BRTC Gold Caviar BB Cream Review

July 19, 2012

 I was asked by my sponsor, Zatura Shop, whether I was interested to do review of any BRTC BB Cream. I know BB Cream is such a major hit, and I've heard so many people told me how amazing their BB Creams are, so I decided to give it a go. Although I am a beauty blogger, I also do research on other bloggers' blogs as well. To see which one suits me best

Then I see that this Gold Caviar one captivates me as it suits me the most. Imagine, caviar on your face??? *__*


Description :  

BRTC Gold Caviar BB Cream SPF50 PA+++ blends the benefits of skin care and makeup, simultaneously performing functions of whitening care, sunscreen, anti-wrinkle care and concealer. It not only evens up and brightens up complexion, but also conceals imperfections. In addition, it keeps providing skin with rich nourishment and a reliable sunscreen. Containing Caviar Extract, it relieves stressed skin. Prolonged use could lift up slackening skin. Skin looks youthful.

 Packaging : 

It comes with dark blue colored squeeze tube packaging that's somehow looks classy compared to other cute BB Creams on other brands. The packaging is rather plain, BRTC's packaging is much simpler compared than other Korean products. So I don't think you will be attracted by it when you first look at it, just like me lol

Texture & Color :

This BB Cream is quite thick compared to many BB Creams that I have tried so far. Most BB Creams give sheer to medium finish, and therefore most of it are quite watery because it's supposed to be pretty light. But BRTC Gold Caviar BB Cream comes with thicker coverage, and probably has one of the best coverage in BB Cream

As it has high coverage, it can help you to cover your imperfection much better than other BB Creams. It does its job to help my skin discoloration and redness. It comes only in 1 shade, like most of BB Creams, but it has natural skin color that matches my skin tone really nice. It will blend into your skin to match your own skin tone, similar to other BB Creams, but I think it's a plus point if it comes with natural color instead of light / fair shade

Application : 

Because of it's thick texture,  I find that this BB Cream is a little difficult to blend. But once it's blended perfectly, it gives an amazing result. I mostly dab the BB Cream on my skin and use damp sponge to blend it. I find the method of warming this BB Cream on my finger tips and blend it on my skin, doesn't work too nice for me

But if I am in hurry, it may work, but not perfect. 

I think this one is good for everyday use because it contains SPF 50 PA ++ ! It has high sun protection so I don't have to worry about sunburn! Also if you don't have flawless skin, this may save yourself! Although if you already have flawless skin, I think you could choose sheerer BB Cream, don't have to use the high coverage one

Result :

You can see from the photo above that BRTC Gold Caviar BB Cream helps to cover my skin imperfection. Sure it's not as perfect as foundation and concealer, but considering that it's just a BB Cream, I must say it gives a really great job. The staying power is really great, and it gives a dewy looking finish so my face looks healthy ^.^ The result is really natural because its color too! Unfortunately the oil control isn't that great, but you can use loose powder to set it up for better control

Also for your further notice, this BB Cream has natural color, unlike other BB Creams that give grey-ish pale looking skin. I know Korean people are so fair, but BB Cream has been a major hit worldwide so I'm sure they should think of overseas customers that have different skin tone. I know some of them, such as Etude House, has come with shades to choose from, which is a great step! ^.^

Also, as far as I know, this BB Cream works great to prevent and helps healing pimples too. So you dont have to worry that your pimples will go worse with this product. Instead, it will help you to cover them up but helps reducing it too. So far I have no break outs from this product

Where I Got This and Price :

I received this one from Zatura Shop, price for this product is Rp 206.000, you may receive 6% discount when you mention stellalee from Zatura cos they have special discount for my reader ^.^ I think the price for this BB Cream is quite pricey compared to other BB Creams, but it has coverage that you wont be able to find on most of BB Creams

Final Opinion : 

Pros : 
  • Has natural skin color
  • High coverage, good for concealing skin imperfection
  • Contains SPF 50 PA ++
  • Gives natural and dewy skin finish
  • Helps improving skin, preventing pimples

Cons : 
  • A little difficult to blend
  • Oil control isn't that good
To make it short,  this product is more suitable for those with skin imperfections to cover, such as redness and zits. Also if you have medium skin tone, you will love it too! But if you're naturally born with pretty fair and flawless skin, you don't need this thick and heavy coverage BB Cream and can get the usual BB Cream with sheer result just to enhance your natural beauty

Buf if you're like me, with so many things to conceal to look as if we naturally were born gorgeous wtf lol, you may love this product! Though it gives a great coverage like foundation, but it is in fact much lighter on skin, and I believe to use it for everyday use compared to foundation. The thought of wearing foundation everyday kinda freaks me out :x

I recommend using primer if you happen to have oily skin, especially on T-Zone, or especially if you have outdoor activities, orrrr live in humid countries lol

Hhhhh... so difficult to be pretty eh? But enjoy the progress, and you will enjoy the result too! Beauty is pain, but it's also an art ^.^ There's nothing wrong by improving and wanna look better right? :)
Have a good day, everyone <3

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  1. wow coveragenya bagus ya~ aku punya sample sachetnya BB cream ini, cuman belum sempat nyobain he5.. use primer for oily skin ya *noted* thanks for the review stella ^^

  2. wow coveragenya bagus bgt.. dr dlu pengen nyoba tp blm nyoba trus smpe skrg.. hihi..

  3. i'm really curious about BRTC products too cee :D they skin care so good too but so expensive ._. kekeke

  4. whoaaa, bagus ya, aku juga sama kayak shasha punya sample sachet tapi belom kepake.. harganya juga murah ih di zatura :p

  5. wahh karena penasaran sama BRTC saya baru saja ke dan ternyata masih ready. harganya 198rb , kayaknya sudah turun dex.
    saya coba yang jasmine, kata orang yang jasmine bagus banget.
    Great review (:

  6. Cover bgt stel,bgs loh,brtc emang bgs seh,aku pk yg jasmine kmrn beli di jg (mention nama km yg ajaib itu hihi^^ dpt disc 6%)
    Brtc emang OK bgt seh bb cream nya yaaa

  7. Stella bagus mana brtc sama etude bb creamnya?

  8. itu ready stock apa PO ya?

  9. Wow, the coverage of this BB cream looks amazing! Normally BB creams are quite sheer so we need concealer before it. :O

  10. wah, sorta pricey eh? I wannntt is it yellow-toned enough? :D

  11. iyaaaa.. please keep in mind about that point :D
    cobain deeeh, oke kok ^.^

  12. tapi cece kan muka udah flawlesss hehehe

  13. yea ive tried its toner once, and i love it! i feel like trying other products from them as well, but quite pricey and difficult to get compared to other korean brands, right? D:

  14. coba dlu aja sachetnya, kalo cocok baru beli full sizenya di zatura 8D

  15. woaaahhh udah turun yaaa.. baguslah, makin murah wkwk

    iya aku juga penasaran sii sama yang jasmineee *p*

  16. ready stock so far say ^.^

  17. wah kamu beli yang jasmine, kok banyak yang beli yaaa *jadi ngiler*

    asik kan dapet discount ehehehe, belanja murah 8D

  18. tergantung kondisi kulitmu say, ini kan cocok2an.. brtc yg ini agak susah diblend tp coverage oke, etude agak grey tapi natural dan dewy finish gitu

  19. yeaaa that's what makes this bb cream different than other bb creams! :o that's why the texture is thick, and a little more difficult to blend

  20. yeap surprisingly it's quite yellow so there's no grey-ish tone on face like usual bb cream!

  21. Very detailed review of BRTC Gold Caviar BB Cream. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing us thank you.

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