L'Arc~en~Ciel World Tour 2012 in Jakarta, Indonesia on 2nd May 2012!

January 21, 2012

IT IS OFFICIAL!!!!!!!!!!(???)

Yesterday night I screamed with all my pals on twitter, facebook, and BBM as I just received a news from a friend that Indonesia is on the list for their upcoming world tour!!! SO I ALMOST TEARED IN JOY!!!

Because I have been listening to them ever since I was young, and really adored all their musics since I was 13! Phew! So many years loving them, and each year there's always rumor that they're coming to Indonesia, I was like "yeah right . . . " Bcause it never happens . .

I never watch any concert because ALL the singers that I really love never hold any concert in my country! Name the Top 3, L'Arc~en~Ciel, Ayumi Hamasaki, and Gackt! All of them have amazing songs and not to mention their performances always breath taking! So I will never regret paying for watching them even though I wont be able to eat or buy any things T_T

I used to want to watch Super Junior but bleh, they lip sync too much and I dont want to pay for listening lyp sinc! And since Sorry Sorry their fan base grow so big and they're not like what I used to like anymore. Their music became too mainstream so yeah. Ah that's another story..


So I got info that it will be held on 2nd May 2012 at Lapangan D Senayan , Jakarta

And alive or die, I MUST GO THERE!!! SERIOUSLY!!

I am willing to take out all my savings just to book the frontest seat so I can watch them live peacefully! But as there's no official news, I began to doubt this rumour. Then Suddenly my BB rang and my friend asked me to check on something, so I DIDDDDD and here's what I found!!


I am oh so gonna watch them!!!!!

I know I am saving for Japan trip but I DONT CARE!!!! It's L'Arc~en~Ciel yo!

I dont mind pending my trip because of this concert! And yes! I've promised and mentioned this to everyone since GAZILLION AGES ago, that if they come to Indonesia, I will book the frontest seat and wait for them like a crazy fan T_T

I wonder if I can meet them in person and take photo together as well T_T

But for now, I will be waiting for the news on their official website HERE! Singapore is not included yet but I have seen that the local newspaper already published it. So just need time to be more sure about this info. Please promotor, dont let our hope dies! We've been waiting for years!

And never in my life I heard the rumor this complete as it publishes the exact date and venue! So it's seriously too good to be fake. If they say its HOAX, I surely will burn them all arghhhh T____T


p.s = just had another news! Someone who has a friend workin in SONY MUSIC INDONESIA said that it's true! HOPEFULLY YEAHHHH

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  1. gue bakal nonton sama lo tel!!!

  2. smoga jadi de! beli tiket terdepan pokoknya! :heart:

  3. mending kita cek dulu EO atau promoter nya tel,udah 2 konser artis asia *korea sih* dibatalin menjelang hari H * JYJ H-10, CN Blue H-2* kalo promoter nya ternyata baru dan ga bisa percaya mending jangan dulu book tiket, nanti uang nya gak balik kayak uang gw 11 juta di bawa promoter sial T^T
    kalo promoter nya dah ktauan dan terpercaya mari kita nonton bersama hohohoho :D

  4. OH MY GODDESS !! I really want want want wantttt to see them. I love their song so much.


  5. ndonesia terlalu banyak rumor. mending singapore. ga banyak omongan tiba" aja udah coming soon

    It's all I can say, you're so lucky!!!

  7. moso? denger2 sii katanya soundrythm yang mau bawa
    beli apaan itu 11 jutaaaaaaaaaa XDDDD
    mari nontoonnn!!! aaaaa *gila*

  8. iya emang, ampe capek dan eneg bertaon2 dpet rumor XDD
    tapi katanya udah sumber terpercaya, mari berharapppp XDD

  9. I LOVE EM TOO :heart:
    watch watch watch!!! :D

  10. I don't like to ruin this (cuz it'll ruins me too). I was hoping like for eternity that they'll come here.. But I have checked their official site (http://www.larc-en-ciel.com/wt2012/tour/) and there's no Indonesia tour in their schedule. Moreover, they are have a scheduled concert at May 5, 2012 at Seoul. It's not likely that they only have 3 days between two concerts. But, lets hope for miracle.. :-(

  11. yes but singaporean already confirmed that Larc comes there, and its on their newspaper already
    But it's not updated on the website yet

    Moreover, if you see it carefully, there are a few concerts of larc world tour that has 3-4days break only
    HK 3rd March, Bangkok 7th March, Shanghai 10th March
    Lodon 11th April, Paris 14th April
    so I hope that it doesnt matter, hopefullyyyyy :-(

  12. Really??? I am so going in that case!!!

  13. Lets watch it together once its fixed!!!

  14. kalau misalnya beneran dtg ke indonesia. semoga aja indonesia menjadi tujuan terkahir world tour nya l'arc

  15. Finalnya bukanny di tokyo ya? Budokan?

  16. korea tanggal 5 mei lho

  17. lapangan D senayan ?
    itu pantas gak sih jadi tempat pergelaran konser buat band sekelas L'Arc ? -_____-

  18. Emang knapa? Ga pernah k senayan sih

  19. Oh yeah, we're have been waiting them for years!!! Tapi bener tuh kata eve, takutnya kaya JYJ. Untung JYJ jadwalnya pas banget bentrok ama program intensive pas mau pbl, jadi engga bisa dateng. Eh..malah artisnya yang kaga jadi dateng. Udah ditoel2 temen dari bulan-bulan kemaren katanya 2012 laruku mau dateng, tapi yah..mari berdoa sama2 semoga bener2 jadi. *Kudu nabung dari sekarang >.<*

  20. Me! Me!!!

    Pengen bgt liat Laruku!!
    Tapi moga2 sih ga si Lapangan D yak, di GBK aja pake sound system setara konser Linkin Park kemaren baru oke..
    Let's pray hard!!

  21. Wahh! Mbah Dessy juga penggemar laruku toh? mari nonton nontonnnn T^T
    berharap banget deh yang kali ini bukan isapan jempol semata
    kenapa gak di sentul yah.. :-\

  22. mau...
    beli tiketnya dimana?????
    aku da g sabat pengen ketemu langsung ma Hyde
    i really love him.... >< :-D

  23. Jakarta & singapur udah masuk jadwal, cek di http://www.larc-en-ciel.com/jp/information/20th/ , search "senayan" :)

  24. YEAP!!! Sudah official!! MARI NONTONN!!!


  25. ohhh my goot... kenepa ga konser di lapangan gasibu bandung....biar rameee.. ?:-)

  26. yah pastinya ke ibukota lah biasanya XD

  27. yah pastinya ke ibukota lah biasanya XD