Get That High Nose!

November 02, 2012

Some of you must have seen this picture, where I uploaded it on facebook a few days ago!! 
And I questioned whether you could tell the difference or not..

Most of them answered correct, NOSE!

So what's the secret of getting sharper and taller nose??? 

Let's reveal it on this post!!! I am sure you guys will love it!! The treatment was last sunday anyway ^.^

the secret lies on this amazing beauty clinic. Ido's Beauty center that's located at  Jalan Pluit Indah Raya, No.21, Lt.1, Jakarta Utara, Indonesia 14440 It's across Pluit Village Mal !

I was having their treatment called  Nose Augmentation Filler Injection

So what does it mean by it? We will know about it later, now let's step inside the clinic, and you will be welcomed by its enchanting interior design. Simple, minimalistic, yet classy

wait for your name to be called here <3

And then when its time, you may go inside the consultation room. The doctor that took care of me is named Stella too!! 8D anyway, you will be explained about the treatment and may do the consultation with the doctor here..

Basically this treatment is injecting liquid, that's known as Hyaluronic Acid, an ingredient that's famous for its benefit for skin, and you must have heard about it, because Hada Labo [japanese skincare] is widely known for using this, and its become their main point selling!!! 

And the hyaluronic acid is injected into your face part that you want to be filled, as for me, it's nose, because I was always self-conscious about it, and want it a litttttllleeee taller please
But you can also inject it on other areas, such as cheekbones for high structured face, chin for v-shape, or so on..

And don't worry because the ingredient is very very safe, why not, it is mainly used for skincare! And by all means, I swear that injecting hyaluronic acid doesn't only make my nose taller, but it also makes the area injected smoother and suppler!!! 

Think of it as injecting vitamin that you can earn extra benefit by having better face shape!!!! o___o

Okayla, no pain no beauty... side effect is that the area might be swollen or become reddish for a few days, other than that nope! 

Also no need for fasting, and it goes very very fast, only about 15 minutes and you will have a new nose!!

Interested? Let's see the treatment!

Was nervous but excited to get a new nose lol

I never dared to take side-picture because my nose looked so flat T___T my mom always made fun of me and said that I should get nose surgery later, but nose surgery is expensive!! I've asked that good one is around 8000 USD!!! must work and stop eating how many years to earn new nose OMG T_T

And also, don't say that I didn't use other ways to get taller nose... I've pinched my nose since I was a child, as it is said to help. Also I pinched my nose using jepitan jemuran for months wtf ._. no result...

BUT BUT, now I don't have to do that anymore because of this amazing filler!!! <3 <3 <3

so the doctor put some Anesthesia on area injected, to lessen the pain

And wait for about 1 hour till my nose become numb :)

Killing time by camwhoring on their waiting room. very gorgeous, the room :x

Since I want to have a little longer chin, I asked the doctor to inject a little amount on my chin as well.. 

First, they wipe off the anesthesia, as I was laying on the bed

Say goodbye nose, I wont, miss you :x

Then the doctor draw line to make sure that she injected correctly

And the injection began....

The hyaluronic acid was injected on nose bridge to make it taller! :D And since it's gel, it wont spread anywhere so rest assured :)

The doctor injected little by little to make sure that the shape looks natural.. 

I said I wanted it higher, so the injection round 2 began :D 

to make the nose tip sharper as well, the doctor injected a little on the bottom of my nose.. 

As for the pain, The bottom part was quite painful, but the others are ok!! I cried harder when I got my blackheads removed at facial clinic, this kind of injection was a piece of cake compared to that treatment lol

Very bearable! ^.^ After all, already got anasthesia :D

And it's done!!

And the doctor massaged my nose so the hyaluronic acid would get nice shape!

The rest of the liquid went to my chin! :D if you want, you can use the rest of it to other areas you want to be fuller.. Just ask the doctor ^_^

After 15 minutes, it's done!!! 

For 2 days, the areas injected was quite swollen, and for 3 days I had to massage it so the shape will stay... 
This treatment will make your nose that tall about 1 year! After all, it's not a permanent job, and it's not a plastic surgery, no knife involved so it's very very safe..

And again as I mentioned earlier, the liquid used was hyaluronic acid that's supposed to be good for your skin! ^_^

And this post wont be completed without before and after picture right???? 

left = before, right = after

left = before, right = after

left = before, right = after

The result was very very natural and I do not ask for much, just want it a little sharper and taller, not a nose like caucasian.. Also the chin may not look like it gives much difference, after all it's supposed to be natural looking, I just want to enhance my face part a little, not completely change it to someone else's face

And it is not permanent, after one year the liquid will be gone and my nose will be back to normal bohohohoho :'( 

But can always inject again! 8D or probably next year there will be a better treatment, but for now I am very satisfied with my current nose!! ^.^ At least now I have visible nose bridge and no one can call me flat-nose anymore lol

The picture above was taken 2 days after filler treatment.. The nose had still minor scar, but it's almost gone right now.. Do you see that my nose was straight and sharper? Love love! :)

Moreover, my mom said that I looked a little like mixed-blood after my nose treatment lol I guess it's because of my blonde hair and double eyelids? hahaha

After all I am super duper happy with this!!

And I am sharing this as well to you to let you guys know about this amazing treatment as well ^___^

And price for each treatment is Rp 5.400.000

Quite expensive eh?? But compared to real nose job, it is much much cheaper, and safer..

But don't worry, right now their clinic is giving away a super big discount for 10 readers of mine!!!!


I almost got heart attack when I heard it because it's half price!!
It goes to Rp 2.700.000 and it's super cheap for this kind of treatment, really
my friend got this job in KL/Thai, I forgot, and it costed her around Rp 7.000.000 o___O

All you have to do is just print this voucher and use it to earn 50% discount for this treatment!
And it is only LIMITED to 10 first customers, so better hurry up to do this, because the deal is super awesome o.o
you wont ever get the deal as good as this anymore leh.. My friends are also considering to get it after saw the real result, so dont lose to them

The deadline to use this voucher is 30 Nov 2012!!

I am not paid to promote this but this is something that's very very worth it and has fair price la.. You get taller nose for 1 year, also can inject the rest to other areas.. Why not??

Ido's Skin Center is located at Jalan Pluit Indah Raya, No.21, Lt.1, Jakarta Utara, Indonesia 14440 It's across Pluit Village Mal. You may come there and get consultation first before deciding with what treatment you should go for. Contact number is 021-6693729 + mail is

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