Preparation for Chinese New Year

January 13, 2012

Hola everybody! I thought of making a make up reviews as there are so many products stacked up on my desk, waiting to be reviewed, but I am in lazy mode on as some problems up and down going in my life *slaps myself* But I will do that okay, soon! Now, since some of you, and P' KAFAAK requested to see my haul, I am posting this up. At first I decided to not publish it but okay la, just take it ok! Apologiesss...!!!!

I got all of these unbranded ok, I dont really like spending my clothes for branded stuffs as I buy often, and get bored easily. And since it's about to be Chinese New Year, I shopped a little more than usual


You may see me wearing this on my New Year's Eve post lol this is quite comfy to wear so I just grabbed it. Mom said I needed more colors in my wardrobe


Washed jeans, I looked for ripped denim instead but didn't find what I liked so I just took this one. I need new jeans for campus as all my old jeans are too big for me now


Green Military long dress


Skull Top, this one is super comfy and stretchable! Got Black and white coz i like it! :D


This black dress is super amazing in real life, it looks so glam and perfect for night out. Stupid me, I am seriously bad in taking fashion photography so all my fashion hauls look cheap. I shall learn! Anybody can teach me how? lol


Knitted Sweater!


BARGAIN! 3 leopard tank top! All with different size of leopard pattern! ;D I used to like leopard a lot years back, but then I got bored of it. Now I'm back with leopard! YAY! =D


Black Fur Top! Love love love this one the most! Looks so nice in real! Okay la you may think I bluff as all these products look cheap, but its just because I am shitty in taking fashion photography. Thats why I'm not a fashion blogger lol

My friend, Bella, is also coming back from Taiwan for CNY so I asked her to get me over knee high boots over there! Its half price than if I buy from Rakuten, so yeah!

Anyway, I planned to wear the black fur top for CNY, but mom's against it. She told me she doesnt like me wearing black anymore, she loves me wearing white and pink -_- but now I've decided to become ROKKU GYARU again, so yeah, I bring back all my old rocker clothes, including leopard + chain + skull :heart:

So up to now, I'm still not sure what I shall wear for CNY :-S


Anyway for this holiday, I mostly spend my leisure time by talking with my old friends that I didn't keep in touch while I was studying. Because my schedule was super hectic and I even barely had enough time to sleep. So of course now is the time to be with them again! Apart of spending time with my friends, I played my NDS again and got addicted to Tokimeki Memorial. It's an otome game from Japan, dating sim and we can pick who we want to be with! 8D I played the 1st and 2nd version, nonstop until almost no sleep, no eat, and no shower also LOL

Telling ya, I'm quite a gamer so if I play one game, I wont do anything beside finish it! And what's worst is, I forgot date, and I missed my mom's birthday! :| Such a bad child I am! So I stopped playing already now! My best friend's birthday, my brother's, and my father's are also coming soon so I think I really need to stop it otherwise I will forget the rest. Hectic birthday schedule! >__<

Anyway, probably the biggest thing happened in this holiday is, I bought an Iphone! :D By myself la ok! I worked hard to have this one, and been wanting for this for ages T____T  Mom wanted to buy it for me but I declined because in fact, I don't really need a new phone. I just want it. So I dont want her to spend any more money for me. As long as I can purchase it by myself and I don't really need it, I dont need her to buy it for me la

And I bought this phone impulsively #pokerface

To be honest, it's a big reason, but also a not-that-important, but for me, I dont want to miss a chance, so I bought it. You dont understand? Great, because I dont think I am supposed to tell the reason on my blog LOL *gets kicked* I cannot say the reason why I buy this, but just please forgive me, readers? I promise I wont spend any more money soon!! TAKE MY WORDS! T____T

I will fast purchasing make up as well! Really! T_____T

*cannot see my wallet anymore, too painful*

Anyway, here are some pics from my iphone!

Lunch at Pepper Lunch with Mom

Not-Really-Fashion of the Day. I wore the knitted sweater from the haul! :D

This is super minimal make up! i only put lens, liner, blush, and lipstick. Mom doesn't like me going out full make up with her, and I only have like 30 minutes to shower and dress up #lameexcuse

Sochii said I looked so weird and different 8DDD;; do I look that different? hahahaha

 I'm still learning how to use Iphone camera correctly! But then, after bought it for only 3 days, my Iphone crashed and I had to bring it to service center #pokerface Now it's staying overnight there. I seriously have no idea what I did to it #killsmyself so I was a little down, and thats why this crap blog post born! LOL

I hope you dont mind reading this shitty post

Please, still love me ok! Because I love you all :-D

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