Review : Lioele Dollish Moisture Lipstick

December 24, 2012

I always love reviewing lipstick :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3:! Simply because I love to see the colors comparison ! Although I hardly go for bold colours, and always pick "safe zone" which are nude, peach, coral, and pink.. It is always interesting to see the colours:hearts3:

So today's lipstick review is from Lioele, and it's from their Dollish Moisture range!

Read more for further info! :hearts3:

The box and the lipstick packaging comes with a gorgeous color combination, black and pink :hearts3: It makes this lipstick looks professional yet somewhat feminine! I love love classy packaging because it will look somewhat more expensive :lolpastel:

Underneath the lipstick, the shade number is printed

from left to right = no 1 - 10
Apricot Beige, Nudy Coral, Baby Peach, Flower Pink, Baby Pink, Nudy Pink, Elegance Rose, Maple Brown, Bordeaux Wine, Madonna Wine

Lioele Dollish Moisture Lipstick comes with 10 shades to choose from. It comes from nude, orange, coral, pink, and red! Love how it is very easy to pull off, especially everyday look!

from left to right =
 01 Apricot Beige, 02 Nudy Coral, 03 Baby Peach, 04 Flower Pink, 05 Baby Pink

from left to right =
06 Nudy Pink, 07 Elegance Rose, 08 Maple Brown, 09 Bordeaux Wine, 10 Madonna Wine

Here's the swatch on my wrist =

from left to right = no 1 - 10
Apricot Beige, Nudy Coral, Baby Peach, Flower Pink, Baby Pink, Nudy Pink, Elegance Rose, Maple Brown, Bordeaux Wine, Madonna Wine

I LOVE the colours!! And I can hardly pick my most favorite color ;( I bet all the colors can be pulled off easily! The lipstick is also very pigmented, I only swipe 1/2 times to produce that high quality color. The result is in fact, matte, but it still has some glossiness that makes your lips healthy

And here's how it looks like on my lips =

As you can see that the colors are in fact ALL are very wearable and can be applied for doll make up! In fact, madonna red is perfect for gothic doll look :lolpastel: But if you notice, my lips look very drying, especially on first half of the lipsticks swatch :(

The lipstick is very creamy so it makes the lines on wrinkles more obvious too.. 

Make sure you use a lot of lip balm beforehand, and the best way to apply this lipstick for me is by patting the lipstick on lips instead of swiping it.. That way, it will produce more natural and blendable colour ^^

Final Opinion = 

Pros :
  • Comes with wearable shades
  • Classy packaging
  • Has sweet candy fragrance
  • Opaque result
  • Gives matte, and a little gloss finish
  • Gives natural doll-like finish

Cons : 
  • Very drying
  • Considered expensive for Korean Brand lipstick
  • The color doesn't last long

I got these lovely lipsticks to swatch and review from Rie Butik! She's very nice to always give many colored products for review :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3: You can place your order from them as they sell cosmetics very affordably. Some complain that they reply late, but the owner is expecting a child right now so yeah, there are only staffs doing it, so please understand ^.^ :hearts3:

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