Milia Removal with Ido's Skin Center

July 30, 2012

 Milia problem has been my biggest concern besides my acne. Most of you probably don't know what milia is, though it's commonly happen. I will explain what it is soon.. But going back to the topic, I had been looking for a beauty clinic to remove my milia, but most of beauty clinics that I attended dont know what milia is -_-"

A few of them know, but I am not that sure about their clinics.. So yeah :-S I did pending my removal, until one day Ido's Skin Center asked me whether I'd like to try their service or not. Then I thought "ah another facial leh? I don't need any. I want milia removal" Then I asked whether they can do milia removal instead and out of my expectation that they know what milia is and can remove it!!!!! O_____O

But wait wait, I need to check them first right? So I visit their website HERE and see about their background and such. And I find that they're pretty reliable so I want la! Then I booked appointment soon and couldn't wait to come there

Unexpectedly their place turns out to be so pretty damn good and luxurious!!!

Ido's Skin Center is located at Jl Pluit Indah Raya No 21. It's exactly across Pluit Village and very easy to find. When I stepped inside, the calm and classy feeling can be felt directly. But yet, still comfortable. I was then asked to change my shoes into their sandal, it's to make their rooms clean and free from outside dirts ^.^

 This is the waiting room! Super cozy and feels like at home, right? It's so comfortable there, I spent a lot of my time there, talking to the helpful and kind staffs ^.^ There's also chandelier! Though it's luxurious, the home-y feeling can be presented really nice! <3

So Now, I will tell you what milia is. Milia is basically oil seeds that mostly appears under your eyes. It's basically because of too much excess sebum, clogged pore, too much wearing make up, and so on. And yes, that's the picture of my skin, under my eyes, zoomed. Disgusting eh? -_-"

That's why I want to remove it, because it cannot be covered with any foundation!

Now go check your eyes, you have it too or not! lol if not, better remove it la! it doesn't harmful but it's almost impossible to remove it by yourself, you need professional to do it for you! 

Now let's move on to the treatment

They first remove my make up because my face has to be sterilized before the treatment. It's done fast yet nice. The treatment room is above average, really great!! And the staff is really helpful and informative ^.^

Then they did quick extraction to remove my whiteheads. See the white straps there? It's their magical treatments, it's supposed to prepare your skin to make the extraction process way easier. I believe it opens up pores nicely so the blackhead can be squeezed out easily. It's less painful than other beauty clinics that I have tried so far, still pain though, but less LOL

After that I was led to Dr. Tom's consultation room. He's a doctor from Ido's Singapore and is supervising this branch!  So far Ido's Skin Center is only located at Pluit, but let's support them to open more branches in Indonesia! In Malaysia they have about 25 branches already leh!! ^.^ They're still newly launched in here but I believe they can surpass other beauty clinics because they have high quality machine and products, as well as great staffs!

The machine above is a machine to do Visia Complexion Analysis. So you put your face inside, and it will take your pictures, then it will be transferred to computer directly so you will know what's your skin problems are, and what treatments suit you best! They don't offer you treatments that you don't need, but instead give exactly what your skin requires. Unlike some beauty clinics that only wants to take money, eh? lol

Here's Mr. Tom! He's the Technical Director and Representative from Singapore to overview Ido's Skin Center in Indonesia.. His skin is 159239824093x times better than mine, you have to see his skin in real life, so dewy and healthy. I feel bad being a bad woman now TxT

My pictures appear on the computer! Looks quite great for me, I think it's because of the lighting. Though I still have milia and acne scar

Then Mr. Tom did some analysis on computer seriously. After that he explains to me what my skin lacks of. There are a lot of points to be noted, such as my big pores, uv spots, and such. This machine can see from a lot of different views, even check your bacteria's poo in your skin o___O

At first I was like, wtf! Are you sure bacteria can.. poo??? o___o; 

But then I saw where the computer detects and shows me where my bacteria's poos are and I was like, omg, am I that dirty????? Is my skin that bad??? But then he says that it's normal, but what this machine see is some layer even below than epidermis, that cause future skin problems... That's why freckles don't appear suddenly, they appear slowly. If you dont put sunblock properly, freckles will appear. No, according to him, it's already there, but it cannot be seen by our eyes right now. But as the time goes on, it will appear on our skin's surface, that's why prevention is the keyyy!!!

One of the pictures diagnosa, it shows my under skin T_____T;; I really need to slap those skin care products a lot from now on T___T

Also according to them, I have oily skin, but because of bad lifestyle and so on, my skin is dehydrated, that causes flaky and not smooth skin .__.

To avoid it :
  • Do not sleep late
  • Drink more water
  • Use the right moisturizer
  • Get healthy food [more veggies]
  • Avoid diary products [cheese, milk, etc]
  • Do not smoke nor drink coffee
And I commit almost all of them except smoking :x
I need to change my lifestyle. If you commit any of it, let's change it, together!! T___T/

Then after that, because I need milia removal, they quickly applied anasthetic on where my milia seeds are and left it for 30 minutes.. Wrap it with plastic wrap also. This is to make my under eye area numb of pain

uneven eyes + bad skin, I know T_T  #minder

Then the doctor removed my milia skin using cauter. She graduates from Universitas Indonesia and has been in America and other countries before for working despite her young age! The progress isn't painful and done pretty carefully. She took out my milia using a cauter. Basically poke and take out my milia with a small tool

 Then this is after my milia removal. You see some red dots there? It's the scar from my milia. It clearly shows you where my milia used to be >.<;;

Price for each milia removed is Rp 70.000

 It can heal after a few days, but to fasten the progress and help healing my skin, Ido's Skin Center is kind enough to give me some products to try on!

This Ido's C.A.T Toner is given to me. What I love is that it's really easy to use because it's a toner spray! Basically I just need to spray appropriate amount on my face, then pat it gently to let it absorbed into my skin ^.^

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this toner! Not only because of it's efficient type, it helps smoothing out my skin, helps my skin dehydrated, yet fresh and clean! It also has no doctor's cream smell, you know what I mean? I use it twice a day, in morning and day ^.^ 

Price for this toner is Rp435.000 each

If you come to their clinic, you may not be recommended to use this product, they will check your skin first before they recommend you what products to use! Very thoughtful!

I also receive their masks to try on. And I LOVE IT! Because it's absorbed into my skin very fast, the lotion inside is really generous, helps soothing and smoothing out my skin, helps tightening pores [what I feel the most!], and it also covers my eyes! ^.^ It makes me can relax completely~ Can fall asleep XD

 here's me with the mask on me XD

It's quite pricey though ;_; Rp 70.000 each.. But it's really really greattttttt ;___; I use it twice a week as recommended, and I think it's one of the best masks I have ever used, another one is Sexy Look Mask but it's not available in Indo

After a week of the treatment, here's the before and after my troubled area. I draw circles on my milia area. You can see that the big milias have disappeared.. Still not that smooth because of my skin texture, but you can see that it's better than before right?

please click the picture to see it larger

Overall I am really happy with my experience with Ido's Skin Center! ^.^
They are very knowledgeable about skin, I learn a lot. They use high quality products and high tech machine. Their interior is awesome and cozy. And they offer a lot of varieties of treatments

Right now they are having promotion of Facial Therapy!

Only Rp 150.000 to try on their great facial! I havent tried their facial but I think they also use the mask that I used before! the products are high quality and used according to your skin so I totally recommend you to try!!! ^.^

After all, most of average facials now is Rp 150.000 to Rp 200.000.. But you can get better service and products here, go try la if you happen to be around that area!

Ido's Skin Center is located at Jl. Pluit Indah Raya no 21, Jakarta Utara. You may book appointment first on 021-6693729 or 021-66678881, or you can ask them question on their facebook page HERE . To see what they offer, you can visit their website HERE

I am interested to do nose filler on their clinic, will do it soon I think 8D 

What are you interested at? ^.^

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  1. shocked liat under skin nya, jadi bayangin under skinku >.<

    kayaknya aku jug ada deh milia, jadi pengen coba..tapi ak jogja..
    treatment milia berapa ribu stel?

  2. aku juga shock TAT;

    oiyaaa??? gak pernah main ke jakarta yaaa?? soalnya aku sndiri aja berbulan bulan nyari klinik buat milia tuh susah banget @____@;;
    satu milianya 70rb say, biasa sii orang dikit ya, paling 2-3
    ngeganggu aja sii, gak mulus lol;
    punyaku yang dicongkel yang gede2 doang en kasat mata.. klo di DSLR ketangkep tapi itu aslinya keciiiillll bgt xD

  3. i will try it next week. ty miss lee

  4. Wahhh kayaknya ok tuh...
    Kok mukanya discan bs sekotor itu? Itu beneran :(
    Jd tkt... Ternyata semulus apapun msh ada yg kotor ya :(
    Sudah treatment brp x stell? Hslny bnr bnr memuaskan ga?

  5. ada beberapa foto dear, foto yang daerah uv spots yah uv spots nya aja yang diunjukin computer. kalo di brown spots yah brown spots aja. ada macem2 sii..
    kalo pnasaran coba dtg aja terus liat kondisi kulitmu sndiri >___<

    aku baru skali en puas sii.. produk-produk yang aku pake dari dia juga oke punyaaaa... kulitku okean :D tapi dia masih boleh combine sama produkku. aku masih pake SK II FTE sama clarins moisturizer. biasa kan klo klinik maunya kita satu set ya ama dia lol

    minggu ini aku mau ksana lagi untuk laser muka, byk bekas jerawat gitu T____T

  6. Wah thank you! Been waiting for this post. Itu clinicnya kayak menjanjikan banget ya :)
    Sayang, aku d Bandung nih.. Will check other clinic atau kalo ada cabangnya. Kalo milia sih mgkn blum ada, cuma whitehead ini.. Kayaknya pengen juga pake strip begituan..

  7. wah, pricey banget stel! masa 1 milia nya 70000? wtf. d esth*r sih facial itu uda termasuk milia removal, sama jg pake cauter sm anastesi sih..

  8. Wah thank you! Been waiting for this post. Itu clinicnya kayak
    menjanjikan banget ya :)
    Sayang, aku d Bandung nih.. Will check other clinic atau kalo ada
    cabangnya. Kalo milia sih mgkn blum ada, cuma whitehead ini.. Kayaknya
    pengen juga pake strip begituan..

  9. aku juga ada milia, kalau sempat akan ke sana deh nyicipin :p thx for the review

  10. kalo lagi maen ke jakarta baru mampir aja :D
    strip itu sii bukan kayak pore pack yang dicabut, itu kek masker gitu sii, ditaroh bentaran biar kulitnya jadi lembek jadi proses ekstraksinya gak lama :D

  11. sama-samaaa :D thank you uda baca :)

  12. Baru tau itu namanya milia toh. Aku sering ada, kadang aku congkel sndiri, sakiiit deh abis aku kira jerawat kcil tp ga ilang2 ;__;
    Nose filler apa ya ci?

  13. Baru tau itu namanya milia toh. Aku sering ada, kadang aku congkel
    sndiri, sakiiit deh abis aku kira jerawat kcil tp ga ilang2 ;__;
    Nose filler apa ya ci?

  14. Ohh baru tau itu namanya milia x_x I have plenty hahaha >_< kirain semacem jerawat bandel gitu,pantes dicongkel/dipencet ga mau ilang. Tapi removalnya mahal ya T_T

  15. iya banyak yang gak tau sii yah itu apa.. gak boleh congkel sndiriiiii X____X; msti sama yang pro... soalnya kalo gak berbekas, daerah situ sensitif banget

    mancungin hidung temporary ahahaha..
    entar aku blog 8D

  16. iya emang gak bisa diilangin sendiri, mesti yang khusus, dan harus bener2 higienis >___<
    emang dirimu ada sbanyak apa dear?

  17. waaaaw..kereen bgt..(*v*)
    aku masih bingung milia dan bruntus..mirip gak siih? milia jg klo diraba kasar2 ya? tp isi nya air?

  18. huaaa,, masa sihh bakterinya gitu banyakk?? jadi serem liad mukaku nantii gmanaa.. haha.. ooh ya stell mau nanya, milia itu yang bintik putih itu bukan sih..?? atau beda..?? trus pas dikeluarinn tuh milia rasanya seperti facial gitu..?? thx ;)

  19. wew thanks banget infonya -___-"
    baru tauu juga itu namanya millia.. sama kayak km :S aku juga banyak di bagian bawah mata
    dulu sering nyongkelin kirain jerawat kecil OAO
    bisa hilang ga yah berobat disana lol
    pengen coba tapi ngeri sakit /berbekas

  20. i am tempted to try the facial! itu juga bisa konsultasi dulu sama dokternya kah sebelum facial? anyway kulitmu lebih mulus sekarang!! :D itu hasil miracle water ya? ooommpphh jadi pengen beli juga tapi mehong, bisa ga beli makan nanti di kampus :P

  21. cepeetttt nose fillerrrrr, gw mo liaaaattt xD

  22. milia itu gara2 sebum/oil berlebih >_< kadang juga muncul kalo pake krim mata yang terlalu 'rich' klo beruntusan bukannya merah2 ya??

  23. rasanya gak kayak difacial sii. bayangkan kayak ada butiran keecil padet yang dicongkel keluar >_< soalnya udah nempel gitu ama kulit jadi gak bisa dipencet kayak jerawat atopun white heads
    klo bintik putih stauku white heads.. rasanya sii biasa ajaaa

    but im not too sure either cos im not a doctor :( kalo kamu smpet kamu coba dtg aja konsul disana, diliat jg bakteri mukamu haha

  24. ilang kok, skali aja udah ilang miharu :D
    gak sakit kok.. bekasnya cuman beberapa hari abis itu udah oke lagi :) ksana aja cobain :D

  25. bisa kok stauku, bilang aja mau konsul sama dr.tom.. dia pintar banget lohhhh... aku ngobrol berjem2 soal masalah kulit sama dia dan mukanya seger banget, gak jutek lol

    hahaha iyaaa... hasil jaga pola makan dan lain2 juga. cuman ada beberapa problems yang skincare biasa gak bisa ilangin sii. kek milia ini. bekas jerawat juga susah >__<

    kalo facialnya lagi promo cuman 150rb :D

  26. iyaah niii jadi penasarann... pengen nyobaa.. thx for review yaa! ;D

  27. milia removal..
    kalo ga salah di rumah sakit bisa deh.. temen g pernah.. tapi lupa nama RS-nya.. ahhhh! ga bantu bgt sumpah >___<

  28. iyaaaaa sama samaa.. makasih uda bacaaa :D

  29. ahahahaha iya gpapaaa.. toh punyaku so far uda oke... jangan muncul lagi moga moga lol

  30. haduh pengennya milia removal.. kayaknya oke banget.. T_T tapi mahalnya itu lho..
    btw itu milia nya ilang secara permanen stel? apa masih ada kmungkinan muncul lg? arrgggghhh stress gara2 milia >_<

  31. lumayan say, diitung2 yg keliatan 5-6 ada di bagian kelopak sama bawah mata. itu ga sakit & bengkak kaya facial gitu yah pas udahannya?

  32. iya aku juga sii yang gede
    pertama merah aja sii, tapi udah gitu cuman sisanya scar kayak yang aku unjukin di foto. beberapa hari ilang.. skarang aku udah mulus kok dari milia haha

  33. yang bener bener ngeganggu ajaaaa... aku ada millia kcil kcil di dket mata, dan stauku most of people ada juga. tapi itu banyak banget @___@ jadinya nggak deh. takut jg wkwk

    permanen sii.. tapi klo gak dijaga yah timbul lagi. misalnya kurang bersih cuci mukanya T.T ato pemakaian krim mata yang terlalu kuat T.T

  34. Mahal ya Stel XD Aku di Jogja couter cuman habis 175ribu loh, ga cuma milia malah, sekalian ilangin bekas jerawat yg nonjol2 gt, sama kutil2 kecil yg item2 di wajah itu apadeh namanya, pokoknya masalah2 semuka diilangin deh lol.. Itungannya ngga per milia tapi per sekali dateng.. tempatnya di klinik Estetika RSUP Dr. Sardjito, jadi satu sama rumah sakit jadi pasti udah terpercaya, yg nanganin juga dokter2 XD
    Tapi emang ya nyebelin milia itu, tau2 bisa nongol sendiri walau uda bersihin muka sekalipun, apalagi kalo genetis.. jadi balik lagi untung2an XD

  35. iya, klinik favoritku sih. terjangkau jg. kapan2 coba aja, hrsnya ada di jkt, model franchise an gt kyk nat*sha.

  36. wow, gw tidurnya malam, num air nya kurang banyak, suka num susu ama makan keju >.<

  37. Oh ya itu 70,000 treatment hilangin milia per milia bukan, sekali treatmeny kah?
    Wahhh pengen neh, kebetulan i dos deket rumah sih. Cm takut sakitt
    Iya sementara msh stay di skii
    Pengennya sih kecilin pori pori. Milia mah ga banyak cm 1 kl diperhatikan.
    Pori porinya ituloh kaya lobang dijalan raya

  38. konsultasinya bayar gak? atau cuma untuk treatment2nya aja?

  39. konsultasinya bayar gak? atau cuma bayar untuk treatment2nya dan produk yang dikasih nanti? kalo bayar, bayar konsultasinya berapa pas di kamu?

  40. Telat bgt bacanya..
    Kebetulan pengen ke Erha and nanya apakah ada treatment untuk milia seed removal.. udah keganggu bgt bertahun-tahun, pas dibawah mata lagi :( tapi takut sakit. Untungnya nemu blog kamu.. Ido's Skin Center ini yg ada di TA juga bukan sih?

    Anyway thanks for sharing dan ulasannya ya :) Kalau jadi, besok mau nyobain ke Ido's juga..