Saturday, January 7, 2012

Urban Decay Naked Palette Review and Swatch



Finally I got the chance to try the almighty super famous Urban Decay Naked Palette! Naked Palette has been the most loved eyeshadow palette. Due to its popularity, almost every counters that sell it are out of the stocks, so it's become very limited. Now they have launched the Naked II but lets still take a look to the original one, shall we? :)


This long, lean, and seductive case comes packed with 12 gorgeous neutrals that work for absolutely everyone. Shades range from delicate champagne to gritty gunmetal, and feature five stunning new shades. A variety of textures, including glitter, shimmer, and matte, ensure that you'll never get bored. This versatile palette can go from office appropriate to a night on the town. The mirrored case also features a new professional-quality, cruelty-free Good Karma Eyeshadow Brush, plus a travel-size Eyeshadow Primer Potion in original formula.



Virgin is a nude eyeshadow with satin finishes. This color is perfect for base color, or highlight on the inner corner and browbone, also on the center of your eyelids, this will brighten up your eyes more

Sin is a champagne shimmer eyeshadow that's perfect as a base color or for inner corner. It has warm undertone and shimmer makes eyes look brighter without looking too much

Naked is a buff matte eyeshadow, and for those with fair skin, you can use this color to contour your eyes and nose. I personally love to use it to blend my eyeshadow with my skin therefore it won't look too harsh. Also if you have medium-tan skin, you can use this to highlight your nose bridge and browbone to give natural effect. Versatile eyeshadow color that's needed by everyone

Sidecar is a beige sparkle eyeshadow that can be used on your eyelid, or for natural look, go with it on your outer corner. Mix it with lighter color on the inner corner to create a beautiful

Buck is a brown matte eyeshadow that has become my favorite in this palette! I use it to fill my eyebrows, contour my eyes and nose, and to create depth on my eyes. I mostly use it on my crease to create deep set of eyes. Or, when I am in hurry, I put it on my eyelids up to my crease and blend it to create a soft smokey brown eye! Love love love this color!

Half Baked is my second favorite color from this palette, its a golden bronze shimmery color. This is super pretty, I mostly use it on my inner corner to brighten up my eyes. But if you want to have a glamorous look, you can use it all over your eyelid and it doesn't look like disco ball at all. Super pretty

Smog is the golden brown shimmer. I mostly use it together with half baked to create gradation color. It's a warm undertone


Darkhorse is a bronze-plum shimmer eyeshadow with cool unertone, I mostly use it on my outer V to create more definition on my eyes. It has less shimmer than Smog, so if you want to have a little shimmer on your outer corner but not too much, go for this one

Toasted is the taupe-bronze eyeshadow. I rarely use this color as somehow it's a little too reddish for my preference

Hustle is a mocha shimmer color that can be perfect for night out. I mainly use it for simple smokey eye like what I do with Buck, but because it has shimmer, it gives more sexy and sultry look on the eyes

Creep is the near-black metallic and the darkest eyeshadow among all. I wish they would provide matte black eyeshadow instead so it's easier to blend with the others, or to line my eyes with it.

Gunmetal is a cool dark grey metallic. I mostly mix it with creep eyeshadow to create smokey eye, the combination of the colors makes a cool smokey eye look. Although I dont use it alone as it can make eyes look a little puffy, and I still have difficulties to pair this color with other colors other than black



Top = Without UDPP. Bottom = With UDPP [Without Flash]

Left to right = Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Halfbaked, Smog, Darkhoarse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, Gunmental


Top = Without UDPP. Bottom = With UDPP [With Flash]

Left to right = Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Halfbaked, Smog, Darkhoarse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, Gunmental


Top = Without UDPP. Bottom = With UDPP


Top = Without UDPP. Bottom = With UDPP


If you ask me how much I love the palette, I may say that


I've never had eyeshadows goes so smooth and nice on eyes/skin, also the eyeshadows itself are pretty pigmented even if you dont use eye primer. From natural, glamorous, to sexy look, can be achieved easily this awesome palette. The eyeshadows don't fall down easily either which is surprising due to many shimmers there. The colors can be used by everyone from fair to dark, and it can blended easily. All the eyeshadows are in high quality and very versatile.

It also comes with a mini size of the famous Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer to make your eyeshadow lasting longer as well. And the brush that comes with the palette is not like any other cheap eyebrush, but instead its the full size Urban Decay Good Karma Eyeshadow Brush. It picks up and delivers amazing result, so it's definitely a good investment!

Although the palette looks so big, but it's really slim and travel friendly. Besides, the packaging is not something that can be easily broken down so don't worry to bring it with you when youre traveling :-D

The original price from Urban Decay store is 49USD, but this palette can go as high as 99USD on ebay! Crazy right! Mine is sponsored by BeautyofDiva. If you ask me if the palette is expensive or not? I think no, because if you ask the real value, its definitely more than it

This set contains:
- 12 x 0.05 oz shadows --> but 17 USD each for the single Urban Decay eyeshadow
- Good Karma Eyeshadow Brush --> but 26 USD if you buy separately
- 0.13 oz Travel-size Eyeshadow Primer Potion --> but 19 USD for full size UDPP

So yeah, it's definitely a worth to buy product, and it can also last you for a really long time. Besides, a good make up brush can last forever if you take care of it properly. Now I understand why this palette is the most famous one in this planet, because it's definitely worth every single penny lol

Final Opinion :

Pros :

  • Sleek and classy packaging

  • Good Value!

  • Comes with a great eyeshadow brush

  • The eyeshadows go on smooth and blendable

  • The colors are really versatile and pigmented

  • Contains all the high quality products from Urban Decay

  • Travel Friendly

  • The shades can be used by everyone's skin tone

  • The eyeshadows don't fall out

  • The eyeshadows last long even without eye primer's help

Cons :

  • Rare - Limited, Difficult to purchase

Fuh that's a long entry, but I have tendency to babble a lot of a product that I like. So yeah, you know how much I love this produc


So you all can check by yourself how great this palette is. Having one high quality eyeshadow palette that can be used on various occasions is not a sin lol

Are you confident and proud with your current eyeshadow palette? For me, I am!


Isaac Tan said...

I love the names, lol! so unique

Shyr said...

Hi Stella!
I have always wanted the NAKED palette!
I bought it for someone else as a christmas gift but never bought it for myself.
Now that they released the NAKED 2 I have to check it out and conpare it to the original one. Maybe I'll get one for my birthday soon. :)

Supia Chao said...

A great review of NAKED!! Its true that is difficult to purchase especially in Asia. And your post only make me want it more.

Fenn said...

the palette looks gorgeous! and so many youtube gurus are using it. probably should get one also. why don't you do FOTD with naked palette? would love to see that

Stella Lee said...

I've been wanting for this palette for longgggg timeeeee toooooo!!! And it seriously meets my expectation! ;D

Stella Lee said...

Because I will be making a tutorial using this palette soon ^_^ :heart: please wait for it

Stella Lee said...

I'm pretty sure that both NAKED are gorgeous, but NAKED I has more warm undertones, and NAKED II contains black matte eyeshadow [which I adore!]
Pick any that you find suitable for you dear :D Good luck :heart:

Stella Lee said...

I know GUYS love the name lol

Joanna said...

Omgosh Urban Decay! I want it so bad! But I can't afford it right now. :(

Stella Lee said...

lets save money XDDD because its definitely worth every single penny!

pricillia said...

love the palette!I think i'm gonna gett the 2nd palette
followed your blog,follow back pls:)

Stella Lee said...

I'd love to try the NAKED II too!! ^________^

Jess said...

Huaaaaa...I wanna get this palette..and the 2nd 1 s well but so pricey T.T I've spent so much already cosmetics T.T

Stella Lee said...

it is far much valuable and worth compared to dolly wink eyeshadow LOL imo

edith said...

l0ove the palette!!!!! ;)

D~tan said...

I love the Naked palette, and am waiting to get Naked 2 right now :D

I would suggest getting this as well if you're a UD fan:
This palette is completely SOLD OUT in the US as it was a limited edition item. I use this palette so much and the cover is a mirror and the bottom is a jewelry box! Love love love them!

jess said...

I know. It's been on my list for awhile now. I am just waiting to get a job so I have enough money to buy it xp

Stella Lee said...

go find a job, nao! LOL

Stella Lee said...

I love it too~ :D

Stella Lee said...

Yea! I'm planning to get that one too! :D
I'm already impressed by NAKED so I dont mind to try their other palettes as well as I believe its high quality
Thanks for telling me! I'll be waiting for NAKED II review on ur blog! :D

Chloe said...

This palette is amazing right?! Super beautiful!

Stella Lee said...

Pretty amazing! I'm impressed! Have u tried it?! :D

Emy said...

OMG Stella I am so jealous!


Stella Lee said...

why jealous, emy xD

jessie said...

ive been craving for this pallette but have no luck of finding it lol
nice to meet you stella ;)


nisa said...

arrrgghhh stelllaaaaaa....bnran deh jd pengen naked palette!!!! racun bgt iihh >__<

Stella Lee said...

Yea! Because it's very limited! Not everyone who wants it can get this palette! XDD But you can try , dunno why they're able to stock many naked! :D
nice to meet you too jess ^_^

Stella Lee said...

wahahahaha. Tapi emang worth banget nis, esedonya keluar banget en bisa dipake buat ngantor, tapi tetep bisa dimodif jadi glamor kalo kita ada event 8D *cekokin racunnya makin dalem*

nisa said...

kayanya bagusan yg ini yaa dibanding naked palette II...ahhh jahat nihh aku dicekokin naked palette!!! tp sumpah mupeng bgt :-P

Stella Lee said...

kalo naked II, ak demen ada matte black eyeshadownya, yang notabene lebih asik dipakenya yah :b
cuman kalo yang naked I, lebih banyak warmnya sih.. dan dia dapet UDPP kan
kalo yang naked II kan dapetnya gloss :o warnanya juga ak kurang demen :S

ayo beliiii XDDD hahha

Marissa said...

Urband Decay eyeshadows are rad. I have an old old palette, I don't even remember its name or if it even has one, but the colors are amazing and I still use them all :D

Stella Lee said...

yes! I'm really amazed by the quality! And the price is comparably lower than MAC or MUFE [whose famous for their eyeshadows too] :D

Anjali said...

Hi, just want to let you guys know, be careful when you shop from The seller can't not be trusted, very difficult to contact, and often dissapear with buyer's money for months. Many people complaint about her at site. Hope this will save you from trouble.

marry_beau said...

Naked pallete 1 or 2 450k po 2-3mgg. Palette only not include premier or lipgloss pin 29ef6bfd

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