2012 in One Post + 2013 Resolution

December 30, 2012

2012 is about to end, and i am about to spend my New Year in Japan.. And while you're reading this, I am probably sleeping on a plane, on my way to Tokyo.. Looking back now, I hardly can believe that 2012 is probably the year that makes me becoming a different person :loveword:

I experience so many things that I have never expected before... Both good, and bad. It all came for a purpose, I believe. To make me stronger, and a better person. I learn a lot this year, and I feel like I have becoming more mature, yet somehow I lose a little bit of my cheerfulness though. And I blame adult life :x
In total, this year, I have made 215 posts, including this one.. That means I blog at least once every 2 days, such a hardworking blogger :lolpastel: :heartcat:

This post probably means nothing to you, but being someone who loves history, I love writing a post to make me remember about what have been so far.. Reminiscing this past year  :oops:

I always feel that my life is for a purpose, and so are everyone. Our lives are connected each other. And whatever someone does, directly or indirectly will affect my life. And the same goes on me...

I dont know if I have affected anyone yet, but I just hope that it's for good cause
I always feel that I have achieved a lot, yet havent achieved nothing
I feel that my life is perfect already, but I know I have a long way to go to reach my goal  :oops:

There are so many things that I didn't expect for being through.. And I didn't expect that I could become someone the way I am now..  :oops:
Btw for serious talk, I suddenly become very emo :lolpastel:
Anyway I also have made my resolution for 2012 and so far I think I almost complete my resolution, so all is good

This year a lot of memorable events are =

  • L'Arc~en~Ciel World Tour Concert in Indonesia :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3: I watched my favorite band ever, L'Arc~en~Ciel, on the first row, VIP ticket, and even I screamed at Hyde and I think he saw me *delusional* wtf :lolpastel: I've been loving this band for almost 10 years and they're the first concert that I attend to
  • 1st Vlog for Seoul Day 1 :hearts3: Being invited to South Korea by Etude House, and have a not-so-wonderful-trip-cos-of-rude-Koreans, but tried my best to enjoy the trip to the fullest 
  • A Lot Of Publications o.o :hearts3: Featured on a lot of magazines, including made appearance on Detik.com where my mom's so proud of it and prints the articles to spread wtf :lolpastel:
  • Japan I am coming!! :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3: At last, survived and managed to earn enough money for holiday in Japan, something that I had never thought I could do it in age 20.. 
  • I made my first book! :hearts3::hearts3: I always thought that I would make a manga book or a fiction novel when I was a child, but now I make a make up book :lolpastel:

Okay, so all are my achievements through blogging, but L'Arc~en~Ciel concert is in fact out of context :lolpastel: sorry, but i adore them so much so obviously must put it on my list hahaha..  :loveword::loveword::loveword:

Overall I think I did quite good job in my life on this year, but I still think that I should do more :x
So I am gonna have my 2013 resolutions soon
But the main point is, I cannot achieve all thise things without you guys!! [Exclude the L'arc en ciel concert]

So I am very very THANKFUL toward every single one of you who made all this thing happen. I dont know why I am so blessed to have so many nice readers T_____T :loveword::loveword::loveword::loveword::loveword:

I may not be the prettiest, nor the smartest in english, nor even the best in make up T___T
I can list you other bloggers that are far better than me, but truly, thank you for staying with me all this year, although I am very imperfect person.. But your supports mean a lot. And I will keep improving myself, and my blog, to let you enjoy this more and more, so you will get addicted to it :lolpastel:


Anyway, I also want to make a goal for myself in 2013... Last year goals are achieved almost completely, so let's see what 2013 will bring to me

  • Get more job offers, and earn more money :oops:
  • Pay for my family trip in Summer, I think Bali?
  • Promote my book and make it success :lolpastel:
  • Open more beauty classes
  • Blog more, as most of you demand..
  • Go overseas at least once again this year, even better, Japan again :lolpastel: 
  • Finish the installment payment of my stuffs T_T
  • Achieve better scores in uni, or at least, not make it below than my current score
  • Finish all the projects that I am handling right now, successfully
  • Become a better blogger, and person
  • And, Live this life to the fullest happily, I just wanna be happy :lolpastel:

Hmm I think my goal in life is not very high lol just standart hahaha...
Well to be honest since in 2012 I watched L'Arc en Ciel and Miyavi, I wish next year I could watch either GACKT, Ayumi Hamasaki, or Big Bang [missed this one T_T cos no money at that time] !! I want to watch Arashi but it is impossible...


Btw, I think I am gonna post a lot of useless posts while I am in Japan, you know, just spamming my blog with all the cute things there :heartcat::heartcat::heartcat:
Who knows I may post like 3 times a day, like food, so this blog can be your appetizer :lolpastel:

But for now, good bye, and THANK YOU!!


By the time you read this post, I am probably somewhere on plane, on my way to Japan
Oh yes tokyo!!!
May end up kissing haneda's security wtf

I'm scheduling this post so you can read it although I am not present LOL

Talk to you soon!


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  1. Have fun Stella!! btw if you happen to accidentally bump into either Gackt or hyde on the street somewhere in Tokyo, plis plis plis titip salam xDD lol
    Ditunggu post nya ya! excited to read your trip post cuz I really loveeee Japan as well! :)
    Take care! xx