Monday, January 30, 2012

Biore 2 in 1 Cleansing Wash Review



Just a quick review about one of my best find in drugstore. I have owned this product for a while, but I just have time to blog about this. I know that Biore made a good make up remover as when a friend of me back from Japan, she brought a tons of Biore Cleanser, and I tried hers, and it's amazing! Not to mention the cheap price!

So when it makes an appearance on my local supermarket, I grabbed it without thinking. For only $4 per bottle, I think that it's pretty affordable


My first impression of the product is that it's cute as the packaging is in pink. But it looks kinda cheap, and the bottle is in plastic. Though I prefer to have plastic bottle but I always want to have unique and pretty packaging. But well, can't expect that from a drugstore product right?

This Cleansing Wash promises you to clean your make up + wash your face in one step only. So you dont have to do double cleansing. I mostly use this when I am super tired after party or what, and I want to go sleep as soon as possible


The texture is quite watery yet thick, so a little goes a long way. This product will last for quit a long time because of it.


So this is the photo where I draw eyeliner on my hand. I put a little Biore 2 in 1 Cleansing Wash + water there. Then on the next picture I rub it a little, and you guys can see that it cleanses really thorough! o____O Rinse it off with water, and it's super clear!

I've tried tested it to clean my COMPLETE Make up by only use this product by swapping cotton pad with toner, to see if there's any residue left. And guess what, NONE!!! It's super CLEAN! I am super impressed!

Though the downside, I feel that it dries out my skin so much, so I have to slap a good amount of moisturizer after using this product >_<;

Final Opinion

Pros :

  • CHEAP!

  • Available in any local supermarket

  • Cleanse thoroughly

  • 2 in 1 Cleanser. Make up cleanser + facial wash

Cons :

  • Dries out my skin

  • Packaging looks cheap [well, since it is?]

I seriously recommend this if you want to have a good make up cleanser without paying a ridiculous amount. This product seriously makes a good result, though it has down side as well. I'm planning to stock again when I run out of it. After all it's so cheap too! You can easily find this on your local supermarket, I got mine from Carefour! Price is about Rp35.000 / $4! AMAZING! :O


Fenn said...

oh well, I've seen one before at carrefour but I thought it was too expensive for a mere facial wash.
Didn't know that it works as cleanser as well. I guess I should totally buy one since I hate multiple step in cleaning make up, its such a bother.

yo chan said...

di farmer 31.900 loh, gw pake juga ^^

Stella Lee said...

oh ya? agak2 lupa harganya pokoknya skitar 30-40, which is quite affordable sih buat make up cleanser :D

Stella Lee said...

yes if it's only a facial wash, it's expensive. But as it works for double cleansing, I find this on is such a steal!
But still, drying out my skin ):

Shasha said...

Wow ternyata hasil akhirnya bersih banget ya.. sering lihat di carefour cuman belum pernah nyobain..
Btw sis, ikutan polling giveawayku yuk:
Thank you ya :)

Stella Lee said...

Bersih banget kok, aku kagum sama nih produk :D cuman emang jadi kering kulitnya :(

Shasha said...

pingin ikutan yg kontes kanebo nya say..cuman aku domisilinya di sby bukan di jkt :(

thanks ya udah ikutan polling, nanti kalau jadi giveawaynya ikutan lg ya :)

Stella Lee said...

Wah sayang skali, next time yah kalo kontesnya sluruh Indonesia :D
sip :yes:

Simple Person said...

I wonder how ur dressing table n ur bathroom looks like?
Must b full lots of "THINGS" :-D

Stella Lee said...

Ahahahaha! It's so messy, and because I hate it, I give a lot of stuffs to my girlfriends and cousins, even stuffs that I haven't opened :\

Chino-chan said...

Udah sering liat tapi belon cobain.. :D keknya perlu dicoba nihh...lagi nyari cleanser yang praktis hehehe... thanks for review :-D

Stella Lee said...

sama-samaaa :D oke kok ini :3

Isaac Tan said...

throw one for me .. i want to have smooth smooth clean skin too :P

Stella Lee said...

you can get it in KL too lor!

Vheii said...

love the one like tissue~ XDD *lazy people lalala~*

interested with Biore's make-up remover cuz xiaxue posted 'bout it and its true O_O pingin coba semuanyaaaa packaging yang buat eye remover menggoda

Stella Lee said...

the tissue one in Indo is not that good compared to the genuine Japan biore >_< I've tried my friend's and it's totally different! ):

Camy said...

nice! i should try out too! :)

Stella Lee said...

Yeah! I'd like to see your review too ^_^

Anonymous said...

ini bs bwt dipake daily ga ya?
kulit ku jg jd agak kering abs pake ini

Stella Lee said...

bisa daily kok. tapi seperti yang kubilang, emang jadi kering abis pake ini. so, pake pelembab yang ckup hehe

cmiw said...

Yeaaa I super super <3 it, it's also good at cleasing makeup brushes, and super affordable! loveyloveylove

Stella Lee said...

I've tried cleansing my make up brushes by that, it's really clean but I feel that the brushes become a little harsher, so I stopped using it :(

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