Shunji Matsuo Cutting Experience

December 20, 2012

Last week I was invited to the newly opened Shunji Matsuo, at Lippo Mal Kemang. I am always in love with anything about Japan, therefore I am pretty excited to try THE REAL Japanese cutting!!

Shintaro offered to bring me to his hair stylist in Tokyo, as he goes to one of the best salons in Tokyo. But now I dont have to go to Japan just to cut my hair, it is not available in Jakarta ^.^

Wanna see??? Read more!

The interior is minimalistic, homey, and simple. The salon itself is very spacious, Also the lighting is super good! In fact the interior design is similar to One Piece Hair Studio [I went to this salon before], but One piece is more colorful. In case you dunno, One Piece and Shunji Matsuo are under same group ^.^ most of the stylists are real japanese, but they can speak english and indo, a little bit lol

They also provided lockers to store your bag!

I went there with simple make up and my wig, and while waiting for my stylist, I decided to Camwhore with Gabby. She's also invited to try the cutting, and because her home is quite near with mine, so she joined my car :D

Oh btw, a funny thing happened to me, while I was camwhoring, one of the receptionists came to me and stared at me...

"Arent you..."

And I was like, "yes?"

"the girl whose hair is very damaged?"


Now I am not remembered as a blogger, but as the girl with damaged hair LOL
And I said yes, I came to One piece before haha how could she remember me.. She said cos no one has more damaged hair than mine lol but when she saw my hair when I opened my wig, although still damaged but she said it's improving!

Thank to my new shampoo and hair treatments, review of innisfree camellia shampoo HERE

still a long way to go, to get my healthy hair back -_-"

moving on, my stylist on that day is Miyuki!! She's very sweet and kind. First she combed my hair -___-" cos it's tangled...

After combed, we discussed what I want, and I said I didnt want to my hair too short, and focus on my bangs instead.. After that my hair was washed!

I wore mini dress, and the staff politely covered my legs with blanket so I didn't feel freezing. This also happened in One Piece before and I feel it's very thoughtful of them.. Most of the time I felt super freezing inside a salon when washing my hair.. So blanket on my legs are seriously warm T___T

Also probable because they have to cover bare legs LOL; 

They used ALL japanese products, including my hair shampoo and conditioner! They also rinsed my hair very very clean, and massaged my head nicely. Only in Shunji Matsuo and One piece I feel that they truly wash my hair properly T___T

On other salons, they just wash for 5 mins and move on, in here they spent like 10-15 minutes I think.. 

I'm ready to cut hair~~!!

Miyuki was cutting my hair

After it's done, they blew dry my hair first, to move on to second cut

Btw, they use Sharp hair dryer that if I am not mistaken, is also used in every japanese salons, because they have nano system or what, so hair wont be damaged by blow drying your hair!!
That also explains why my hair feels so airy on that day ^.^

After finished blow drying my hair, she moved on to give layers and dimentions on my hair, something that cannot be done while hair is still wet.. Most salons just cut your hair while it's wet but when it's dry, it will look shorter and different! o___o

That's her basic layer cut, and it looks so natural and very very airy!!!! *__*

See the natural layers!!!

Okay so in fact Miyuki wanted to make the bangs below my eyebrows, because it's nicer, but I told her that I am going to travel to Japan soon and I want to look best there lol so it's better to cut the bangs shorter for now so by the time I arrive in Japan, the bangs will be on perfect length!

So, please see the best hair style 2 weeks from now on hahhaa!

SUPER LOVE the layers she did for me! T_______T 

Here's the price btw.. It's pricey, I must admit. But I think it's normal price in Japan.. And also the stylists, products, and style are all Japanese, and it's something that other salons do not offer

As for myself, I am very satisfied with the cutting! 
If you want to come to the salon, go look for MIYUKI! ^.^

She cut my hair very neatly and spent so much time and effort to make sure my hair is even and perfect on every angles!!!


I was quite afraid because I was planning to go to normal salon to cut hair, but when I go to shibuya, people will notice that my hair cut is bad. Now im not afraid because japanese stylist has cut my hair so I am even with japanese girls!!

Japan, beware!! LOL

Last pic with Miyuki.. She's very photogenic! My mom likes her a lot [yes mom got her hair cut too by her haha]

Shunji Matsuo is located at Lippo Mal Kemang. You may come to their salon to try their service ^_^ I do recommend it because their staffs are all so professional, kind, and put so much effort on their work!
Thank you Shunji Matsuo for inviting me ^.^

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