, tmn aku byk yg pk mreka lebi suka itu dibanding iphone.

  3. I'm here using blogspot too! Hi there :D

  4. Iphone 4s? ;)

    anyway, i always like blogspot better than wordpress for some reason. glad to see you in blogspot world. welcome stella!

  5. coba HTC aja ^^ kualitas gbrnya katanya lebih oke dari iphone 4s. hrg sktr 6 juta tapi uda 30giga tapi ya gt casingnya kurang oke ^^

  6. Yay! Welcome to Blogspot, Stella! (Now I can follow you on GFC, haha!)
    I'm using the 4S right now, but the S3 definitely has better camera, so if you're looking to take good pics on the go, might as well get the S3. Just my 2 cents. :)

  7. did u? I always thought you use wordpress!! hahaha

  8. makasih ya sayangg T___T <3 :-*

    woah... is it? kenapa pada lebih suka itu, via? ak masih bingung >___<

  9. woah ginny i didnt know u do! haha thank you

  10. yea but i was really stucked with wordpress, i cant take it anymore though haha
    thank you for your warm welcome, yoannita ^_^

  11. ang gmau htc T.T mau either samsung or iphone *ditabok*
    karna gmana yah, menang brand sii, htc harganya pun udah smahal mereka >_<;

  12. thank you so much laura! T_T <3

    oh really? I thought they have same pixels, 8mp? :O why is it better?? might you tell me more? ^_^ thank you

  13. I'm not quite sure, but i think the S3 front camera is 1.3pixels compared to the 4S front camera, which is only VGA. However, I think the 4S main camera works better in low light conditions. :D Maybe you can look for reviews/comparisons online? :D That's what I usually do before buying gadgets, hehe

  14. Heee?? Iphone's front camera is only VGA? I just knew that o.o cos I took photos a few times with my friends' iphone's front camera and it turns out quite good lol

    yea ive been reading the comparisons too! there are tons of blogs who review them. really helpful! bloggers are awesome lol

  15. sama2 <3
    mreka sih blg kamera samsung lebi bagus dibanding iphone trus mau browsing jg cepat gak pk lelet stel ^_^

  16. welcome to the club stella ^^

  17. wah pada banyak pro samsung yah. skarang aku jadi 75 : 25 untuk samsung nih jadinya hehe. kan yang penting kameranya lol~ *narsis*

  18. Doakan gw cepet jadi desaigner handal ya stel, gw sponsorin fashion u daah hahaha!

  19. Use s3 Stella~! Personally I like 4s, but after tried s3 I love the camera even more! :D

  20. wow so many raves about s3 camera!! >_<

  21. hi ci! beli s3 aja!! kameranya lebih bagus lho! hehehe :)

  22. hi ce stella! I tried to access and was surprised that your blog has moved here :P blogspot is really great & easy to use.

    I own s3 and iPhone 4s, and iPhone 4s is better for me. easier to use, less complicated, lots of great apps to edit pics, and i can take pics like a pro using my 4s ;)

    s3 sih okay, tapi dia android :P

  23. Hi.. Aq pake iphone 4s
    Sjauh ini puas stell hasil fotonya.
    Ada auto fokus :) jernih pula dan terang.
    Kalo ama dslr pasti bagusan dslr, scara ada diafragma, zooming,dll
    Oh ya iphone juga ada zoom. Cm kl ud zoom ga gt bgs hasilnya..
    Vote untuk iphne 4s

  24. Oh ya yg seru lg iphone ada imessages. Jd sesama pengguna iphone bs chat ky bbm. Dan rata rata di iphone 4s baru, ipada, ipouch ud terinstall. Kl blm bs install.
    Jadi ipad, ipod, ipone bs chat kaya bbm
    Enaknya ga lelet, dan ga kaya bbm, bs lola dan ngehang.
    Ga ada ping. Jd chat ga keganggu dengan ping orang.
    Bs kirim foto, tetep! Dan banyak emoticon lucu. Hehehe
    Cm keterbatasan ipone, ga bs upload,dll dr browser, harus dr program dia sendiri dr Dan untuk kita para bloggers. Mau review dr ipone, ipad susah...
    Dr program dia, kl upload foto, jdnya ngacak. Dari browser ga bs upload, n kluar format html
    Kalo samsung galaxy, aq pernah coba agak lola. Cm gtw kedalam2nya gmn.
    Smg membantu..

  25. hello dear, thank you so much for your awesome comment! i've made my decision last week between iphone and s3. kalo aku siiii..... hahaha liat ntar yah aku pasti blog :3

    but thanks a lot for ur loving comment <3 *HUGS*