Review : Lioele Dollish Moisture Pact

December 01, 2012

I am still looking for the best compact powder.. As compact powder is very efficient for touch up and very travel friendly. In fact if I can choose, I much much prefer loose powder. Because the particle is finer and smoother, it is very good to absorb excess oil on face. Also it is smoother and lighter.. But talking about loose powder, I seriously have trauma bringing it outside my make up wardrobe

Because the risk of the powder spreading all over my make up bag is too high

But what if we can get loose powder in compact? o_o Now it's possible!

The powder comes in ordinary round shape metallic packaging, with transparent pink purple-ish color. The decoration is very girlish and sweet, and on the back packaging, the Lioele famous curl decorates it, making it look dreamy.. 

This Lioele Dollish Moisture Pact comes in 4 shades, and I got no 23 in Medium Beige. It contains SPF 30 PA ++ for your sun protection, but considering that it may reflects flash light, I suggest you to avoid using this powder too much at night

At the first sight, this powder looks like ordinary compact powder. It comes with Lioele Puff that's very soft on skin

When you peel off the blue sticker, you may see that it is different than ordinary powder pact

But the fun part is if you twist the pact, the powder pact will be cut off into tiny powder particles that quickly become loose powder.
You see the white part where it has some patterns? When you twist the powder, the white part will cut off the powder on the bottom. But the downside is that it can cut more than I usually need, so I have to be extra careful when twisting it.. 

It is quite difficult to explain with words, nor even pictures can.. All I can say is, try it by yourself LOL

I talk as if the powder is good already haha

But in fact, it is!!! Lemme tell you why!

Usually loose powder will give almost no coverage at all, but it can absorb oil nicely. While on the other side compact powder can give you coverage to smoothen up the skin, but in terms of oil proof, it's still lost to loose powder

And this powder has both of those benefits! 
It makes my skin appears very smoooooothhhhh yet my oily area [I have combination skin] is free of oil for about 6 hours [it's considered pretty good already for me, because it's very hot in Indo o.o ]

Also I must give this product two thumbs up because it's very travel friendly. I dont have to bring my loose powder anymore because this powder is just like two in one/multifunctional product!!

And that's the swatch on my hand.. It doesn't really make difference on picture, but in real life I can tell that my pores is less visible thanks to this powder. Because the particle is very fine, it can cover up skin areas that cannot be concealed with powder pact. It is not wrong to call this product "Dollish Moisture" as well because it gives smooth surface finish like a doll, and quite moisturizing as well. My skin feels so soft after using this powder :3

Now this product becomes my beauty powder for daily usage. Because it contains additional sunblock, and it's very light, so it's safe for everyday use.. 

Final Opinion =

Pros : 
  • Girly design packaging
  • The packaging is strong and not fragile
  • Travel friendly
  • Efficient
  • Comes with 4 shades to choose from [light, medium, pink, green]
  • Gives smooth finish
  • Light coverage, perfect for everyday use
  • Reduce oiliness on skin
  • Moisturizing
  • Soft and light texture
  • Contains SPF 30 PA ++

Cons : 
  • If not careful, may end up twisting too much product

Overall I do love love this product! Need I say more? :P
I rarely use Lioele but I do love this powder and their water BB Cream.. I feel like trying their products more in the future, unfortunately they dont come up with so many make up selections.. 
But if they can come up with such a great product like this powder, I dont see any point making another powder though XP

I got this product from my sponsor MyLovelySister ! They have this product ready-stocked, so you may purchase it directly from their site and get it shipped to your place ASAP.. 

I dont think you will regret this one, because this pact has captures my heart so much <3

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