Coverderm Classic Waterproof Concealing Foundation Review

July 29, 2012

 I always want to have great high coverage foundation. Because my skin has a lot of imperfections. Acne scar, pores, uneven skin tone, and others -_-" But I mostly use DSLR so my imperfections are seen easily.. Therefore a great quality high coverage foundation has been a list to get for myself

Then one day, Coverderm contacted me and they said that they'd like to make an event for Beauty Bloggers ^.^ I attended the event, and received a full size to try! Their foundation claims to be able to cover even birthmark or burn mark! o.o I saw the proof in front of my eyes! So I was really excited to try it on my face!!

Beware leh, foundation review always have my bare face, you will not recognize me lol

Description : 

Perfectly conceal any skin imperfection with this maximum coverage foundation. It is ideal to cover even the most intense discoloration and even out irregular skin surfaces like scars and burns. Hypoallergenic formula covers flawlessly without that caked-on look. Lasts up to 24 hours, with SPF 30.

 Packaging : 

With a leaf shape glass packaging in jar, it makes the packaging of this product looks classy and expensive, right? lol But to be honest it looks kinda cheap and old-school for me. I think it's because of the usage of its color, a kinda orange-beige color ? D: If they go with black, I believe it will be better!!

Because it's a cream foundation, it's supposed to be put inside a jar or a pan because of it's texture. A spatula and triangle sponge are included inside the box. I really recommend you to scoop out the product using the spatula in order to not transfer bacteria from your hands into the foundation

Texture & Application :

 I find the texture of this foundation is somewhat a little bit difficult to blend. Especially using finger and foundation brush. A damp sponge is the best way, and you can use the provided brush to apply this foundation. I usually pour some mineral water or toner on the sponge, scoop out the foundation and dab it on my face, then blend it right away with the sponge

Although I thought it would be heavy, but in fact it's pretty light when you wear it on face!! o.O I almost feel nothing and somewhat forget that I have foundation on! Even sometimes BB Cream gives you feeling that you have something on you face, but this one blends really natural on skin!! Tell you again, I feel almost nothing on my face!!


 I am surprised because despite it's creamy texture and high coverage, it doesn't feel thick at all on the face! Love love!! I got my foundation in shade 14, with yellow undertone. There are about 12 or 14 shades available in Indonesia if I am not mistaken, you may visit their counter to check which shade is suit for your own skin ^^

This foundation is buildable, the key is to set each layer with loose powder. It's buildable up to 5 layers!! And it doesn't crack or go too cakey either! Awesome!

Before & After - Result : 

left pictures : without Coverderm
right pictures : with Coverderm

you may click the pictures to see it better ^^

As you can see that the after result is really amazing! I only put one layer, and it's even without primer, but it can cover my imperfections such as uneven skin tone, acne scar, redness, and such really great and natural!!! ^____^

I love how it matches my skin tone perfectly as well as giving me a really good coverage. Unfortunately the oil control isn't that great, I see that my T-Zone goes shiny after 3 hours. You need touch up, obviously

But the staying power is provable! As for waterproof, I dont use this on swimming pool so I don't know lol because i dont wear make up on beach or pool la lol But since it's resistant to my sweat in humid jakarta, I think it does a great job!!

Final Opinion :

Pros : 
  • High coverage, cover skin imperfections really well
  • Light-weight
  • Buildable up to 5 times
  • Doesn't go cakey
  • Great staying power
  • Waterproof
  • Gives natural flawless result

Cons :
  • Old-school packaging's color; make the packaging looks cheap
  • A little bit difficult to blend; tricky
  • Goes oily after a few hours
  • Expensive

Overall I am impressed by this foundation. It's probably the best foundation to cover my imperfection that I have ever tried so far, without making my face looks cakey!

I don't remember the price but it's about Rp 400.000 - Rp 500.000.. ? Quite expensive I must say, but if you'd like to invest more on foundation because you have a lot of imperfections to cover up, this is the best option to go with!

You can see the proof from my pictures la XDDD Though I dont like the packaging, but the result is super awesome! I wish they'd improve their packaging to something more.. elegant? lol

Have you ever tried it ? What do you think about this product? ^.^

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  1. i never tried this. i like how it does to your skin. looks super smooth and flawless!

  2. hi stell. kelihatannya bgs ya.. tp benar ya packagingnya LOL ga nahan
    kaya jaman emak emak pny foundie

  3. wow your skin looks so flawless ^^ really a good foundation!

  4. Wow, it really does have great coverage! But i dislike face products in pots because it's much more messy. >_<

  5. yeap it goes on really natural! you really need to try it! *o*

  6. iya jadul yak.. tapi apa daya XDDDDDD yang penting hasilnya bagus wkwk

  7. it is!!! I think everyone must love this foundation!

  8. yeaaaaaa... But it cant be helped because it's a cream formula :(

  9. Hasilnya bgs bgt kliatan flawless >< sayang harganya mahal bgt T_T ga bakal bsa beli aku :'(

  10. marshakartaswardharmaJuly 30, 2012 at 1:29 AM

    enak banget dapet shade yang bener :(. aku dapet shade nomor 1 terangg bangett

  11. hehe aku tadinya juga dapet yang nomer 5 tapi kegelepan >_<; jadinya org coverderm kasih aku satu lagi lol;

  12. dmn bliny? u're sooo cute ;)

  13. di sogo atau seibu ada kok, coba cari aja boothnya :D