O Hello Jakarta

August 16, 2012

Apparently I am back to Jakarta, and I will feed you all again with beauty supplies from my blog so you will end up beautifying yourself *I hope* lol

When I'm back, although I am still in holiday, I still have a lot of projects, yesterday I even went to an office to talk about a collaboration as they'd like to! There are other interesting projects as well but I am afraid I cannot accept all the offer because of the schedule @___@ but let's just see..

Anyway, I admit I rarely put my photos right now, i'm sorryyyyy

It's because I have irritation eyes for weeks already, and I dont know what causes it, so I stopped wearing circle lenses as often as I usually do, as well as lessen my make up usage to prevent more infections. I suspect that I am just too tired :( That's why I dont do much camwhores because I cannot bother to take pictures without circle lenses. My whole make up is not complete!!! lol

I still owe you guys my Korea Trip Posts, and report about the Pink Play Concert, But I havent finished editing all the pictures because I have a lot of things to taken care of, something internal :x

Anyway, say goodbye to my long blondie hair! I will be cutting my hair soon! Right now it's around my hips but because it's too long, and damaged because of the bleaching, it falls off a lot like cancer patient T_______T

So my salon told me to cut it around my chest bohohohohooooo!!! *cries aloud*

But I also believe that it's the best choice because the damage cannot be saved by them, as it's really tangled already *sobs in the corner*

Well whatever, It will grow again, I still have 6 months again until my trip to Japan. I better take care of myself first before camwhoring a lot there! :)

Oh I also do laser face in Ido's Skin Center Clinic! Only twice but the result is pretty obvious already. My face is really really bright and white, yet it's much cleaner and suppler! I havent finished my treatment yet, because I want to get rid of my acne scar. But I will let you know how it works on me when it's finished!! :)

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