Review : Oriflame Giordani Gold Jewel Lipstick

December 03, 2012

Yo! I am here again to review beauty products that I recently got! So this month I will shove you with so many beauty products as many as I can.. Before I leave~

This time I'm gonna review Oriflame Giordani Gold Jewel Lipstick that's recently launched in December. Giordani Gold is one of the premium brands from Oriflame, and dont let me telling you about this brand cos obviously you must have known it lol

I still remember when I was young *cough* I usually went with Oriflame :x cos so many friends of mine were selling it and price was reasonable XD

So yeah, let's take a look of this new collection, shall we??

When I showed my mom these lipsticks, she surely falls in love of its luxury that's designed by famous jewelry designer from France, Helene Courtaigne Delalande.

Because the packaging is metallic and shiny, it's quite difficult to take the pictures of these lipsticks
so here's a little better picture from their site lol

Oriflame indonesia only carries 7 shades that match indonesian girls skin tone... I got a chance to try 5 of them anyway ^.^

The lipstick is quite heavy because of the packaging, it contains 4gr product. The size is about same to average lipstick, and the metal decoration on lower area of the lipstick is gorgeous

The lipstick texture is very very creamy so it nicely coats the lips and gives vivid color. It blends beautifully on lips, and the coverage is medium with a little glossy finish. But somehow I feel the rich texture is too thick for everyday use, but there are some who needs more color for their lips so it's a good alternative

My mom has dark lips so obviously she cant wear korean brands as it's too sheer for her.. It's all about preference. As for me, I would love to wear this for a day when I have long activity day. Because of this lipstick longevity on lips is quite good! I wear it for about 5 hours and although the color isn't as bold as when it's first applied, the color still remains and subtle

Here's the swatch on my hand and lips! ^.^

from left to right : Cerice Pink, Peach Kiss, Rose Blossom, Eternal Red, Warm Coral

I love love love peach kiss the most!! ^.^ The color is most wearable for me, for both day and night. Also I use that color the most LOL
I gave my mom the Eternal Red one at last, and she loves it as well! The color, the packaging, and the texture are so her~!

The lipstick is moisturizing as well and helps smoothening my lip wrinkle ;_; you can see from the pictures above

Final Opinion =

Pros : 
  • Luxury gold packaging
  • Creamy texture; evenly coat lips
  • Medium coverage; pigmented
  • Moisturizing

Cons : 
  • Only comes with 7 shades
  • A little bit pricey
  • Too thick for everyday use

I think it may appeal for mature women instead of teenagers more considering the elegant packaging

Price for each lipstick is Rp 198.000 which is a little bit pricey, but considering that it's premium brand from Oriflame so yeah.. But for December only, it will be Rp 138.000!

If you'd like to know more about this product and other line you may visit HERE... And you may purchase it from any Oriflame beauty consultant through their direct selling  :D

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  1. wah aku juga liat di katalog bulan ini cie, emang keliatannya mewah banget yaa tapi kurang cocok sih buat remaja soalnya kemasannya kurang lucu.
    thanks reviewnya cie :*