Happy New Year 2012 Everyone! + My Resolutions :D

January 02, 2012

YO YO everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!!

I'm sorry, I know it's supposed to be published at 31st Dec or 1st Jan but 31st Dec I went out with my friends till dawn, and on the 1st, I spent all day by sleeping and downloading stuffs for my laptop, yeah, my HDD failed to be fixed so I have to fill my laptop again :( Anywayyyy.. So here's what I do for at New Year's Eve!

In fact I had plan to spend it with my university's friends or with my Japanese-lover friends, but due to some problems about transportation or someone couldn't join, it's failed. Therefore I managed to go with my high school friends, as it's also easier because they lived in same area with me. For the past 2 years I have been celebrating New Year with em, so this makes 3 years! Hahaha

from left = Billy, Tara, Brenda

But usually about 12 people will show up, this time dunno only 4 gathered :| The rest are people who are in relationship, or about to reach that state! AWESOME #foreveralone

so this group consists of #foreveralone , united to become #togetheralone T____T HAHAHAHA

moving on, usually it's held in my place but this time we rushed to Brenda's place instead. Her mom treated us for western style dinner! ANDDDDD!! I ATE A TURKEY !!!!

never in my life I got a whole Turkey in front of me #poorstudent T___T And Turkey is so expensive, also it's not a tradition to eat Turkey here because we have no Thanksgiving Day. So we ate Thanksgiving menu in New Year? lol not bad, hahahaha

super big lor! But Brenda's mom said that this is the smallest Turkey she could find, usually it would be bigger at Thanksgiving. WUTTT!!!! *___*

SO SO, Turkey and ME!

I think my shot is better to show you how big it is in real, so here's Brenda's pic lol


Look at how happy those child are! LOL

In case you're wondering, yea I didn't doll up nor wear gyaru make up at that time la, because my friends are almost like my family and they only put shirt + hot pants only, well hello there bare skin! hahaha

Then after that, we went Skype with Marco who was in San Fransisco at that time ! :D While waiting for New Year, we spent it by playing cards, watching movies, and so on, just enjoy the time :)

And so 11p.m we went out to play fireworks! Brenda's mom bought a bunch of it and we played it over 1 hours, but this is when the shit happened, my cam battery died =___= it's such a pity because all the fireworks we played are cool and so fun! And the area where i lived also had super big awesome fireworks for a hour. Whatever la, I've learned that pictures can go away, but the memories cannot :) *referring to my broken HDD* hahaha


2011 has become a great year for me, I've done a lot, but haven't done more. 2011 also becomes the first year that I am into blogging seriously, which brought me to expand friendships and have so many awesome moments. So let's see what I have done in 2011 =


What I didn't expect is, my blog can become this big, not popular, but I used to only have 7 viewers on December 2009, that's a month. Now on December 2011, I have about 78,000 page views per month  T_____T :heart:

Never thought that I would come to a path where I have so many companies trust to feature their products on my blog, nor even giveaway. I think it's one of the biggest change in my life in 2011! Blogging has given me a lot for the past 6 months, yes I am into blogging seriously only when I purchased my own domain stellalee.net on August 2011. Thank you for all the readers that still read my blog, if you have any suggestion to make my blog better and more fun, or if you want to suggest any event or request a post, dont be shy, just contact me and I will try my best to fulfill it! ^___^

I am also thankful that I still have chance to live and study, and eat. There are so many things that I have to do before I die, and I'm grateful that I'm alive, at least for now, dunno if I Stepped out of my room and I found out that I was awaited by zombie, and die, wtf lol

ANYWAYYYY, here's my resolutions in 2012 =

  • Become a better blogger, give much more specific and better review, with honesty

  • Hold more giveaways or contests for my readers! ^_^

  • Move away my beauty addictions a little to buy fashion stuffs more, I have too many beauty products already :S

  • Achieve great scores on univ, at least, not have lower score than what I have now

  • Earn money, a lot! lol

  • Go trip at least to one country = Singapore, Thailand, Japan, China :|

  • Saving for Iphone

  • Be healthy

  • Be closer to God

  • Have great social life with a bunch of friends of mine

  • Meet with my lovely readers again ? :D If only you want it :)

  • Improve my gyaru style more and more

  • Get my hair reach butt LOL and make it healthy :D

  • Meet / have skype with Gackt-san *gets killed* LOL


Hahahaha, or at least thats what I could mention now, I'm not someone who will put resolutions but everyone asked me to, so yeah. I'm more into, when I need to do it or want it, I will work for it! So if something happens in the middle of year, I will make it one of my resolutions as well XD

So yeah, thank you for reading this post, readers! I will make a lot of posts this month because I'm in holiday, so please wait for it ^_^

What's your 2012 Resolutions?! Lemme know :D <3

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