My 2012 Biggest Project

December 22, 2012

I'm so teary right now because all the jobs are done... 
And now I can reveal you the project.. That I have been working on for about.. half a year? or more?

I didn't want to reveal it before hand because I do not like revealing something that is not done yet..

I am making a book :omg: :whaaa:

A make up tutorial book :makeup::makeup::makeup:


Just a sneak peek pictures of the book. If you want to read and learn, must buy at your nearest bookstore la LOL

I was contacted by the publisher LONG before, they were browsing around bloggers in Indo and they decided to go with me. At first I was hesitant because

1. I am not a make up artist :regret:
2. I dont think my make up is better than other bloggers  :regret:
3. I am in fact very busy with other jobs and projects as well :regret:

But after consulted with my mom, she supported me and said that it's a new experience that not everyone can get. And I always love writing, so why not take it as a next level? :star::star::star::stars:

Besides, nothing to lose! 

My friends also supported me a lot within this project, and some of them even became models on this book. You may notice that I also include 2 beauty bloggers in this book!! Rini Cecillia and Silke Gianti! All the models are my friends! :mrgreen: 

They had to keep her mouth shut up for MONTHS cos I told them to :lolpastel:

Also, so many people ask me to do more tutorials so here you go, all the demands are satisfied :lolpastel::lolpastel::lolpastel:


It is in fact scheduled to be finished in November, but because of so many things, it's delayed to January
And I cannot make the launching event on that time, because I will be in Japan :(

But when I go back to Jakarta, the launching events will be held, and I will invite all of you :loveword:

The book contains about 80 pages, and I am still unsure about the price but I can tell that it's not gonna be expensive :oops:

It will be available at your nearest bookstore from 2013 January :oops::oops::oops:
So if you want to learn make up, and want to support me, please buy the book :mrgreen: :loveword::loveword::loveword:

The book contains Japanese, Korean, and Western Make Up.. 
So although if you're not a fan of my japanese make up, you can try other looks!

Yes, I always said I was busy . Now you guys know why :depressed: 
Making book isn't as easy as I thought.. Phew! :regret::regret::regret:

Hopefully, it wont be delayed anymore... T_T

Oh anyway, I also need to warn you that I am in fact unsatisfied with my own make up and shoot :regret::regret::regret:

1. During the photoshoot of make up steps I didn't use circle lenses because I was having eyes irritation T_T  
2. I use pinkcoco wig so it looks kinda fake.. Wish I had discovered brightlele before  
3. All the shoes are about 38/39 size, to match the majority size. While mine is 35, sometimes even 35 still a little too big for me :regret::regret::regret: So I had to shove tissues inside the shoes but I was still very uncomfortable in standing so I was very awkward in posing and only could stand still, trying to not fall. And this is, the worst of the all.. 
4. In case you all dont believe, just say that I am indeed ugly in real life la lol that's why the photo came out bad lol you're welcome, I say that before someone point it out hahaha

one of the shoes that I wore.. I had shoved so many tissues inside the shoes, but still it's too big for me.. It's a nice pumps, but wardrobe is not only for me, it is for other models too.. so I sacrificed my foot lol

By the time this book is being sold, I will probably not be present. So if you have purchased the book, please let me know! ^.^ you can tag me on twitter and give me your opinion! 

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  1. wow, congrats for your first book stell~ can't wait till January~ I want to buy it <3 *I hope the price is affordable :p*

  2. Wow congrats!!
    I hope I can buy online one day ;D
    I loveee your makeup tutorials!!

  3. wow kereeennn stel ^^ sukses ya buat launching bukunya ;D

  4. Dear Stella,

    congrats for your book... BTW, Please check my friend's new beauty page called Lolabox...

    thx b4 dear...

  5. 35??? what a tiny feet .___.
    btw congrats for the book XD
    ditunggu launchingnya :P

  6. WOW Sugoi!! :D I'll buy it for sure!! <3

  7. Wahhh.... sukses ya kak buat ngelaunching bukunya.
    Can't wait for the book, i'll buy it if the price quite reasonable to my pocket ^^

  8. congrats tel! finally dispread jg newsnyaa...
    can't wait to buy your book xD

  9. congratulations stella!
    happy for you!
    will try to get the book for sure!
    quite thick juga ya? ada banyak ya tutorialnya? asiiik~ :3