Tony Moly Tony Tint Review and Swatch

July 26, 2012

 I admit, I am a big fan of F4 wtf. I watched the Taiwan version one when I was in elementary school and seriously, it's really a big hit at that time. I even owned Vic Zhou poster next to my bed and kissed it everynight wtf. So I also watch the Japanese one and the Korean one

Oh cmon, who hasnt watched or haven't heard about Boys Before Flowers of F4? It's probably the most successful drama that has been released in many countries, and most of them receive great hits, but not the Indonesian version one wtf, sorry Indo lol

But today I will not be talking about them, but about the girl, Geum Jan Di, who's the main character on Korean Boys Before Flower. She's a popular ulzzang and her natural red lips captivates many! o.o The secret lies on the lip tint, and the one she used is from Tony Moly one! Then BOOM it's become a hit everywhere, everyone must have known about a lip tint after that, right?

So although I got the latest version, which is the Tony Tint, not the original Lip Tint, but it's still produced by Tony Moly, only the packaging is different I think? So yea, let's see! :D

Description : 

Liquid type tint which helps to express a lively color on lips) Contains jojoba oil to ease the absorption, restore cells and boost suppleness on lips. Also contains other nourishing ingredients to help the lips look lively and vibrant

Packaging : 

The old Tony Moly Lip Tint comes in round packaging while the newest one comes in a sleek straight transparent glass packaging, similar to lipgloss. To be honest, I think this new packaging is more efficient and easy to bring along because of its shape. The tip of the applicator is also slightly bend, to give better and more precise application

Although I feel that the packaging is just so-so for a Korean brand :/

Texture & Color :

This lip tint is really watery and dries out really fast, it is not moisturizing either,. This product simply just gives color with a little glossy texture. They have 2 colors which are Red Apple and Cherry Pink, and they have different scent. The scent is quite strong, and some may not like it because of it

I think that the colors are not that different and hardly differentiate between both of them. Sure the Cherry Pink is slightly more pinkish and lighter, but when it's applied, especially on the lips, it looks almost identically same, for me :x

Application : 

Because it dries out really fast, you have to work really fast as well to blend it to your lips, otherwise it will have harsh edges. Mostly they dot it on the inner rim of lips, and then blend it outwards. That way we will be able to pursue natural reddish lip color ala Ulzzang :D 

Don't forget to put lip balm before use this lip tint because it may emphasize your dry lips. If you like to look like Korean actress and Ulzzang, you may like it, because it will help you to achieve their look

Swatch : 

Top : Without Flash, Bottom : With Flash 
Left to Right : 01 Red Apple, 02 Cherry Pink

Where I Got This and Price : 

I receive this from Rie Butik, and price for each product is Rp 52.000 [6USD] . If you want additional discount, you can earn 6% discount when use coupon code STL6RIE ^.^ I think it's not that expensive, right?

But to be honest I don't like it so I dont think I will repurchase it

Final Opinion :

Pros : 
  • Cheap
  • Gives natural reddish color on lips - like Korean actresses

Cons : 
  • Dries really fast - difficult to blend
  • Emphasizes dry lips
  • Both the colors are pretty similar

Truthfully I dislike this product but I think this is probably just not for me. Because I dont really want to achieve that ulzzang lips, I am more into nude lips... It's all about preference I guess?
So will I recommend this?

Depends on what kind of look you want to achieve

If you want to get Korean look, I believe you will need this one because it's essential. But if not, then don't bother lol
Why I talk bad about a product though it's given for me for free? Because it's the truth la!

 I still want to try other Tony Moly products though I dislike this one. Any recommendation? :)

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