How I Start My Own Blog

July 27, 2012

I've always wanted to write this post, since a long long time agoooo... But I don't really know where to start.. I am asked a lot about it, why I start my own blog and when it's first started.. And then one day, a message comes on my formspring

if you are not Indonesian, here's the translation :

"stella, id like to ask you if you dont mind. How do you start blogging? I mean, the first time you blog about make up review and such until you become like who you are now, as well as the first time you get sponsor"

Why I put the title "how i start my own blog" instead of "my beauty blog"? That's because . . .  You will know in the end :)
So yeah, I think I will start explaining to you my blogging life.. It will be boring probably, but if you're still interested, in me, *gets slapped* lol, I hope you'd read it until the end.

I first started my blog on multiply, it's probably on 2003/2004? as far as I could remember.. I first discovered internet during 2002-2003, then I was really into it. I played at forums, and mircs, and such.. But at that time I only have indo friends, cos my english sucks. I hardly knew grammar and vocabs, I had the worst english test, so I mostly cheated from my friend lol

Then when I went to Australia for family vacation, I'd like to ask "spoon" to the waitress but I only knew "fork" wtf. And i was so troubled for 10 minutes asking just for a /spoon/! Then my young brother who's still in his 2nd grade, helped me to get spoon. He said he learned it on his kindergarten, and I have never been embarrassed like that before. 8th grade student lost to 2nd grade student???!! That's how bad my english was.. If you think your english is bad, I belive it's not as bad as I used to be . .

So I consulted to my friend, and she suggested me to be more active and chat with foreigners on internet. Then I made blog on multiply, as well as myspace account, to get as many foreign friends as possible. I started writing diary on multiply, summarizing my life in english, because it's the best way to learn past tense and present tense. I started having english teacher to teach me

I learned simple present tense only, in 3 months non-stop
I am sure that my private teacher almost gave up because I was sooooo stupid
But I couldn't let my pride hurt lol So I brought dictionary whenever I went, and mark every words that I could remember

Within 3 years, I am proud to say that my english ability was one of the best in my class, though right now since I hardly use it, I am not that fluent anymore T___T but still, not bad leh lol

But I still manage to blog ever since. I blogged mostly about my life, my love life, my study, my teacher, my family, everything!!!! It's because I don't want to lose my english skill.. Also because I want to memorize what I have done in my life

But cos I am easily bored, I moved my blog a lot. I have tried multiply, blogspot, ameblo, jugem, xanga, livejournal, wordpress, etc....

My last blog, this one, is from the end of 2009.. about 5 years after I started blogging. That makes me have been blogging for 8 years? o.O I'm so old wtf

At that time, I really dont care about readers. I only knew that the only people who read my blog were my friends and I.. Some people left comments on my blog, whom I didn't really know who, really.. They told me to stop blogging cos my english sucks
And I acknowledge it..
But instead,
because I know my english sucks, I want to learn, and don't want to be worse!!!
I learn my english mostly from internet. By reading manga, reading news, watching youtube, reading others blogs.. So If I lose my blog, I do think I only can say "I love you" and "how are you" only in english wtf

And, I don't care about them. After all I dont know them nor they affect my life.. I only want to blog to improve myself and write about my life

That's the reason why I start talking about make up too. Cos during I start my last blog, I was a teen who's in puberty la LOL #centil
And at that time, fake cosmetic sold on facebook were so many so I wrote a blog post about it, HERE, and it received a lot of great responses! But that's it.. I never knew about someting called "beauty blog" or "beauty blogger"... I just write whatever I was doing. Like, dyeing my hair, wearing mask, what cosmetics I did buy... But I also mixed it with my personal life la..

Little did I know that just because of it, I was invited to Ponds Beauty Blogger Event. At that time I received mail from their PR, and they'd like me to attend their beauty blogger event. I was like, wtf, what's that lol I felt so honored cos I was included as one, though I never intended to be one!!

So I came, and it's really joyful. Free products, free massage, met with new people, and free food as well. Oh c'mon, who doesn't love it?
I then blogged about it, because, it's simply what happened in my life, right??

Then I was invited again to Make Up Forever events, and other events. Met with new friends, of course I was happy and glad to come!!
Then, I also owned youtube channel. I started making one though I knew my skill was not that good compared to most of them. But I did it just for fun!

During that time, MyLovelySister shop sends me message on youtube, asked me whether i'd like to be sponsored products by her. And really, I felt so honored! I didn't think much, so i agreed. And up to now they're still being my permanent sponsor :) Sending me product to review, once a month. They're my first sponsor . .

Then, more and more beauty companies in Indonesia sent me mails to attend their events. And if I could, I would come! During that time, I also received a few mails from shops, as they'd like to sponsor my blog as well

If you see my sidebar's blog, you will see my permanent sponsors. And I do not send them mail to sponsor me, they are the first one who contacted me. I don't mean to be rude, but blogging for free stuffs purpose has never acrossed my mind. So if they'd like to be my sponsor, my honor, if not, then I don't care! :D

I always mention, do blogging because you like it, and simply because you want to share.. I love to write, and my whole life right now is revolved all about beauty, that's why I write about beauty stuffs a lot. Butttttt, since this is my blog, personally made by me, I can obviously change the topic if I like it right?

That's why I believe, when I am bored with make up, and be addicted to other stuffs, I will blog differently la. I also still blog about my life.. and will be blogging about my trip too. That's why I never categorized myself as a full beauty blogger, nor this blog as one. Because it's simply my own personal blog!

Personal blogging shall never have rules in my opinion. I do it because I like it. If I dont like make up again, I will stop writing make up. Probably more into fashion? Who knows?? 

But as at the moment I am still happily beautifying myself, I don't think I will stop any time soon lol [though I thought about quitting blogging 2/3 months ago ahaha]

Frankly speaking. Free stuffs have never been my priority in blogging.. I will be hated by this probably lol but really, this is my personal feeling

I attend beauty events, because I love meeting my friends and have nothing to do.. If I am busy and don't want to attend events, then it's my right. If I am bored and don't want to attend either. It's also my personal choice. I don't care about the exclusive events or the goodie bags, I mostly attend events just for fun, to meet my friends whom I cannot meet regularly. Say, Franky Wu, Endi Feng, Gabby, Bella, and so on. 
Sure i love free stuffs, who doesn't? But even without going to events, I still receive beauty products, monthly, by my sponsors. If they don't send, I am perfectly fine too lol

And about my sponsors. I have mentioned on my sponsorship rules. That my review is HONEST, and shall NOT be affected by any matters. If any shop or companies don't like to be reviewed honestly by my. Then they are really free to give their products to magazine.. I believe /REVIEW/ should be honest. We're here to blog about our personal view and opinion, right? 

If I like A product and you dont like it, then it doesn't matter. So is likewise. I am here just for sharing..

That's why I kinda upset tho, if I see anyone who are willing to do anything just for free stuffs, or write only good things because it's free..  If you like to review only good things on your blog cos it's given for free, then it's your choice. It's your blog, right? But I am just disappointed, can't I?

I admit, that I have a lot of sponsors, and there are a few who are still in negotiating about the banner, just wait for the right time.. I am happy that they believe in me reviewing products. But I have rejected quite a lot of online shops and companies who want to sponsor my blog. Because, I already have too many sponsors, and I dont want my blog just to be a walking advertisement. I am also quite picky in choosing

For me, sponsors are good cos i dont have to buy anything to make a blog post on my blog. Save money lol 
Also because a lot of readers used to ask me, "where to buy xxx product?". Have permanent sponsors making me easier to recommend where they should buy

But then, what if I lost all my sponsors because they don't like my honesty in reviewing products?

Well then, too bad? I will just laugh it off and start buying again?

Beauty blog is not all about reviewing products, in my opinion

There are many ways to share your love toward beauty.
I can do more make up tutorials, and FOTD.. Also I have a lot of products on my own that I purchased but never published.. I won't stop blogging just because I have no more sponsors

If I have sponsors, great. If not, that's fine..
I do not start blogging just because of it though

But those who start blogging because of free stuffs, will be tired easily in blogging and not commited, I think? Especially if they don't receive what they wanted.. Cos they main purpose is different. If you truly love writing, you wont get tired :D Then again, I say again. Do blogging cos you love it!

But if you don't love it, and just want free stuffs. I have question for you, why don't you just work and buy it on your own instead? lol
Just my two cents ;)

So yeah, that's it.. Right now I am happy that there are many readers who read my blog and find it helpful. I am truly grateful to be given this opportunity

if there's no event invitation, no sponsors, and no readers, I will still be blogging...

Because it's a part of my life
I have done so for years! And there's no way I can stop it LOL

I wonder when I will be bored of make up, hmmmmm~~~

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