Gel Nail Polish By Artistic - Cyber Hair Salon

July 25, 2012

A few weeks ago I was invited by Cyber Hair Salon to try their gel nails service! At first I was hesitate because it's so far, but I managed to come there from my office because I am curious about it. I think it's the first salon that carries gel nails service in Indonesia :)

When I came there, I was welcomed warmly by Ms. Tia, the PR of the salon! :D 

I really like the salon interior design. I am not an interior design student so I cannot explain that good, but I hope you can see how warm and relaxing the salon inside from my photos :)

Ms. Tia was explaining about Gel Nail Polish by Artistic

showing off her bright pink gel nails

I know you guys won't like long explanation, therefore I will make it short. So the advantages of having gel nails basically are : 

  • It last longer than regular nail polish [about 1 month]
  • High quality color & glossy finish
  • It won't chip off
  • Make your nails stronger and harder

 Since it uses UV light to lock the color, you dont need to put top coat every day to keep your nail polish look good and glossy. The color and gloss will stay still, and the best thing is you can also do your activities like usual. Afraid of having your beautiful nails ruined because you do house chores or wash your hair? Worry not Because it's super strong and thick so it won't chip off like regular nail polish

One thing that I do realize is my nails become really strong. It used to break easily out of nowhere but when I use this gel nail, I don't have broken nails anymore cos it protects my nails! awesome or not!

So let's see how they do it now =

first they apply this one to prep my nails

then use base coat to make the color appear more vibrant and last longer

I use champagne color because it's very versatile and easy to pull of color. Very natural

And top it off with shimmery transparent nail polish cos I want more shimmer

Put top coat to make it last longer

And finish it off by removing messy nail polish near my cuticle. Also to make it appear more glossy :D

this is the UV Gel Machine. It locks the nail polish, I have to put my fingers inside it every time I finish one step. So it's basically like 5 times for each hand? lol

The staff works fast and neat to paint my nails :3

I look so ugly at that day, seriously. I dont put make up and cirle lenses, and so tired because of job. Photoshop doesn't help either. But I need to have my photos to make sure that I was there at that time, right LOL; that's why I dont camwhore that muuch at that time XD;

The before one so ugly -_-" I dont cut my nails wtf

After treatment!!!

It looks like regular nail polish, but it's much much more stronger and last longer

This is taken by my Samsung Galaxy S III. Stupid digital camera, doesn't take clear and much better photos compared to a handphone o___O;; I seriously think I should dump my digicam and make love with my phone instead, since it's just so gooddd

Normal price for Gel Nail Polish are =

Polish : Rp 200.000
Manicure + Polish : Rp 250.000
Padicure + Polish : Rp 280.000
Manicure + Padicure + Polish : Rp 500.000

And they're having promo 20% discount at the moment! So basically my nail treatment cost only Rp 160.000. Based on its quality, I think it's really fair. Because even right now most nail art treatments cost around Rp 150.000 - Rp 200.000, and it wont last as long as gel nails

My mom also gets her treatment there and happy with the result. She told me if we had time we should go back again there :)

Cyber Hair Youth Salon is located at Jl. Bumi no 26 Pakubuwono, Jakarta Selatan. Give them a call to book an appointment at 021-727 92750 or BB PIN 20FFOFEB. You can also tweet them @Cyber_Hair

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  16. adita-arlita.blogspot.comAugust 20, 2012 at 5:09 PM

    gel manicure is soo good :)
    last long and no chipping
    there are many nail salons in Jakarta that have gel color polish service
    Orly, Opi also carry this line
    But I read that Shellac from Creative Nail Design are really good
    They've launched the product since 2010
    and yes gel colour polish is the new trend everywhere :)
    sadly, gel polish are for professional use only

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  18. Thanks for the post! I love shellac and I really satisfied. :)

  19. what is bright pink colour called. thank you -love artistic colour gloss gel